Horoscopes: April 12-18, 2024

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Creativity continues to be a focal point in your day to day. You see great results as you put more energy and effort into the relationships in your life. You realize things in life are shaped by the people around you. Mercury retrograde continues to create fog around your vision of the future and when it conjuncts with Chiron on the 15th, it is an ideal time to assess self-sabotaging patterns.

Taurus: This week continues a trend of reserving your energy and using it where you believe it is most needed. You’ve been more strategic about where you devote your time and to whom. When Mercury retrograde in Aries conjuncts Chiron on the 15th, you may have a confrontation with yourself. This transit can point out areas where we sell ourselves short. Why don’t you feel good enough?

Gemini: You feel motivated to surround yourself with friends that allow you to be your true self. You’ve been having a hard time keeping up a facade, which may indicate that it’s time to let that facade come down. When your ruling planet (which is still retrograde in Aries) connects with the asteroid Chiron on the 15th, things can get rather intense. You may be digging deep into old wounds and realizing patterns of self sabotage. 

Cancer: You know you have to be the one to make things happen for yourself but it doesn’t make taking those first steps any easier. It’s time to believe that anything is possible. You have to envision your goals. Imagination is a powerful tool for healing and progress. When Mercury conjuncts Chiron on the 15th, you have to confront your self-limiting beliefs and speak the things you have been too shy to share. 

Leo: Relationships continue to be a powerful source of wisdom and a challenging place in which you practice your communication and compassion skills. Love grows where there is honesty, empathy and respect. When Mercury conjuncts Chiron on the 15th, you get real with yourself about how your self esteem sometimes holds you back from being authentic and trying new things. 

Virgo: You continue to be deep in self reflection and self exploration. This period of introspection can be creative, inspiring and also just plain tough! In relationships, you have a tendency to take an “all or nothing” stance at this time. It’s not always a bad thing as it means you know what you want, but it can also point to an unwillingness to talk things out or compromise. When your ruling planet Mercury transits Chiron on the 15th, you may be forced to reckon with self esteem issues and the reasons why you bottle things up instead of dealing with them. 

Libra: This week continues last week’s themes of love and relationships. You are realizing that perhaps it’s time to get better at keeping true to your own boundaries and respecting those of others as well if you want your romance to thrive. When Mercury retrograde in Aries conjuncts Chiron on the 15th you may have to confront some deeply ingrained negative beliefs about yourself. But within these wounds is also the answer to heal them. 

Scorpio: You continue to ponder your role in the world. You want to have more initiative to do things that matter to you, which contribute to something greater than yourself. You feel that you have a lot of love to share. When Mercury retrograde in Aries conjuncts Chiron on the 15th, you realize that you need to heal your inner child and let them know that they are not a burden.

Sagittarius: This week is a terrific time to work on creative projects, express yourself and add sparkle to your life. Follow your heart’s desires and stop focusing on what other people want you to be or do. These made-up rules have been stifling your spirit. As Mercury conjuncts Chiron on the 15th, there can be an intense period of self reflection about how you self sabotage in life and why you repeat certain patterns that perpetuate negative self beliefs.

Capricorn: This week continues last week’s theme of establishing a home base of some kind. You are inspired to set down roots in some way in your life that you haven’t before. You want to get to know people and to be known by them. It feels more fulfilling to be a part of something lately. When Mercury conjuncts the asteroid Chiron on the 15th, you reflect deeply on what has been holding you back from showing compassion toward yourself. 

Aquarius: You are more sentimental than you’d readily admit. Maybe it is time to embrace that aspect of yourself. This week is best shared with people you admire, so try to make time for those special connections. When Mercury in retrograde conjuncts Aries on the 15th, you may face a vulnerable part of yourself that needs to be embraced. There is potential to reach new levels of self acceptance and awareness. 

Pisces: You’ve been working really hard and focusing quite meticulously on things lately. You have a tenacity about you because your goals are becoming clearer. This is a period of planning and organizing for you. Mercury retrograde may continue to place a fog around your final vision but in due time, the fog will lift and all will be revealed. When the aforementioned Mercury conjuncts Chiron on the 15th, you may realize that you have some self-limiting beliefs that need to be confronted, understood and let go of. These may especially revolve around themes of your confidence in learning and trying new things.

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