Horoscopes: July 21-27, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: The sun enters fellow fire sign Leo this week, which heats up your fifth house of enjoyment, romance, entertainment and creativity. After a rather sleepy period, you are waking up to what energizes and inspires you. There is a flow of ideas, passion and drama. Creative projects and romantic endeavors gain momentum. Meanwhile, Venus in retrograde — also in Leo from July 22-Sept. 3 — brings up questions about the past and bittersweet moments of nostalgia.

Taurus: As the sun enters fiery Leo this week, it will ring in the new cosmic season with generous and fun-loving energy. This transit will highlight your home and family sector and can have you finding most of your enjoyment while relaxing at home or spending time with close friends or family. Even getting chores done or redecorating can feel more fun than a night out on the town. Meanwhile, your ruling planet, Venus, turns retrograde in Leo from July 22 to Sept. 3, which brings up a great deal of reflection about past versions of yourself.

Gemini: This week, the sun moves into Leo for the next four weeks and heats up your networking and socialization sector. You are feeling more active and busy and there is an intention on your part to put in more effort or take initiative at work and in your relationships. You enjoy making others feel invited and you have fun asking interesting questions and getting a good rapport going. You run the risk of overbooking yourself or just doing too much in general, so be sure to set aside some downtime if you can. Meanwhile, Venus turns retrograde until early September, highlighting your communications sector, which brings an opportunity to reevaluate the way you speak to others and the words you choose. You may be reflecting on past interactions and thinking about how you’d like to do better or differently next time.

Cancer: The sun moves into fiery Leo this week and highlights your second house of values, personal comfort and material stability. You may be thinking about how you can utilize your personal talents and skills to expand your career and money-making opportunities. You might also be feeling generous with time, energy and belongings and sharing can bring a certain joy for you. It is still important not to become too driven, obsessed or extravagant in all of this. Meanwhile, Venus turns retrograde in Leo from July 22-Sept. 3, which allows you to reassess your past decisions and how they have gotten you to where you are today.

Leo: Finally! It’s all about you as the sun enters your sign on July 22 and stays with us for the next four weeks, putting the spotlight of good fortune on your solar first house of the self, identity, style and expression. You are thinking about how to put your best attributes forward to promote self improvement and personal growth. Now is a great time put yourself out there. Try new things. Revamp your wardrobe. Take a chance on romance or a new job. If there has been a feeling of stuck-ness lately, you may find it easier to get unstuck and back into a groove now. Meanwhile, Venus also turns retrograde in your sign until Sept. 3 and has you reflecting on past versions of yourself and also on who you were in previous relationships. You are thinking about how that differs from the present day and why. New and more intentional approaches are in the works. You value authenticity and generosity, which you both want to embody and experience.

Virgo: This week, you are feeling more private and subdued as the sun enters Leo for the next four weeks. It is a time of relaxation and recovery, as you seem to have been quite busy lately. It might not be an ideal time to get new projects going or be the one who “makes things happen” as your current energy is better suited to planning, dreaming and having an eye for details. Meanwhile, Venus turns retrograde in your privacy sector until Sept. 3 and inspires deep self reflection, spiritual explorations and romantic daydreaming. You are feeling uncharacteristically wistful, nostalgic and poetic. Deep conversations and journaling can be useful.

Libra: We begin a four-week journey through Leo’s solar season this week and this will highlight your friendship and community sector. During this transit, you are outgoing and interested in what makes other people tick. You’d like to be part of something or be the person that gathers everyone together for a collective purpose or goal. Teamwork and cooperation allows you to build confidence and utilize some of your most “Libra” qualities of charm and connectivity. Meanwhile, your ruling planet Venus turns retrograde until Sept. 3 and reignites passion in a forgotten hobby, project or pastime.

Scorpio: The sun enters fiery Leo for the next four weeks, highlighting your 10th house of social status, career and reputation. You are more interested in making an impact or an impression these days and you seek to use your natural gifts and unique personality to accomplish something that feels important to you. Recognition can be more gratifying than usual (let’s face it: you usually don’t care what others think too much for better or for worse). Set some ambitious goals and give it your best! Meanwhile, Venus turns retrograde in your 10th house and helps you let go of past disappointments so you can heal and move forward. You may be reassessing some of your values now.

Sagittarius: The sun enters fellow fire sign Leo this week and highlights your ninth house of learning and adventure. During this time, you are looking at things more deeply and seek to go beyond the borders of your usual perception. You crave authentic and thought-provoking interactions and you value the people in your life who keep it real and ask the hard questions. You gain new perspectives and renewed energy from short trips, travel, learning and research. Meanwhile, Venus turns retrograde until Sept. 3 and has you re-evaluate your personal beliefs and life philosophy, there can be a shift in your spirituality. New information about something from the past could surface.

Capricorn: The sun in the glamorous sign of Leo highlights your eighth house of intimacy, secrets and transformation for the next four weeks. During this time, you are more open to change and new ideas and may be going through a personal transformation of some kind. Pre-existing relationships — whether they be platonic, romantic or any other kind — may be reaching new depths or shifting in their dynamics. Venus turns retrograde in Leo from July 22-Sept. 3 and reminds you to stay in touch with your inner self.

Aquarius: This week, the sun enters your opposite/sister sign of Leo for the next four weeks. This transit will shine the spotlight on your partnerships and romance sector where it adds passion, inspiration and drama to the mix. You are more willing to be openly affectionate with friends and lovers during this time as fiery Leo brings out the powers of your self expression. Sharing, commitment and collaboration bring good fortune. Meanwhile, Venus turns retrograde — also in Leo — from July 22 until Sept. 3, giving you a chance to review past relationships and think about what worked and what didn’t work for you and what you would like to do better or differently now.

Pisces: The sun enters Leo for the next four weeks, where it brings positive energy to your sixth house of routines, daily tasks and habits. You may be getting into the groove of a new routine, stopping bad habits or adding new, more supportive, habits to your life. You seek to add more enjoyable things to your everyday existence and to thrive more than you survive. Seeing friends more often can boost your sense of well-being and even just having company on a trip to the grocery store can feel like a fun way to spend time. Meanwhile, Venus retrogrades in Leo from July 22 until Sept. 3, inspiring you to find balance in a landscape of extremes.