Horoscopes: April 5-11, 2024

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: Venus, the planet of love and creativity, enters your first house this week from April 5-29 where it seeks to beautify your life. This is a season of art, music and literature for you as you find new ways to relate to others and express yourself. Media literacy is important as you seek to interpret your favorite movies or books on a deeper level. Others are attracted to your energy and your aura in the coming weeks. Dates and relationships are taken to new and interesting levels.

Taurus: Your ruling planet, Venus, enters fiery Aries where it reminds you to reel it in from time to time. In your privacy sector, Venus is about protecting your emotions and preserving your energy. You are more prone to daydreaming and fantasy these days but it doesn’t mean you want to actually live out all of those things in reality. You find that solitude is better than company these days.

Gemini: Venus in Aries highlights your friendships and your social energy. You learn a lot from others and thrive in group settings. Dating and relationships can feel more platonic over the next few weeks. You take this time to enjoy things running smoothly and not getting too intensely personal.

Cancer: There’s potential for recognition for hard work and a new merit of personal success as Venus enters Aries through April 29. Creativity and the boldness to take on more leadership-style roles factor greatly into your new paths. Bring energy and positivity and watch the changes.

Leo: Your ninth house of good fortune is highlighted as Venus, the love planet, is in fellow fire sign Aries from April 5-29. You learn powerful lessons from your lovers and from the act of loving in itself. Keep an open mind and a reverence for those with different experiences or perspectives from your own. Spirituality and philosophy guide your approach to relationships and creativity these days.

Virgo: Venus, the love planet, is in a rather spicy place in your chart from April 5-29. In the eighth house of transformation, this placement inspires you to explore your identity, the power dynamics in your relationships and the core of your desires. This adds deeper meaning to your love life and your inner world. This can be a very sensual, creative yet secretive time for you. Embrace the bolder side of self expression.

Libra: Your ruling planet Venus in your opposite sign of Aries feels at home in your seventh house of partnerships, relationships and agreements from April 5-29. This is a terrific time to make some plans and set some goals especially concerning your love life or your finances. It’s important to be flexible and willing to compromise, but don’t overdo it.

Scorpio: You’ll be inspired to act in service toward others in the coming weeks as Venus moves into Aries from April 5-29. You are energized by community and hard work that embraces people, animals and nature. You put your values and your feelings into your work.

Sagittarius: Venus in fellow fire sign Aries is at home in your fifth house of art, self expression and joy from April 5-29. You have a new lust for life and there is a dramatic flare to your relationships and love life. There are fresh ideas and inspiration where there had previously been stagnation. You might find yourself in a glamorous mood.

Capricorn: You’ll have a desire to feel like a part of something and to be embraced by a sense of familiarity as Venus enters Aries from April 5-29. This can be a great time to connect and to build and strengthen your relationships. You seek comfort and understanding. It can feel good to support those you care about in tangible ways.

Aquarius: You are feeling vocal with your affections these days as Venus, the love planet, is in Aries from April 5-29. This is an ideal time for you to have deep conversations and to challenge yourself with difficult or new topics and ideas. Your relationships are focused on mental connections and exchanges of ideas.

Pisces: You are motivated to find creative and affirming ways to improve your life or to earn money. You may also be talking about work or collaborations with a romantic partner even if that isn’t usually your style. Venus, the love planet, in fiery Aries from April 5-29 is a very results-oriented time for you, where the artistic and the practical make many attempts to reconcile and converge.

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