Horoscopes: Nov. 17-23, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: The sun in fellow fire sign Sagittarius begins this week and highlights your ninth house of deep thoughts, higher learning and adventure. It’s a time where you test your limits and get experimental with things, which can be a great change of pace and learning experience. Just don’t take it too far. In this upcoming four-week period, you don’t like to agree to too many things that make you feel tied down or restricted. This can make you come off as flighty or flaky, so be sure to stick to any plans that you’ve made. 

Taurus: The sun in Sagittarius begins this week and highlights your eighth house of transformation, depth and secrets. You are not satisfied with superficiality and this can be a time of getting real with yourself. You’re in a serious and secretive mood and this can be a great time for intimacy, research and building intimate connections. Getting rid of bad habits and emotional blockages can be an ingredient for success in relationships and finances. You’re realizing where you have been holding yourself back. 

Gemini: Relationships, collaborations and partnerships are highlighted throughout the four-week long solar season of your sister sign Sagittarius, which begins on the 22nd. Others become a mirror which reflects your behavior back onto you. You learn a great deal from your interactions. Relationships tend to get more serious during this period. In a more general sense, you also find fulfillment in being a part of things and finding a role that plays to your strong suits. 

Cancer: You’re dedicated to using your skills and talents and putting what you have to offer to good use. The sun in Sagittarius highlights your sixth house of work and routines. It’s a time for organizing and initiative, where you put your goals into focus and see who else would like to come aboard. You are more curious about yourself, your potential and your self confidence. 

Leo: The sun moves into fellow fire sign Sagittarius this week, where it highlights your fifth house in a month-long seasonal transit. After a period of feeling rather “blah,” you are becoming more energized and enthusiastic. A more optimistic shift in perspective is on the way. Creativity, romance and self expression ignite during this period. It’s an ideal time to shift the energy in your relationships and find fun and constructive ways to connect. Generosity and spending are in the financial forecast.

Virgo: The sun in Sagittarius highlights your fourth house, where it challenges you to have the hard conversations and to get a new perspective on productive confrontations, especially those with close friends or family. Commitments are an important theme in the next four weeks and it’s important to stick to plans but also to know your limits. You seek to be a part of something and you are exploring or redefining aspects of your identity.

Libra: The sun moves into Sagittarius, where it highlights your house of communication. You are more social and expressive in this upcoming four-week period. It’s good to invest time and energy into friendships and getting to know your neighbors better. Keep an open mind as there may be learning opportunities on the way. Your mental energy is what takes the lead and more emotional pursuits might take the back burner at this time.  

Scorpio: As we say farewell to your solar season and welcome the Sagittarius sun this week, your second house of comfort, material possessions, stability and foundations is highlighted. You feel the need to sort of “stock up” for winter, both materially and mentally, as you like the feeling of preparedness and fortitude. You’re not much in the mood for gambling or risk taking and you enjoy things that feel familiar or like a safe bet. It’s OK to stay in your comfort zone from time to time. Not everything has to be a bold statement. You’ve likely made plenty of those during Scorpio season. 

Sagittarius: Happy solar season to you! The sun in your first house means this month-long transit is an energetic and productive period where you are at your best. You are feeling more spontaneous and outgoing and it can be a great time to meet new people or to challenge yourself to take your work or hobbies to new heights. There is a wave of self expression and self improvement. Issues and obstacles that have been impeding you for quite some time may reach new resolution with a little extra effort from you. Some of Sagittarius’ best traits are your loyalty, ingenuity, bravery and endurance. You might be using some of these virtues to reinvent yourself once again.

Capricorn: The beginning of the solar season of Sagittarius brings with it a month-long period of retreat and regeneration. You find that your energy is restored by quiet time, meditation and reflection. You are at your best when you can act slowly and deliberately. It may not be the best time to forge boldly ahead but it can be a great time for planning and dreaming. 

Aquarius: There is a certain magic in the air when Sagittarius season rolls around. Beginning this week, when your 11th house is highlighted, it seems that many things will fall into place in the following weeks. You have been setting plans and people into motion and there can be new developments at work and within creative projects or community events. You are feeling goal oriented and you enjoy being a part of something bigger than yourself. Networking and your signature unconventional approach can be the secret ingredient.

Pisces: The sun in Sagittarius for the next four-week period highlights your house of reputation and career. You are more intent on accomplishing practical goals and achieving things that add to the big picture. You have opportunities to make good impressions and people admire your unique skills or knowledge. Hiding who you are is not how you will get things done. You are doing better than you think, especially if you have been doubting yourself lately. It’s important to feel that you are doing your best and that it can be enough.

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