Horoscopes: Oct. 20-26, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: The sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd where it highlights your eighth house in signature Scorpio fashion. You are not necessarily a ball of sunshine this season but you are doing the hard work of deep cleaning your mind and spirit, reflecting, meditating and getting to know more about yourself. Power dynamics in relationships are shifting and secrets are coming to the surface. It’s a good time to bare your soul. The full moon in Taurus on the 28th is a time to practice self discipline and to make your goals into reality. Keep your promises.

Taurus: The sun moves into your sister sign of Scorpio and highlights your relationship zone. Collaboration, partnerships, love, and shared interests are especially important now. If you’ve been on an independent streak, now may be the time to show up more authentically and to try building connections. The full moon in your sign on the 28th is a powerful time for improving your self-esteem and realizing your true desires. Practice self awareness around where your stubbornness gets in your own way.

Gemini: The sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd, where it will highlight your sixth house of healing, wellness and daily routines. You’re in the mood to adopt healthier habits, start a new and meaningful practice and also just generally get your life together. You’re more detail oriented during this transit and you have opportunities to refine things around you. Beware of perfectionist tendencies in the coming days. The full moon in Taurus on the 28th brings a burgeoning emotion into full bloom.

Cancer: For the next three weeks, the sun in fellow water sign Scorpio has you coming out of a dormant period. You’re more outgoing, spontaneous and confident after a break from the hustle and bustle. This is a time to be creative and to seek joy and pleasure. Romance is likely to come your way. The full moon in Taurus on the 28th challenges you to do what you know is right when a situation or opportunity arises.

Leo: You seek familiarity and a stability in your identity, which is informed by your past, your roots, and the communities that made you who you are today. The sun in Scorpio for the next month highlights your fourth house of home and family. You lean on those close to you more and you are in tune with your inner feelings. You think about the past more. There is a deep desire to belong or to be a part of something. Move toward it and think about how to play your role. The full moon in Taurus on the 28th manifests new opportunities. 

Virgo: The sun in Scorpio highlights your communication zone. You’re feeling curious about others and you’re more motivated to engage with others or initiate conversations. It’s an important time for branching out, learning new things and even exploring more taboo topics. The full moon in fellow earth sign Taurus on the 28th brings philosophical and spiritual feelings from deep within to the surface.

Libra: You’re thinking more about the serious practical stuff this week as the sun enters Scorpio and highlights your second house of finances and material goods and possessions. Tasks like budgeting, planning and saving are favored at this time. The coming weeks have a more quiet and reserved energy for you. Take advantage of the season by enjoying some peace and quiet and calm yet constructive activities. The full moon in Taurus on the 28th brings a mysterious streak of good luck as well as some deep emotions to the surface.

Scorpio: The sun moves into sweet, tender, loving, misunderstood and occasionally unsung Scorpio on the 23rd, where it will stay for the next month. The sun in your first house is a great time to be a little more self-centered and to sing your own praises. Head-on approaches to problems work best right now and you find more success in your endeavors these days. Self expression, creativity and celebration are imperative. Put in your best outfits and make good impressions. If there is anything you have been too shy to try, now is the time to go for it. The full moon in your sister sign of Taurus on the 28th brings a sense of balance between your inner and outer realities, as well as your mind and body. Love and relationships experience changes and revelations. 

Sagittarius: The next month is more low key for you as the sun in Scorpio highlights your privacy sector. It’s an important time of deep thought, self exploration and regeneration. You will come out on the other side of this into Sagittarius season with a renewed sense of self. The full moon in Taurus on the 28th inspires you to take more initiative at work or on a personal project. Something you have been avoiding or putting off finds a way to remind you of what needs taking care of.

Capricorn: There is a vibe that says “the more the merrier” these days, much to yours and everyone else’s surprise. The sun in Scorpio highlights your 11th house of friends, networking and groups. You crave an active role in your community, or to be the one who facilitates a group outing with your friends. It’s time to fill up your schedule. Your energy is friendly yet pleasantly detached, as you just don’t take things too personally at this time. You have new ideas and a unique way of doing things. The full moon in Taurus on the 28th is all things love, art and beauty. Live in the moment. 

Aquarius: You’re feeling outgoing but also very business minded. The sun in Scorpio highlights your reputation and career sector for this cycle. You seek to network and make good impressions. You have plans to make your unique visions into reality. Your special charm helps you to stand out so don’t hide it! The full moon in Taurus on the 28th brings about a shift in your perspective that helps you relate to a loved one on a profound level.

Pisces: Your thoughts turn outward as too much introspection can become stifling. The sun in Scorpio highlights your ninth house of philosophy, adventure and learning. You’re more willing to challenge the status quo and you laugh in the face of superficiality. You seek higher meaning and you find symbolism in the simple things around you. It’s a good time to help your neighbors, cultivate peace and show love to strangers. The full moon in Taurus on the 28th brings opportunities for connection and communication. Things that have been left unsaid for too long are finally shared and spoken. New understandings are possible, especially between siblings.