Horoscopes: Sept. 15-21, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Ceres — the asteroid of nurturing, protection, connection and nature — enters the deep, transformative and psychic sign of Scorpio. During this time, you feel intense and protective in your relationships. You may feel a special connection to a pet, plant or other smaller lifeform in some way. Make time to give your energy to worthy causes that allow you to give your love and care. Meanwhile, the sun moves into your sister sign of Libra and highlights your relationship and partnership zone. All things collaborative are worth a try. Romance runs hot. 

Taurus: The asteroid, Ceres, which represents nurturing, protection and nature, enters your sister sign of Scorpio and inspires you to strive for what you hold dear. Your need to care for things and watch them grow is quite strong at the moment. Meanwhile, the sun enters fellow Venus-ruled Libra, which highlights your sixth house of work and routines. It’s a pivotal time where you feel that you can truly bring a part of yourself to whatever it is that you are doing. You should find something worthy of all of that!

Gemini: As Ceres — the asteroid of nurturing, protection and nature — enters the psychic and perceptive sign of Scorpio, you feel that you can better intuit the feelings of others. It’s a good time to talk openly about the wants and needs of your loved ones and yourself. Meanwhile, the sun enters Libra on the 22nd and makes you feel more outgoing, experimental and ready to try new things. Be authentic. There’s no need to hide everything behind humor. 

Cancer: The asteroid, Ceres — which represents the Roman goddess of nurturing and protection — enters fellow water sign Scorpio this week and you are seeking stability and a sense of reprieve from the many frights that the modern world has to offer. You find solace in nature, art and close relationships. Meanwhile, the sun enters Libra in alignment with this theme as you seek to find a “home base” in your life where you can fill your cup before filling the cups of others. 

Leo: Ceres, the asteroid that represents the ancient goddess of protection, nature and caring meets the psychic and transformative sign of Scorpio. Throughout this transit, your ideas of love, nurturing, and protection are deepened, diversified and given nuanced understanding. Protecting nature and loving your fellow humans is more powerful than ever. The sun in Libra adds to this energy as you enter a busy period in life where you say yes to many things and should do your best to hold yourself accountable to follow through.

Virgo: Ceres, the asteroid representing nurturing, protection and nature, enters transformative and perceptive Scorpio. Emotions can run high at this time and both positive and negative things are felt strongly. Spending time in nature, with pets, or simply cooking and creating art can be profoundly healing. It’s an important time to not be too critical of oneself and to just let things that you make rest and exist without constant excavation in attempts at perfection. The sun moves into Libra and highlights your second house of material stability and personal belongings. You’re spending more time cultivating a pleasing atmosphere. 

Libra: Happy Libra season! During this personal new year, you have some goals. Of course, you have a way of adding the finishing touches to the world around you but why stop there? You have a desire to be more authentic and earnest these days. It’s tempting to think that keeping things pleasant means keeping them shallow, low stakes and casual but what if you added more of how you really feel and think to your interactions and your work. Trust others to understand and accept you more. Trust yourself to accept criticism and build upon it. Spend the next four weeks getting out into the world where you can find the best in yourself and others and build some amazing connections.

Scorpio: Ceres, the humble yet mighty asteroid that represents the goddess of nurturing, food, nature and protection enters your sign this week. Its conjunction with the transformative and psychic powers of your sign has you investing deeply in your relationships, feeling your emotions intensely and thinking of the earth as your mother. You are thinking of ways to better use your resources and how to share with and provide for loved ones. A sense of gratitude can be very supportive to your journey at this time, as is connecting with nature and animal companions (who are an extension of nature, and a gift from the Earth). The sun in Libra transits your privacy sector for the next four weeks, where you seek solitude, refuge and reflection. 

Sagittarius: You’re feeling dreamy and optimistic these days as the sun in Libra highlights your 11th house of friendship, idealism and being part of a whole. It’s like someone turned a light on. You find that the more you share, the more you learn and grow. This can also be a particularly goal oriented time in which you gather your resources, your tools and your ideas and set things into motion. The asteroid, Ceres — which represents nurturing, protection and mothering — enters the intense and psychic sign of Scorpio and you find yourself thinking and feeling deeply about what it means to protect, nurture and mother and how you want to enact these things for your loved ones and what it means to you and how you want to be protected, nurtured and mothered. 

Capricorn: The sun enters Libra and highlights your career and reputation zone for the next four weeks. You’re thinking about your role in the world and the kind of impact and impressions you want to have in it. You have practical goals and you crave results and benefits from your efforts. It might be all eyes on you this weekend as your energy is attractive and intriguing. The asteroid, Ceres, which represents, nurturing, nature and sustenance enters the psychically perceptive sign of Scorpio and you are thinking about what makes you feel nourished, satisfied and comforted.

Aquarius: If you were feeling quiet and introspective last month, this is where the pendulum swings in the opposite direction. The sun in Libra highlights your ninth house of higher learning, expansive thoughts, and possibilities for the next four weeks. You might be embarking on an adventurous trip, learning a new skill or adapting a new mindset. Meanwhile, Ceres — the asteroid of nurturing, protection and nature — enters intuitive and intense Scorpio and has you exploring what it means to you to connect with and protect nature, to share resources and use them wisely, and to respect and revere your relationships as sacred things.

Pisces: Ceres — the asteroid of nurturing, protection and nature — enters your fellow water sign Scorpio in an intense yet enlightening transit. You are thinking about what sustains you and fulfills you and the places in your life that you give and receive care, which can dig up some visceral feelings. Move with patience and understanding. It’s an ideal time to get outdoors, spend time with animal companions, and express your gratitude for the people in your life that you can be vulnerable with. Your duty to care for animals, the earth and people is also a gift. The sun in Libra furthers this point as it highlights your eighth house of transformation, sensuality and regeneration. Intimacy and introspection go hand in hand at this time. It’s not necessarily a fun, light-hearted time, but there is laughter and joy to be had.