Horoscopes: July 28-Aug. 3, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: How can you create more harmony and peace in your interpersonal interactions? This is what your 11th house, highlighted by the full moon in Aquarius on Aug. 1, inspires you to explore. Perhaps you can find the balance between freedom of self expression and an open mind and heart to listen to the self expression of others. It is a time to initiate social events, ask questions, and truly engage with others with genuine curiosity. Chiron retrograde also begins this week, furthering the vibe of reflection and introspection. 

Taurus: Mercury, the planet of communication, begins its visit to fellow earth sign Virgo on the 28th, highlighting your creativity and entertainment sector, which can sharpen and refine your mental energy. You are feeling more reserved but also more deliberate about how you spend your time, money, and energy. You are certainly not short on humor or charm and the more you let your true self shine, the more people are drawn to you. Meanwhile, the full moon in Aquarius on Aug. 1 brings certain plans or efforts of yours to fruition.

Gemini: Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters practical and hardworking Virgo on July 28 and brings all the blessings of hard work, dedication and skill with it. You are more focused on honing your skills and increasing your knowledge these days and you may put your extra energy toward helping others or creating something that can improve your shared surroundings. The full moon in Aquarius on Aug. 1 inspires you to take your dreams and make them a reality, especially if they involve travel or increasing your knowledge.  

Cancer: The full moon in Aquarius on Aug. 1 brings an energy of freedom and independence. You may be in the final stages of moving away from a workplace, relationship or other situation that has been creating difficulties for you. You are ending one cycle and beginning another where you are more in tune with yourself and can build new environments that better align with your values. Chiron retrograde furthers this energy by challenging you to turn your “weaknesses” into your strengths and to begin to redefine and transform your perception of flaws and failures in a more forgiving and empowering way.

Leo: This week, the full moon in your sister sign of Aquarius on Aug. 1 has you bringing your full authentic self to your romantic relationships. You are speaking your mind and expressing yourself, sparking revealing conversations with crushes, partners or even close friends. There is clarity between you and your feelings now and that can reflect in your interactions. You know what you want and it’s important to get curious about the desires and goals of those close to you. Creating a judgment-free environment for communication is important. You may be getting closer with some people or farther away from others. It is a natural course that can change shape as time goes by. A little detachment mixed in with all the passion can be an interesting factor.

Virgo: On July 28, your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into your sign highlighting your first house. Your powers of observation and construction are boosted as you can take things from your imagination and create them in reality. Your eye for detail helps you repair and refine things that are already there. Communication and socialization come easily to you at this time and you are feeling more outgoing and confident. Meanwhile, the full moon in Aquarius on Aug. 1 brings professional, creative, personal or career goals to full realization. Things that you have been looking to upgrade in your daily life have a way of working out for you and the steps you take can be greatly rewarded. Get things going and they will stay going.

Libra: This week, the full moon in Aquarius on Aug. 1 brings a sense of idealism and independence along with all the romance of the full moon. You may be feeling more deliberate about your love life and relationships these days. If you are single, you may be more selective about who you date, flirt with or choose as a prospective partner. In committed relationships, you are being more transparent about your feelings and seek to collaborate on constructive goals together. Meanwhile, Mercury in Virgo brings contemplative energy to your alone time. Self awareness is a great practice but don’t over intellectualize your feelings.

Scorpio: The conjunction of the full moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Virgo this week inspires ingenuity in problem solving, especially in the realm of home life, family, and relationships. Your mental energy is observant and keen on nuances and details. You may be noticing new things about the behaviors of others as well as yourself and the intricacies of interaction, which makes it all quite…simple somehow!

Sagittarius: Mercury in Virgo highlights your 10th house of business, career and public image. You get a favorable boost at work and in group settings as your powers of communication are increased and you speak with more confidence and charm and maybe even some authority if that’s your thing. The full moon in Aquarius on Aug. 1 inspires you to go public with your achievements or to share what you have been working on.

Capricorn: The full moon in Aquarius on Aug. 1 has you seeing financial intentions come to fruition. You may be ready to make a big-ticket purchase that could improve your daily life, or open up a savings account, or find a new side gig that increases your cash flow. Either way, there are changes coming in your money department after a period of just planning and consideration over the past month. Meanwhile, Mercury in fellow earth sign Virgo inspires curiosity and adventure. You are feeling open to new experiences and new information. You can harness this energy by researching new topics, taking a day trip, or trying new things. 

Aquarius: The full moon in your sign on Aug. 1 brings a project you have been working on to completion. You have been plumbing the depths of your imagination over the past four weeks and what you have been dreaming up is coming to the surface. Romance, emotions and passions run high for you all through the weekend as you ride the wave of Aquarian lunar energy. Meanwhile, Chiron, the asteroid of hard-earned wisdom, turns retrograde and has you reflecting on what you have learned through the trials and tribulations of the past and how you can use that to grow as a person. You come to value a reality check even if it is unpleasant or challenging at first.

Pisces: The full moon in Aquarius on the 1st has a way of making things that are private go public. If there is something you have been wanting to express now may be an ideal time to share it. You feel a sense of relief and freedom as you reach new levels of self awareness through exploration or have intimate conversations with someone close to you. Taking the first step and sharing a vulnerable moment may inspire others to do the same. Revelation brings clarity. Meanwhile, Mercury in your sister sign of Virgo highlights your communication in relationships, just furthering this theme. In partnerships, romantic or otherwise (wherever there is a one-on-one relationship) you feel driven to refine your collaboration and connection and to work toward common, fair and mutually beneficial goals.

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