Horoscopes: Nov. 3-9, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: Venus moves into your sister sign Libra this week where it highlights partnerships and collaborations. It’s a time of figuring out how to get along well with others and to smooth out the rough edges on your interpersonal relationships. 

Taurus: Your ruling planet in your sixth house brings a month long period of focus and hard work. You feel more personally invested in the goings on of your job. You might be making friends from working on something together with people. In romance and relationships, you seek functionality and practicality. You aren’t prone to fantasy. 

Gemini: Venus, the love planet, moves into your fifth house where it brings playful energy, drama and self expression to the forefront. Your love life is highlighted and romance can intensify at this time. You are creative, charming and generally well received by others so it can be a good time to perform, present new ideas and apply yourself. Don’t chase. Just attract. 

Cancer: Home and family are more appreciated as Venus warms your fourth house. You are more devoted to understanding those close to you on a deep level. Your values come into focus and there is a sense of duty and loyalty you wish to uphold. Soothing and calming yourself and others and cultivating peaceful environments is an area where you shine. 

Leo: You seek enlightenment through artistic hobbies and deep diving in books or podcasts. Venus in your third house brings mind-expanding aspirations and deepening sentiments. Change in philosophy is possible over the next four weeks. Conversations can be life changing. Use your entity and be socially graceful. Accept new perspectives and constructive criticism if it comes your way.

Virgo: Venus is at home in your second house. You have a cozy and low-key mood this week and don’t want to do anything that requires an unnecessary amount of energy. There is a desire to spend or invest money. You have an eye for the finer things at this time, which can border on being materialistic. Beware of large impulse buys that don’t actually fit into your life.

Libra: Your ruling planet, Venus, moves into your first house and shines a rather flattering light on you. You come across as gracious, charming and sensitive. Be sure to back this up with being a good listener! Treating yourself, flirting and just generally enjoying life is highlighted. It can also be important over the next four weeks to mediate disagreements and to smooth over troubled areas in relationships. 

Scorpio: The sun continues to highlight your first house where personal fulfillment, self esteem and new beginnings are favored. Venus, the love planet, moves into your privacy zone on the 8th where it spends the next four weeks. During this transit, you feel reserved and your romantic occurrences are very private to you. It can feel as though certain people are prying into your business as you are someone who invokes curiosity in others. Have firm boundaries and patience. 

Sagittarius: Venus in your 11th house helps you overcome social awkwardness and shyness over the next four weeks. It can add energy to group activities, social circles and events that you are planning. It’s an ideal time to network and get people to collaborate on shared goals. Helping neighbors and connecting to the community can bring great joy.

Capricorn: Venus in your 10th house boosts your charm at work and can help you to expand your opportunities. You make good impressions this month and there is a potential for new jobs or promotions. Ambitious creative projects can get some good momentum. Romantic relationships benefit from doing constructive things together.

Aquarius: Venus in your ninth house inspires you to push the envelope. You are curious and adventurous at this time and you are becoming confident in yourself that you can take your endeavors further and more seriously. Meeting new people from outside of your usual circle can be important this month. You are well received and you make good impressions. The sharing of different perspectives and experiences brings maturity and wisdom. In the romance department, you find that dating outside of your usual “type” can be a good thing. If you are committed, it can be a time to strengthen your bond with what makes you different from each other instead of focusing on what you have in common. 

Pisces: Venus in your eighth house is an intense time of exploration of sexuality, romance and gender expression. There is a feeling of renewal and emergence this month. You are sensually and emotionally more in tune with yourself and your partners. Power dynamics within relationships are shifting and being discussed. You are thinking about what your lover can (and should) do for you or help you to achieve.

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