Horoscopes: Aug. 25-31, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The full moon on the 30th and 31st has many titles, a Pisces moon, a blue moon and a supermoon. You have been on a journey of practical self improvement and self discipline over the past four weeks and after the 31st, you are feeling ready for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Time in nature and away from crowds does your mind a world of good. Mercury continues its retrograde and can cause a stuck feeling around emotional conversations, holding off on such matter if possible. Keep your expressions simple to avoid misinterpretation. 

Taurus: The full Pisces moon on the 30th and 31st is also a blue moon and a supermoon, meaning it will be big and bright and it is the third moon in a season that contains four full moons. It is believed to heighten intuition, bring wisdom and manifest abundance. This full moon reminds you of the importance of close friendships and the magic that happens when two minds and spirits connect with trust and respect. This month is good for prioritizing friends and building community. Feelings you have been ignoring may come to the surface this week. There is a sense of truly facing yourself and figuring out what you want or why you’ve been going about things a certain way. After such enlightenment, you might be making some changes. Even though this can feel intimidating or intense, you feel confident in yourself and stand firm in your reality. 

Gemini: In addition to a supermoon and a blue moon, the full moon is in Pisces on the 30th and 31st. That means it’s the third full moon in a season that has four and that it will be large and bright in the sky. It symbolizes magic, abundance and wisdom. Your energy, emotions and motivation are higher than usual this week despite your ruler, Mercury, being retrograde and putting the occasional inconvenient obstacle in your path. Your interpersonal skills can bring about promotions, opportunities and general positive changes this week. An act of kindness can set off a new pattern in your life or your way of thinking. Greet people with compassion and understanding. 

Cancer: The moon is going super mode in fellow water sign Pisces as it reaches fullness and blue moon status on the 30th and 31st. The blue moon is an extra full moon in a season that has four full moons and it will be big and bright thanks to its super quality! There is abundant energy for forging ahead as you are feeling driven, inspired and creative. It can be an intense time of processing newly surfacing emotions and facing your fears. Things seem to “come up” that are finally ready to be dealt with. It is time for action despite Mercury’s continued retrograde, which still reminds us to tread lightly amid all this passion. 

Leo: The full moon on the 30th and 31st has depth, drama and transformation in store. This moon is also a supermoon, which means it will be big and bright, and a blue moon, which means it is an extra moon in a season with four moons in it (a special astronomical event). As it occurs in Pisces, it brings about deep personal reflection and realization. There may be a new creative outlet that sparks your imagination and allows you to access new parts of your emotional world. Consistency and dedication have the potential to bring self actualization. Responsibility with finances and boundaries with others is needed. 

Virgo: The full moon in Pisces, your sister sign, on the 30th and 31st is a rare triple threat as it is also a supermoon and a blue moon, meaning that not only will it be bright and beautiful but it is the extra moon in a season that has four full moons! This illuminating energy highlights your relationships, close friendships and love life. You’re realizing what you want and need out of your friendships and you are also becoming more aware and intentional about what special things you can and want to bring to the table as well. There is the potential for an upswing of romantic and emotional energy throughout the week.

Libra: The full moon in Pisces on the 30th and 31st is both a supermoon and a blue moon, meaning it will be large and luminous and that is it is an extra full moon in a season that contains four. You should try getting around to things that you have been considering getting around to! Focus and self discipline are highlighted for improving your daily routines, quitting bad habits and applying yourself in new constructive ways. You take a practical approach to your emotions at this time and it’s easier to not take things so personally. 

Scorpio: The second full moon of this month (the blue moon of the summer season) in  fellow water sign Pisces on the 30th and 31st will be large and radiant, as it is a supermoon as well! This special moon is highly energetic and emotionally charged. You have been looking for that special spark that ignites your creativity and passion. Maybe it’s been hard to find lately but it’s closer than you think. Let your intentions and your intuition be your guide toward creative and emotional fulfillment. Don’t let the frustration make you quit. In your love life sector, you are thinking about what truly matters to you and brings you genuine joy. Forget about settling for less than that. 

Sagittarius:  This week’s full super blue moon in Pisces is the second full moon of the month and it has you looking to get more serious and goal oriented in life. You’ve probably been playing it fast and loose lately, which is alright for a time, but maybe you have been avoiding making any concrete plans for fear of letting yourself down in some way. This could be preventing you from seeing the true results of your dreams made into reality. 

Capricorn: This week, the Pisces full moon on the 30th and 31st is also a supermoon, meaning it will be large and brilliant in the sky, as well as a blue moon or the extra full moon in a season that contains four! You get a boost of genuine outgoing social energy and you seek to spice things up. If you are not content with the mundane, it could be a good idea to set your mind to completing a project that you had put into retirement and seeing what new inspirations lie beyond it. Perhaps the stagnation of the daily grind had been catching up to you. Let’s fight it off with everything we’ve got. 

Aquarius: There’s a lot to be said about this week’s full moon on the 30th and 31st. It’s in Pisces (dreamy), it’s a blue moon (a special astrological event, where there’s an extra full moon in a season), and it’s a super moon (it’s vast and gleaming). You’re ready to take action on plans concerning your material comforts, your home, or your possessions. You seek to align the way you own and care for things more with your personal philosophy and to make your lifestyle more intuitive and imaginative. You might even be feeling a certain peaceful detachment from certain things and decide to sell, donate or toss out some things that no longer serve you. 

Pisces: This one’s for you, Pisces. The full moon in your sign on the 30th and 31st is a supermoon that will be big and bright in the sky on top of it being a blue moon, which means it is an extra full moon in a season that contains four. In mythology, a supermoon is considered a sign of abundance and wisdom. As this highlights your first house of the self, you are getting an illuminating shift in your perspective and new deeper clarity into your own mind and emotions. Self insight brings new creativity and new options for growing and connecting with others. In the romance department, you feel you can express yourself more deeply and radically. There is an energy of transformation in which old versions of yourself are cherished and loved while a new one is welcomed and embraced.