Horoscopes: Oct. 6-12, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: Venus moves into your sixth house of routines, wellness and habits. You seek to create soothing environments and to make life a bit more stylish. In social interactions, you are interested in getting along well and keeping things simple and polite. Romance can feel a bit superficial at this time but it can feel peaceful in a sort of uneventful way. It’s best to enjoy love as it arrives differently in each season. 

Taurus: Self expression, creativity and a touch of self aggrandizing! These are the things you get when your ruling planet enters your glamorous fifth house of enjoyment, romance, art and expression. Creative projects and romantic endeavors take flight over the next three weeks. Your charm is magnetic and you attract positive things. There could be some theatrics or drama in the works so be aware and keep the ego in check.

Gemini: Venus moves into your fourth house and there is a sense of “returning” to yourself. The things that comfort you or invoke nostalgia and familiarity are most appealing at this time. You have an appreciation for things that are unique to you, your story and your life. Sharing memories with old friends can be therapeutic or even revelatory. In love, it’s best to let sentimentality take the wheel a little.

Cancer: Venus brings love to your social sector this week. You’re feeling more comfortable being your true self in your interactions with others. Your openness brings more opportunities for genuine connections. If you’ve been watering things down lately, now is the time to be a bit more unfiltered when it comes to relationships. 

Leo: This week and for the next three weeks, Venus has you focused on building stability, getting in touch with your roots and seeking a sense of grounded-ness in your second house. The simple slice-of-life-type experiences can be quite fulfilling at this time. Get in touch with old friends, bake something, and reach for what reminds you of who you are. 

Virgo: Venus influences you to be generous with yourself and others. Time, money and energy seem a little more abundant this week and in the next three weeks. You have a good feeling about things and it makes you want to go out and enjoy life more. Treat yourself and spread the good vibes. In relationships, it’s a good time to get more romantic, open and vulnerable.

Libra: Your ruler, Venus, moves into your 12th house of privacy and hidden things. You’re feeling more reserved about your emotions and opinions. Not everyone needs to know (or can handle knowing) every single thought you have. If there’s things you’re working on, you might feel that they are not ready to make a debut yet, as you don’t want to talk about a big game with nothing to show. In relationships, you’re keeping things low key but also deeply intimate. 

Scorpio: You see things going on around you and you want to join in. You’re thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a part of something. Desire for belonging can put us in a vulnerable place. We can be hurt, let down or even manipulated. Your naturally skeptical nature is probably well aware of this, but maybe you can find a mindful way to put yourself out there and connect. It could be worth a chance! Venus in your 11th house of groups, social networking, community and neighbors brings dreams of love, peace and togetherness. 

Sagittarius: You’re feeling goal oriented and responsible this week and for the following three weeks. Venus brings creativity and amiability to your work, opportunity and career sector. Negotiations, networking and expanding your resources are favorable during this transit. Showcase your unique qualities and experiences because it’s one of your best assets. There’s no need to water yourself down.

Capricorn: Starting now and for the next three weeks, you are coming out of a creative slump with renewed vigor and curiosity. There is an adventurous vibe and you might find yourself seeking novel experiences. Romance can be hot right now as Venus, the love planet, highlights your ninth house of mind expansion, adventure, travel and higher learning. If you are in a committed relationship, you might be plumbing the depths of each other’s minds, breaking up stagnation that’s been going on by boldly revealing yourselves to each other. If you’re single, you might find yourself drawn to someone who is usually not your type, but the change could be for the best.

Aquarius: Venus, the love planet, transits your eighth house of transformation, renewal and intimacy. If it sounds intense, well it could be! In relationships, both platonic and romantic, you are down to discuss heavy, emotionally charged topics which can help to deepen understanding and connection. In your creative world, your imagination may be running wild. Art can be a healing therapeutic way to work out some tough feelings that you’ve been processing. It’s also a good time to squash any beef in relationships and to reconcile conflicts or differences. Self forgiveness and forgiveness for others can be recurring themes.

Pisces: Venus feels at home as it graces your seventh house of commitment, contracts, marriages and collaboration. You are thinking about long term, fruitful investments and mutually beneficial deals this week and in the coming three weeks. Your negotiating skills are sharp and you are focused on fairness and shared goals. You might be taking things to the next level at work or in relationships at this time. You’re beginning to appreciate structure a bit more these days. Your energy is flexible, affectionate and open-minded.