Visit Philly is an LGBTQ+ ally, and a partner

(Photo: Adobe Stock)

This weekend, NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ+ Journalists will be holding its annual convention in Philadelphia. At PGN, we are overjoyed for a number of reasons. We’re celebrating how our city is welcoming the convention, and then there’s the special events that showcase our local LGBTQ+ community.

NLGJA will bring more than 700 LGBTQ+ journalists and media executives who work in mainstream media to our city, including The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and many others.

Our city actually fought to get NLGJA to hold their convention here. After all, Philadelphia was the first city in the nation to actively invite LGBTQ+ visitors with Visit Philly’s pioneering “Get your history straight and your nightlife gay” campaign way back in 2003. And we celebrate the 20th anniversary of that campaign this year.

Once again, Visit Philly is stepping forward for our LGBTQ+ community. The organization is teaming up with Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS) to create Out in the Garden, a monthlong series of LGBTQ+ community events at the PHS Pop Up Garden at South Street. The launch event is an official after-party for the NLGJA convention attendees following the opening ceremony. The pop-up beer garden on South Street will feature local LGBTQ+ vendors and entertainers, spotlighting our diverse city. 

It will also include the unveiling of a beautiful, colorful floral installation created by Eric Schellack, longtime PHS Philadelphia Flower Show exhibitor and founder of Arrange Design. The installation will accentuate the entrance into the garden and is inspired by ancient classical Greek, Indian and Egyptian architecture featuring the rainbow colors of the Pride flag. This work of art will overlay the joy and hope of the present with the strength and historical foundations of the past, converting the entrance of the garden into a modern, floral temple

In addition to creating an outrageous party, Visit Philly has taken the added step of inviting writers from eight LGBTQ+ publications around the country to the event. That is pride in our city.  The organization has become both an LGBTQ+ ally, and a partner.

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