Gov. Shapiro, Carson Kressley, and more at PGN’s Pride Brunch

We’re proud to announce that Governor Josh Shapiro will be accepting the ally award at the Philadelphia Gay News Pride Brunch, taking place on Pride Day, June 4, in Philadelphia. Not only is Shapiro a lifetime ally of our community, his LGBT advocacy has already made history in just his first 100 days. 

We’re also proud that for the first time in several years, the community has come together and for the most part is united over Pride. Almost all major LGBT nonprofits and community activists will be involved with one of the several Pride events that day. From the brunch for non-profits, advocates and allies, to the street festival being organized by galaei with some exciting new additions, and support from the business community in the Gayborhood. From the march, the festival, the brunch and the afterparties, there literally is something for everyone. Almost anyone who wanted to be involved was taken onboard. It will be one of the most diversified and inclusive Prides we’ve ever seen. 

We at PGN have worked to make the opening event, the PGN Pride Brunch, as exciting as last year’s event. It’s a celebration of what our community has accomplished over the years. Awarding those who have worked so diligently for this community and offering a glimpse at the future. We’ll be giving out awards to several important members of our community. And expect a few surprises. 

Carson Kressley will be awarded the visibility award. His work in media began long before it became fashionable, and his ability to be his authentic self set an example for many and helped open the floodgates to others. Let’s not forget that equality begins with visibility, Carson amplifies that word.

David Fair will be awarded the legacy award. His work on behalf of our community goes back to the 1980’s and includes working to pass Philadelphia’s first LGBT non-discrimination laws. He was also one of the earliest activists to advocate for HIV/AIDS, working in Black and Brown areas of our community to secure AIDS services and to help secure housing for homeless youth.

Estelle Richman will be awarded the lifetime achievement award. Her name might not be known by many of you, but it is known by almost every city and state elected officials and LGBT non-profits. She’s one of those individuals who works quietly to make change. There isn’t a mayor or governor who has not sought her advice or asked her to be part of their administration. She is so trusted that she came out of retirement when over 70 nonprofits requested that she take on Philadelphia’s number one issue, gun violence. 

Galaei will accept the community unity award. Galaei has gone through many changes over the years, but its mission to Philadelphia’s Latino community has never changed. They have stepped up to include Pride in their portfolio and worked to bring together all that wish to be involved. It’s easy to be a disrupter, but it’s even harder to create events for Pride Day that unite us all. 

Adam Joseph of WPVI-TV will be hosting. A proud member of the community, his advocacy on LGBT families and other issues is not only a testament to his Pride of community but to his employer, WPVI, which has stood beside him.

Last, personal note: the staff of PGN has worked tirelessly on the planning of this event since last year. It’s a community service that we believe brings our community together to celebrate the hard work the community has done. This event is about the awardees and community. I’d like to give a big thank you to the sponsors who make it possible through their support of the community.