Horoscopes: July 14-20, 2023

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: On the 17th, the new moon in Cancer is a fresh start concerning home life, family and close relationships. It is a time to shift perspectives and to set new intentions. Perhaps you have been considering a retreat, retirement or return home from some sort of project or journey you have been working through. Now might be the beginning of a cycle of being more conservative with your time and energy and focusing more on what is near and dear. Your emotions and the emotions of others may be intense yet discreet and hard to read at first. Tune in closely.

Taurus: The new moon in Cancer on the 17th highlights your house of communication. You may be realizing your limits on extending yourself professionally, socially or academically. This might be a great time to reel it in a little and take a break. The new moon is an ideal window of time in which to set intentions to do things differently in the coming lunar cycle.

Gemini: The new moon in Cancer on the 17th has you ready to disconnect from capitalistic pursuits and focus more on your emotional, psychological inner life and to put your energy into friendships and community. You may have been getting swept up lately in a cycle of outside influences confusing you as to what you really want and value in life. This lunation can help you to find clarity and meaning outside of meritocracy. 

Cancer: The new moon in your sign on the 17th inspires you to revamp your self image and start building your confidence. You might start to dream up new long term goals and begin to map out a game plan. You’re thinking a lot about who you want to be and how you want to share that with the world.

Leo: The new moon in Cancer on the 17th highlights your spirituality and philosophy zone. You’re feeling a bit more private and pensive. This is a time of renewal and intention setting so you may be thinking about your beliefs in new ways, reflecting on the past and how your beliefs have changed since then. You want to apply what you have learned to find new ways to grow in life.

Virgo: This week, the new moon in Cancer on the 17th brings a healing and renewing energy to your friendship sector. You may be setting new intentions or goals about what kind of friend you want to be to others and what kinds of friendships you want to have. You may be reconnecting with people you have drifted apart from, or making new friends.

Libra: The new moon in Cancer on the 17th is a fresh start for your work and career sector. You may be thinking about switching jobs, or pursuing a new path altogether. There may be a shift in your long-term goals. Don’t be too hasty but sketch out your plans that you want to put into action over the next four weeks.

Scorpio: The new moon in fellow water sign Cancer on the 17th highlights your ninth house of adventure and learning. Under the influence of sentimental and emotionally intuitive Cancer, this can be a bit of an intense ride. A new moon is a great time to set intentions, make new plans, and clear your plate of the leftovers from the last moon’s cycle. Ask yourself where your heart and mind feel closed and how can you change that?

Sagittarius: The new moon in Cancer on the 17th highlights your intimacy sector and has you feeling a renewed sense of self. You feel that you can more easily identify your wants, needs and goals in relationships. Over the next four weeks of this lunar cycle, you can be more discerning about your partners and your relationships, seeing things through a renewed perspective. It is a good time to practice voicing what you want and what you don’t want.

Capricorn: The new moon in your opposite sign of Cancer on the 17th highlights your partnership sector which rules over all one-on-one relationships (platonic, romantic, adversarial and things in between). This lunation is a fresh start, which can provide energy and momentum that progresses collaboration, teamwork, communication and shifting power dynamics. It’s a good time to take on new interpersonal endeavors and make plans with others, even if flying solo is usually your thing.

Aquarius: The new moon in Cancer on the 17th has you looking to start better habits and get into a new routine. You aren’t feeling as social or adventurous in the coming week and you prefer to retreat to places that are quiet, familiar and comfortable while you gather your thoughts and energy to make new plans and set clear intentions for yourself. Things that distract you from your practical goals can feel somewhat bothersome. Limit stress by taking social media breaks or setting aside time to journal.

Pisces: The new moon in fellow water sign Cancer on the 17th lends its magic to your romance, entertainment and enjoyment department. This week, there is great energy for doing things you love as creativity and self expression flow more freely. Artistic endeavors and relaxing hobbies are particularly fortuitous at this time and you may have a renewed interest in something forgotten that you used to enjoy or you might find passion in a new medium that you never thought of exploring before. In love and romance, you might find a new spark or refreshed perspective on a partner you have been with for a long time as new ways to connect emerge. If you are single, there might be a new crush on the horizon.