Donald Trump and Joe Biden
From left, Donald Trump (Photo: Flickr) and Joe Biden (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Please take note. It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump declares bankruptcy. It doesn’t matter if he is found guilty of any of the crimes he has been accused of, and it really doesn’t even matter what any judge — including the Supreme Court — rules for or against him. It also doesn’t matter if he tells Vladimir Putin to go ahead and bomb a NATO country. His base will still vote for him.

There’s a belief that when you’re fighting for your life, you’ll fight til the death to survive. Trump’s supporters believe that their way of life — their America — is dying and they believe the only one who can save their life is Trump. Logic or the rule of law does not matter.

To his base, Trump is the person who will stop all those people from changing their view of what America is all about (“those people” meaning Black people, LGBTQ+ people, Muslim people, or any other groups that don’t look like America of 1950) and from changing the world to what it actually is today: rich with diversity.

Let’s be clear. Most of you reading this are not Trump supporters, and are baffled by those who support Trump. You may even know a Trump supporter.  Rather than try to reach them with logic, make it personal. Ask them if they want to take your rights away. If they want to take your right of marriage away. Then explain to them that if they support Trump, that’s exactly what they are doing. They’re voting against you.

As I stated earlier, people who are afraid of losing their way of life will fight til the death to survive. Trump is in the fight of his life. The only way to stop all the legal action against him is to win the presidency. That is why he’s using every legal tactic to run out the clock and he’s hoping that we’ll all take note of that rather than the issues at stake in this election: immigration, banning of books, women’s health issues, parental rights, marriage equality and so much more. And then there’s democracy!

Let’s make it simple. Unless something happens, the race for president will be Biden vs. Trump. Let me ask you the question I suggested you ask your pro-Trump friend: Would you trust Trump with your rights, your marriage?

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