Horoscopes: May 26 to June 1

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: We are closing out May and beginning June with new connections and opportunities for an increase in material resources. And, as a bonus, some good news is potentially on its way. Your ruling planet Mars is in your 5th house of joy, entertainment and generosity, so you can be feeling rather open hearted and magnanimous at this time. You can make the most of it by participating in your favorite hobbies and pastimes to maximize your creative and competitive energy. This placement may also add some zest to your romance department!

Taurus: This week it’s best not to let the glitz and glamor of someone or something distract you from the details or stop you from asking the important questions. As a Taurus it can be easy to get swept up in the allure of something seemingly fabulous, but you never really know what’s going on behind closed doors. Aligning yourself with people you have deemed more powerful than you can create an uneven power dynamic. Mars is in your 4th house, the house of your personal values. This transit can remind you to embrace what you already have and to stop thinking about what others have or don’t have.

Gemini: It’s all about Gemini (you) these days! The sun in your first house has you thinking about self improvement, self-confidence, and self-awareness. You are probably thinking about what your strengths are and also what you would like to work on. You can optimize this solar energy by doing some of the things that you do best, things that make you feel accomplished. Then to add some balance, try getting out of your comfort zone and practicing a new skill. It can be a bit humbling, but certainly worth a try!

Cancer: Mars the planet of action, drive, and competition, highlights your second house of resources and material acquisition. You have a drive to earn and collect things, whether that’s money, reputation, shoes, or grades. It can feel somewhat out of character to get heated about these types of things! Be sure to let it motivate you in gentle and balanced ways. Don’t be too hard on yourself or let the stress make you snippy with others. Remember that everyone has different goals.

Leo: This week, Mars, the planet of assertiveness, drive, and passion, highlights your first house, the house of “the self.” During this time you are feeling more confident, decisive, and prepared to spring into action. This confidence can help you to realize what needs to be done and then to make it happen. It can also boost the spice level in your love life. However, an unwanted potential side effect of this placement is you becoming too bossy or making impulsive choices that cause problems. Try to balance your thinking and doing.

Virgo: This week, Mars in your spirituality sector has you feeling curious about the unseen sides of life and the passing of time. You may be lying awake in bed more than usual, stirred by thoughts and dreams. It can be a time that is both enriching yet tiring, as your imagination stirs your subconscious up to the surface. You might also be daydreaming or spending more quiet time alone these days thinking about how you project what is in your mind out into the world. Be sure to find ways to truly rest and recharge.

Libra: Mars highlights your house of public image, idealism, and friend groups. It illuminates how you act as an individual within a collective. You are feeling more inspired to use your gifts and energy to be a team player or to contribute to something as a whole in a unique way. Mars’s assertive energy can increase your desire to present a more authentic version of yourself at work and in social settings. You may find that your less polished, more real approach is more rewarding than any false veneer or sugar coating.

Scorpio: Your co-ruler Mars, the planet of drive, passion, and assertiveness, highlights your 10th house, the house of career, accomplishments, and success. More than usual you have a deep desire to be seen as someone special and to be recognized for your achievements or talents. It can become painful if you do not fight the urge to compare yourself with others. Focus on building your own dream. Endless comparison never works out well.

Sagittarius: This week, fiery Mars heats up your adventure, learning, and novel experiences sector. This has you feeling like your old self. During this transit you feel bold and ready to set new trends in your life. You are less concerned with what others think, and that can be great, but be cautious of becoming contrarian just for the sake of argument. Focus on forging your own path. Maybe take a short road trip, learn about a new topic, or try a new approach to something you do every day.

Capricorn: Jupiter the planet of possibilities, luck, and abundance trines with your sign in a long term transit that slowly peels away the layers of old paint on your life, revealing something bright and new. Your ideas of what is possible are expanding and changing shape as you begin to think outside of self limiting boxes. There is a growing potential for romance, creativity, and visits to new places both literal and metaphorical. Find the good in all those things.

Aquarius: The planet of fortune and expansion, Jupiter, predicts big changes for you in the coming months. There could be a move or career change in the works that brings new knowledge, renewed energy, and new friends into the mix. Meanwhile, Gemini season continues to highlight your fifth house of self expression and fun this week. It’s a good time to get creative or put on a show. Sometimes you have to go where the momentum takes you.

Pisces: Mars, the fiery planet of motivation and assertiveness, highlights your daily habits and health zone. During this time you may be more driven to take on more work or responsibilities than usual. You just seem to have the feeling that you can do it all. This transit can also mark the end of a bad habit and/or the beginning of a new and better one. Dont let all this spicy energy trick you into thinking that you don’t need to take breaks. You still do! Everybody needs a rest now and again.

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