Horoscopes: July 7-13

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: Your ruler Mars enters the humble, hard-working and practical sign of Virgo on July 10. In your first house, this sign inspires you to hone your skills, focus on the details of your goals and find more subtle or unpretentious approaches to your work and your life. You may be called upon to do a favor or to take care of someone or something during this time. One side effect of Mars in Virgo is that there is a tendency to become overly self critical or too caught up in the particulars of daily life.

Taurus: This week, you are inspired by Mars in Virgo to get more creative about even the more practical aspects of life and to add personal touches to everything. There’s no sense in keeping things mundane if they don’t need to be. In the romance department, you are feeling more adventurous and are looking to ignite something passionate and exciting. 

Gemini: Mercury, your ruling planet, enters fiery Leo and lends you some extra charm, generosity and a flair for theatrics. During this transit, your love life has the potential to be full of passion, commitment and drama in equal measures. You are able to access your deep feelings and share your emotions more candidly. Displays of affection and being a good sharer are great ways to celebrate the season.

Cancer: As we continue our way through your solar season, Mercury — the planet of communication — enters the magnanimous fire sign of Leo. Self expression comes naturally to you during this time and you feel better equipped to have hard conversations or to get more emotionally intimate with others without shying away. In relationships, you are interested in someone who is willing to speak their minds and also someone who sticks to their plans. The sun in your first house for just a few more days continues to focus your energy of self actualization and self improvement.

Leo: On the 11th, Mercury — the planet of mental energy and communication — enters your sign, seemingly preparing you for next week when Leo season begins. Mercury in your first house inspires you to hone your communication skills, learn new things, and be more simple and straightforward about your ideas. You’re in the mood to be more transparent and you feel that it can give you the clarity that you desire in your interpersonal interactions. However, it is important to remain tactful. This energy can be utilized to learn a new language, practice public speaking, or to try out new forms of self expression or artistic mediums.

Virgo: Mercury, your ruling planet, enters the fiery sign of Leo on the 11th and Mars, the planet of action and decisiveness, enters your sign on the 10th. All of this spices up your chart today in the next few weeks. You are feeling more confident and assertive and if there is a decision you have been hesitant to make for a while, now might be an ideal time to make that call. In private matters and moments of deep thought, you feel more certain of yourself and are more willing to validate your own feelings and truly experience your emotions. You can articulate things to yourself as well as others.

Libra: Mars in Virgo highlights your privacy sector. During this time, you get the most work done by going solo. You have the best ideas when you spend time in quiet reflection. It’s not to say you don’t have patience for others right now, it can be quite the opposite as you are feeling energized to be helpful toward people, but your own mind and imagination is where you find what recharges you.

Scorpio: Mars moves into Virgo on the 10th and creates complimentary energy for your sign. Things concerning practical affairs and technical details are favored at this time. This can be a good time to branch out creatively and professionally, learn new skills, and break away from your usual repertoire. You have a self-limiting habit of doing only what you are used to or are very good at. Perhaps it’s time to get used to a few mistakes here and there, or a routine of practicing something challenging.

Sagittarius: Assertive Mars in hardworking Virgo enters your career and goals sector on the 10th. For the next few weeks, you are feeling energized to make advancements in practical goals. Ambitions run high but beware of being too competitive or pushing yourself too hard.

Capricorn: Mars, the planet of confidence and decisiveness, moves into good favor with your sign as it enters fellow earth sign Virgo on the 10th. You’re feeling adventurous and emboldened to break out of routines. Travel, new people, and new ideologies are favored during this month. Mercury, in your eighth house from the 11th to the 28th, has you thinking deeply and exploring your feelings. In relationships, conversations and communication are what get things going. 

Aquarius: Beginning on the 10th, Mars in Virgo highlights your intimacy and spirituality sector. You are not interested in mere appearances or surface level interactions. You value genuineness and you question things that are popular or widely accepted. You might spend time doing a deep dive on a topic that interests you. 

Pisces: Assertive and decisive Mars in practical Virgo highlights your relationships and partnerships. There is a drive to recognize interpersonal issues and to tackle them head on with honesty. It can be productive but there is a risk of being too blunt if you don’t proceed with care. You may also find healthy competition with friends and lovers to be a fun way to bond and spend time together. Be sure to lose (or win) with grace.