Horoscopes: Aug. 18-24, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: Many events are happenings in your sixth house thanks to the sun, Mercury (in retrograde), and your ruling planet Mars all aligning in Virgo. You are rethinking your approach to your daily routine, your commute, your work habits and your general wellness. You find that there is a theme of trial and error, with maybe an emphasis on the error, but it’s good to know what doesnt work! Be cautious of word choice this week as you might be prone to oversharing and stepping on toes. There is a current fixation with the self that can cause you to lose sight of the feelings of others.

Taurus: Fellow earth sign Virgo begins its solar season aligning with Mars and Mercury (in retrograde) highlighting your fifth house of art, entertainment, pleasure and drama. Chaos brings inspiration as well as headaches, so stay limber and go with the flow. During the next four weeks, you are feeling outgoing and looking to enjoy the fruits of the hard work you have been putting in lately. Prioritize creativity and self expression. Generosity and curiosity can strengthen bonds and build new friendships. In the romance department, you are looking to spoil and be spoiled. 

Gemini: Introspection, open mindedness and finding ways to be less judgemental of yourself and others is the key to making the most of this Mercury-powered roller coaster occurring for the remainder of August and into September. Your ruler Mercury, which is in retrograde, aligns with the sun in Virgo this week, highlighting your fourth house of family, home, roots and personal matters. Communication with family and domestic partners should be done with extra care and patience at this time. You find yourself thinking about where you come from and what you take from there as you also figure out where you are headed next. 

Cancer: Sociability and chaos are the recipe for the mental stimulation you desire this week. The sun enters Virgo just as Mercury (also in Virgo) goes retrograde, all this Mercurial energy within the electromagnetic unpredictability of Mercury retrograde highlights your communication sector after a quiet period of socal hibernation. You are feeling energized and ready to say yes to projects and events but it is best to also remain prepared for the unexpected. Adaptability is the key to success.

Leo: Hold off on big moves and big decisions during the following four-week cycle if possible. The sun enters Virgo in alignment with Mercury retrograde, highlighting your second house of work, finances and material possessions. It’s a good time to stay on a predictable and consistent path and to be mentally prepared to take the occasional detour as these detours might lead to something wonderful, yet unexpected. Flexibility is key, but good luck follows. Gifts, raises or returned favors may be headed your way.

Virgo: Welcome to your solar season, Virgo! As the sun moves into your first house, you are inspired to reinvent yourself, treat yourself and truly just BE yourself. Your eye for detail and your hard-working and caring nature draws others to you. Socializing, dating and artistic pursuits are fortuitous at this time. Research, learning and building or fixing things comes naturally to you. It’s an ideal time to partake in something constructive. However, due to your ruling planet, Mercury, also entering your sign and turning retrograde this week, it is best not to take any financial or interpersonal risks if they can be avoided. 

Libra: The sun enters Virgo and therefore highlights your 12th house of the inner workings of the unseen realm. Personal private things like dreams, emotions, psychic intuition and secrets play a bigger role in your life during this time. It’s all about looking within for answers. The fast pace of daily life and the usual surface-level nature of casual social interaction can leave you feeling quite drained at this time as you prefer a bit of retreat and solitude. Prioritize rest and reflection. Meanwhile, Mercury aligns with the sun in Virgo as it turns retrograde reminding you to take things step by step and to stay prepared for the unexpected. 

Scorpio: We begin Virgo season as the sun, Mercury (in retrograde), and your co-ruler Mars also align in this mutable earth sign. Naturally, your 11th house of optimism, friendship, idealism and groups gets a much-needed, yet chaotic boost. You are beginning to think more about where you fit in and what sort of role you want to have in the families, communities or spaces you occupy. You seek to engage more and to forge meaningful connections in accordance with your values. In learning about others, you also learn about yourself. Tread lightly and stay flexible as mercury retrograde could have a curveball or two in store. 

Sagittarius: You suddenly feel inspired to get your resume together and make more practical plans for yourself. The sun and Mercury (in retrograde) align in the hard working and capable sign of Virgo. Although this retrograde may hamper some of your plans, there is progress to be made as long as you can roll with the punches. Long overdue credit for your efforts in one thing or another may be headed your way and this recognition boosts your confidence and motivation. 

Capricorn: Your ninth house of higher learning, adventure and philosophy is given a boost of rarified energy thanks to the sun and Mercury’s shift into fellow earth sign Virgo. It is advisable to proceed with caution as Mercury is in retrograde during what would otherwise normally be a time of freeform experimentation. This doesn’t mean you have to hide away until it’s over. It just means that one should proceed with caution and prepare for a few interesting detours. Personal research, signing up for classes, or learning a new skill could be a great way to celebrate the season. Intellectual and spiritual pursuits bring exciting new perspectives. 

Aquarius: Perhaps this is the kind of stuff that you have been waiting for. The sun and Mercury (albeit in retrograde) align in the earthy and intellectual sign of Virgo in your eighth house of mysteries, taboos, transformation and sensuality. The retrograde aspect of it all provides an element of the unexpected that may be challenging at times but might also serve a purpose that provides unique insight. You are exploring your inner self, your identity and your feelings. Beneath the layers of social expectations and norms, you uncover aspects of yourself and your relationships that defy expectations and empower you and those dear to you. Healing and acts of service bring good fortune.

Pisces: The sun and Mercury (in retrograde) moves into your sister sign of Pisces, highlighting your partnership and collaboration sector. It can be a good time to deliberately address miscommunications that have been going on in your one-on-one relationships and to take a step-by-step approach to building better connections. Learning and working together on common goals brings success and fulfillment. Patience, adaptability and practicality are keywords. Romantic relationships take on a nurturing and comforting energy that is subtle yet powerful, much like the sign of Virgo itself.