Horoscopes: Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Be the good kind of trouble in the world, stir up change without fear of judgment. The sun is in a tense yet productive sextile with Lillith on the 26th reminding us to challenge what is “acceptable.” Radical acceptance and an open mind guide you this week. Saturday’s full moon on the 28th is a time to surround yourself with supportive relationships, take first steps toward repairing conflicts and find balance between the material and spiritual world. 

Taurus: When the sun sextiles Lilith on the 26th, you find yourself not caring what others think. The less palatable or more eccentric parts of your personality shine through unapologetically. You relate to outcasts and underdogs this week. Scorpio season continues to bring your relationships to the forefront. You’re focused on building better connections. The full moon in your sign on the 28th brings personal epiphany.

Gemini: Your ruler Mercury conjuncts Mars on the 29th, there is a desire to escape reality or to shield yourself within delusions. Examine why this may be? Find a more realistic way to process things. You’re secretly a sensitive soul who needs to dream and break away from time to time but there must be balance.

Cancer: The sun sextiles Lillith in Virgo on the 26th which inspires you to challenge authority. Established notions, biases and judgments really get on your nerves. While you care deeply about the feelings of others, you also don’t care what people think of you if they’re going to be judging you for things that aren’t hurting anybody. Lilith is an astrological symbol that stands strong against misogyny and homophobia and empowers people to be themselves and forge their own paths.

Leo: The sun sextiles Lilith in Virgo and asks you to rethink some of your preconceived notions of people or ideas in life. You may face an ideological conflict or challenge. It’s important to have an open and empathetic mind and to reserve your judgements. Lillith is an astrological symbol that dislikes authority and champions those who are misunderstood.

Virgo: The sun sextiles Lillith in your sign. You are coming to a place where you feel more confident being your true self. In the past, it may have been hard to be authentic as you feared being judged. You care less about fitting in and more about finding people who appreciate you for who you really are. 

Libra: On the 31st, your ruler Venus trines Uranus and inspires you to try new things in life and to meet new people. In romance, you are intrigued by those who can stimulate you mentally. You may be letting your more eccentric side shine through this week. Creative experimentation in the arts can be a good outlet. You admire unique art and objects and find beauty in things deemed “ugly” or “strange.”

Scorpio: You feel right at home as the sun and Mercury are aligned in your sign and the sun sextiles Lillith in Virgo and Venus trines Uranus. One thing all these transits have in common is their ability to transform things and people and to bring obscured knowledge out into the open. You’re someone who challenges the status quo, pushes creative envelopes and occasionally gets some undeserved judgment for it. You’re an appreciator of strange beauty and a friend to the misunderstood. This week, you are changing minds and hearts with your unique flair and your understanding nature.

Sagittarius: You have some groundbreaking new philosophies as the sun sextiles Lillith. You are freeing yourself from the confines of societal norms. This week has a theme of being vocal about what matters to you. The full moon in Taurus on the 28th brings a shift in power dynamics. 

Capricorn: A strange new wave of creativity washes over you as Venus trines Uranus. You are drawn to novel and interesting people and situations. You realize the importance of being around people who get you out of your comfort zone and your strict routines. The full moon in Taurus brings romantic feelings to the surface. 

Aquarius: Venus, the love planet, trines with your ruler Uranus. You easily attract and hold the attention of others with your unique attitude and charm. You’re feeling quite uncensored when it comes to expressing yourself especially in the realms of love or art. It’s important not to leave your common sense behind in the midst of all this interesting energy.

Pisces: You feel like you can be unabashedly yourself as the sun in Scorpio sextiles Lillith in Virgo. It’s important for you to feel fully seen by close friends and lovers. This week, you might find yourself talking about taboo topics or sharing things you’ve previously kept secret. You’re someone who can empathize with those who are misunderstood or ostracized and you hope that others can do the same for you.