Biden’s age issue is a dog whistle for sexism (and 2024 predictions)

Joe Biden speaking on election night.

There’s a complex subject and debate when it comes to politics: The issue of the presidential nomination system and the election process that will follow. And the debate thus far is about age, and that age issue is a dog whistle for sexism.

Currently, all eyes are on two candidates, whom most assume will be their party’s nominees, Democratic President Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump. Voters on both sides are wondering if the two will actually be the names on the ballot by the time the 2024 political conventions nominate. Let’s look at them one at a time.

For Biden, the main criticism thus far is his age and health. That seems to be biased since Trump is about the same age and you don’t hear that being discussed as much. Maybe the issue isn’t age. Maybe it’s about the vice president who would take over? Seems most pundits won’t discuss Vice President Kamala Harris in detail. When she is brought up, I’m sure most Republicans will turn to sexism. After all, they won’t have many negative things to say about her, since she has been a stellar vice president.

So why do I believe the age question is a dog whistle for sexism? Note the lack of political pundits speculating on Trump’s possible VP pick. Would Americans feel comfortable with his VP? The topic doesn’t seem to be at the top of mind.

Biden will be the nominee unless there is an unseen event along the road to nomination. If there is, there are many others waiting in the wings. But chances are they’ll have to wait until 2028. 

Now, Trump. He has a host of candidates challenging him and he has a few issues that need attention. Unless those legal matters stop Trump in his tracks — which at present, they are not — and as long as his supporters are in line with him, he will be the nominee.

However, during the process, Trump is likely going to be involved in numerous legal cases that will require his presence in court. He does not like to be controlled and silenced, which generally happens during a court hearing. Those court hearings take hours, and will prevent him from being on the campaign road. Being a caged animal could simply wear him down.

Translation: He wins the nomination but is a wounded nominee.

While Trump has overwhelming support among Republicans, he has a lack of support among independents and Democrats. Biden wins against a tarnished and wounded Trump. Sounds good, right? But what if Trump decides it’s not worth his health and makes a deal to get out?  Then it all changes. 

Here’s the real question: Who then would face Biden?

Best answer to that question for Biden would be Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis, but his campaign just keeps slipping away. So expect a surprise if that happens. Here’s the earliest predictions you’ll read anywhere: Sen. Tim Scott and former N.J. Gov. Chris Christie. 

I like those odds.

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