Horoscopes: Feb. 2-8, 2024

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Mercury in Aquarius highlights your social sector as we begin our journey into February. You have a desire to be helpful and supportive to the people around you. Try to seek out opportunities to volunteer your time, energy, and skills. A short trip or a break away from your usual routine can provide some much needed perspective that gets you out of the mental rut that you’ve been in. 

Taurus: As we begin this new month, you are realizing that you truly can’t control what people say or think about you. You can go about your days with respect and consideration towards others of course, but the ball is in their court after that. Mercury in Aquarius reminds you that this is natural and normal, and can be a guide as to whom you choose to involve yourself with. You find that you have a much lower tolerance for unnecessary negativity or carelessness from others. 

Gemini: Your ruling planet Mercury enters Aquarius and highlights your ninth house as we begin our journey into February. There is a feeling of newfound freedom and flexibility when it comes to your mindset and mood. In the coming weeks there may be an opportunity to try new things and break out of your comfort zone. You might develop a passion for learning about something you previously didn’t care about. 

Cancer: Mercury in Aquarius inspires you to free yourself from certain practical or financial constraints. You seek more freedom and flexibility in how you work, learn, and earn. If you feel that there is someone or something that you are tired of answering to, it might be the right time to restructure. You need to be yourself above all else.

Leo: You’re reaching new levels of self awareness and self expression as we enter the month of February alongside Mercury in Aquarius. You’re flexing some new communications skills and taking deeper, more profound connections out for a test drive. Don’t be afraid to be open minded and see what else is out there for you.

Virgo: You’re seeking new ways to put yourself into your work and be yourself in all that you do. February can be a very busy month for you, so be sure to take care of yourself and take a break in between everything you’ve signed up for. Your ruling planet Mercury in the principled air sign of Aquarius reminds you of your values and beliefs and how you want to apply them authentically to your day to day life. 

Libra: February is a big month for figuring out what you want from your relationships. Mercury in fellow air sign Aquarius reminds you that you need to be honest with yourself if you wish to achieve your relationship goals. Independence can be a tricky subject matter for you, as you tend to become rather attached or even codependent. It is important to be able to enjoy alone time and make your own decisions without influence from friends or partners.

Scorpio: You are getting in touch with your past, your roots, and your inner child-self in these first few weeks of February. There is a strong theme of introspection as Mercury enters Aquarius and has you asking “why” about many things. Even In the midst of so much looking back, you find that it comes from a desire to move forward with greater knowledge. The moon in your sign on February 1 has you feeling yourself. 

Sagittarius: Mercury in Aquarius boldly kicks off the first few weeks of February by reminding you that it’s time to stand up for yourself and the things you believe in. If you have been feeling talked over or drowned out by the noise, it can be a good time to reclaim space for yourself. Communication and self expression are vital. The moon in your sign on February 4 is an ideal time to work on your self image and think about what you love about yourself. 

Capricorn: Mercury moves into Aquarius and reminds you that there are personal matters to attend to. You have a renewed sense of your goals and your next steps. Devise a simple and realistic plan for yourself that you think will be easy to stick to. The moon in your sign on February 6 awakens your inner artist.

Aquarius: Mercury in your first house kicks off the first week of February with a boost in your mental energy and your desire to learn, travel, and make friends. It’s a good time to spring into action and catch a wave of momentum. If you have a good idea, try to act on it and get things going. Don’t just talk about it! 

Pisces: To others you may seem withdrawn at the moment, but it is concealing a wellspring of deep emotions and newly formed ideologies. Mercury in Aquarius is changing your perspective and infusing you with renewed spiritual energy. You have been in deep meditation on life and philosophy this winter. It can be refreshing to share all that you have been pondering and dreaming with a trusted friend.