Horoscopes: March 8-14, 2024

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: Mercury moves into your first house on the 10th, where it energizes your mind and creates mental clarity and focus. This can be a great time to get your ideas out into the world, hone your skills, travel or socialize. Meanwhile, Venus in your privacy sector impacts your love life by creating an aura of discretion and secrets around your feelings and relationships. You prefer things to be meaningful and intimate. You’re not in a flashy mood. Just don’t play it too cool.

Taurus: Your ruling planet moves into Pisces on the 11th, where it highlights your 11th house of community and collaboration. You are focusing much of your emotional energy on connecting with others, learning from them, and being part of a team. Love can feel quite platonic at this time. Meanwhile, Mercury moves into Aries and inspires you to focus your mental energy on private matters and to work in silence until you feel that you have something good to show for it. 

Gemini: Venus moves into Pisces, where it highlights your 10th house. Over the next four weeks, you make great impressions on others. It’s a great time to apply for jobs, do some self promotion and seize opportunities. It’s time to start being more confident and enthusiastic! Meanwhile, your ruling planet Mercury in the 11th house gives you some outside-the-box inspiration. It can be time to start experimenting with different approaches to philosophy, life and learning. 

Cancer: Venus in Pisces highlights your ninth house for the rest of the month, which can make you quite curious and adventurous in the love and romance department. Meanwhile, Mercury in Aries motivates you to push ahead with work, career and business goals. You are feeling more outgoing and confident. This can be a terrific month for self promotion. 

Leo: Venus moves into Pisces on the 11th and has you feeling dreamy if not a touch obsessive about relationships and romance. This can be an interesting period to explore your identity and power dynamics within relationships. Think outside the box. Meanwhile, Mercury in fellow fire sign Aries beginning on the 10th has you focusing on expanding your philosophical and spiritual ideologies. Different perspectives are indispensable to your growth.

Virgo: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in Aries beginning on the 10th and boosts communication with close friends and romantic partners. One-on-one conversations can be really important at this time. It’s an ideal time to be a good listener and to take others’ opinions and experiences into consideration. Meanwhile, Venus inspires you to take it a step further, smooth out misunderstanding and devote energy to establishing deeper connections with others. It’s important to be vulnerable and open minded. 

Libra: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in your sixth house for the rest of the month which means you are feeling quite diplomatic at work and with acquaintances. You seek to make good impressions and make others feel welcome. You are often relied upon to create a good vibe. Don’t let it get to your head. Meanwhile, Mercury in your opposite sign of Aries highlights your partnership sector and reminds you to truly listen and consider the experiences and opinions of romantic partners. Connections will be deepened through conversations and exchanges of ideas this month. 

Scorpio: Venus, the planet of love, creativity and romance is in your fifth house of the arts, enjoyment and self expression. Aligning with the Pisces sun in your fifth house, the rest of March remains a fantastic time for your creative work, relationships and enjoyment of the finer things in life. Share special moments with loved ones, speak words of affection and make art. 

Sagittarius: You are in a cozy mood for the remainder of March as Venus in your fourth house reminds you that FOMO is an illusion most of the time. You prefer to keep things more subdued for now. Meanwhile, Mercury in your fifth house of enjoyment and creativity inspires you to learn new information from unlikely sources and to express yourself in experimental ways. This is a fabulous time to watch new movies, explore new music and make some art of your own. 

Capricorn: Mercury in your fourth house can create increased focus. This could be a great three-week period in which to refine, review and memorize things you’ve been working on. You’re feeling like staying close to home. Venus in your third house brings good energy for problem solving in relationships. You’re in a flirtatious mood.

Aquarius: Mercury is in your third house for the rest of the month. You’re feeling curious and experimental. This could be a great time to connect with new people or new concepts. Adaptability can be a big advantage this week. Meanwhile, Venus in your second house has you seeking stability in relationships. You want to feel that you can count on others.

Pisces: For the rest of your solar season and the next three weeks, Mercury in your second house has you thinking about the practical applications of your knowledge, insight and skills. You seek to accomplish real-world goals and to create a positive impact on the world around you. You imagine a ripple effect of kindness and good influence. Venus, the love planet, in your first house blesses you with charm and creativity. Romance and relationships tend to blossom beneath this cosmic transit. Beauty is everywhere.

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