PGN Editorial Endorsements

Your vote in this election is your chance to make LGBTQ+ history. It’s also a chance to keep or vote in those who have a record of supporting LGBTQ+ rights rather than those who only offer words over actions. These are the candidates PGN proudly endorses.

For Mayor 

Cherelle Parker #120

For her entire political career, Cherelle Parker has stood tall on LGBTQ+ rights, including marriage equality, nondiscrimination protections and transgender rights. When we were under attack in the legislature, it was Parker who stood and defended our community. She didn’t sit by. Her opponent, David Oh, has done little that he can claim as support for the community in his long political career. He was the only mayoral candidate who refused to stand with us when our drag community was being attacked, while Parker was among the first in line to stand with us. When we’re under attack, we need someone who will be a fighter for us. Parker is the right person for these times.

For City Council at Large

When voting for Council at Large candidates, you’ll have the choice to make history by voting for out democratic nominee Rue Landau. There are some factions in the city who have not endorsed her. To assure her victory, please vote for the five below who are fully committed to Landau’s vision. 

Rue Landau #128

Nina Ahmad #129

Katherine Gilmore Richardson #127

Jim Harrity #130

Isaiah Thomas #126

For Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Daniel McCaffery #101

This is one of the most important votes you can cast if you want to protect marriage equality, women’s health, and almost every right that this community has gained over the last 50 years. Daniel McCaffery has long been an ally while his opponent, Carolyn Carluccio, has not spoken much on LGBTQ+ issues. Republicans have stated it is their goal to take marriage equality to the State Supreme Court. We trust McCaffery to safeguard your marriage.

For City Council District 10

Gary Masino #131

Democrat Gary Masino faces Republican incumbent Brian O’Neil in a hotly contested race. Masino is the leader of the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 19 and has support from other unions.  O’Neil is the longest serving member of Council, with more than 40 years in office. During that time, he voted against LGBTQ+ nondiscrimination and domestic partners. He is no friend of this community, and has refused to ever address the LGBTQ+ community. Masino proudly is an LGBTQ+ ally and we fully embrace him for Council.

For Pennsylvania Superior Court

Jill Beck #102

Timika Lane #103

For Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court

Matt Wolf #104

For City Commissioner

Lisa Deeley #122

Omar Sabir #121

For City Controller

Christy Brady #123

For Register of Wills

John Sabatina #124

For Common Pleas Court

Chesley Lightsey #110

For Sheriff

Rochelle Bilal #125

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