Horoscopes: Aug. 11-17, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week, the new moon in Leo on the 16th is like the beginning of a new relationship, but instead of a relationship with a person, it is a relationship with new ideas, passions and hobbies. It feels OK to try new things, look silly, and make a few mistakes. You are less concerned with perfection and more about the joy of the process or the journey.

Taurus: The new moon in Leo on the 16th has you wanting to explore what is new within the familiar, as new aspects of something you thought you knew thoroughly are revealed. You realize that there are intricate layers and nuances to all things as you seek new perspectives on old relationships or creative endeavors that you have been working with for a long time. Set new intentions for long-term goals that prioritize your creativity and embrace your unique gifts.

Gemini: On the 16th, the new moon in Leo infuses your self expression with experimentation as you seek new ways to communicate and convey your feelings. Creativity, flexibility and affection are keywords for the moment. New acquaintances in the coming weeks can bring unexpected and much-needed perspective.

Cancer: The new moon in Leo on the 16th reminds you to prioritize yourself. Perhaps you have overextended yourself energetically, emotionally or financially in the previous lunar cycle. This time around, you seek to act in accordance with your values while not overdoing it in regards to how much of yourself you put into things.

Leo: With the new moon in your sign on the 16th, you’ll be at the center of renewal and reinvention. You feel that you have learned a lot over the previous lunar cycle and you have plans to apply those lessons. You are in the right mindset to shift your energy toward new things and to change up your style.

Virgo: You’ll find energetic renewal and fresh ideas in solitude and private moments thanks to the new moon in Leo on the 16th. You may feel that you are on a path that is the opposite direction from everyone else at this time as everyone else seems to be having bursts of social and festive energy while you are feeling quiet and contemplative. Don’t feel pressured to go beyond your limits.

Libra: On the 16th, the new moon in Leo reminds you to keep things quality over quantity in the coming weeks. Having an eye for sustainable work, relationships and even the things that you wear has better results than just choosing what initially catches your eye. Ask yourself if it makes sense for your life?

Scorpio: With the new moon in Leo on the 16th, you’ll be inspired to press forward on creative endeavors. You have some ideas and feelings that you have been meaning to express and get out into the world, but either you have been holding yourself back or something else has gotten in the way. It can be frustrating! Over the next four weeks of this lunar cycle, there will be more opportunities to begin again. 

Sagittarius: The new moon in fellow fire sign Leo on the 16th asks you to channel some of the random impulsive energy of yours into something a bit more constructive. You have ideas for new plans, trips and projects and now is a great time to sketch out how they are all actually going to work. 

Capricorn: You will be feeling introspective, especially about things concerning love and relationships, thanks to the new moon in Leo on the 16th. You want to start out with a new approach for the coming month and to lead with more authenticity and self awareness. 

Aquarius: The new moon in Leo on the 16th has you thinking about how to balance your free spirit with your love of connection and commitment. You are an air sign who loves independence for sure, but you are also a fixed sign that loves stability and consistency. New intentions are being set that may involve getting more serious or settling down in some way. 

Pisces: You’ll be envisioning new possibilities for adding more of the things you love to your daily life, and not just as an occasional treat. The new moon in Leo on the 16th reminds you that your creativity and passion shouldn’t just be a thing for your spare time, it’s a sad state of affairs for an eclectic water sign such as yourself. Prioritize self expression, individuality and free flowing ideas during the next four weeks of this new lunar cycle.