PGN Election Endorsements: City Council, Judicial, and Other Offices

PGN endorses the following candidates for the 2023 primary election on May 16th.

City Council at-Large:

Rue Landau

Katherine Gilmore Richardson

Jim Harrity

Isaiah Thomas 

John B. Kelly  

We based our at-Large endorsements on three factors. First, giving representation to the LGBT community on Philadelphia City Council. We are currently the only large city in American that does not have an openly LGBTQ member of their city council. Therefore, our highest endorsement is for Rue Landau. Both the Democratic City Committee and many progressive organizations agree that Landau has an impressive record on bringing people together as a unifier, a lawyer, and parent who puts herself on the line for equal rights and fair housing. She has earned major endorsements from labor unions, elected officials, and civil rights and housing groups across the city. Our other choices for City Council at-Large are based on their experience, records, bringing new voices and ideas to the city, as well as their commitment to LGBT rights and giving our community a seat at the table.

City Council District Seats:

District 1: Mark Squilla

Squilla has been an LGBT ally with a record of constituent services and responding to our community’s issues and needs.

District 3: Jamie Gauthier

Gauthier has been a trusted ally with an independent voice.

District 7: Quetcy Lozada

Lozada is an LGBT ally and a Latina voice on Council.

District 8: Cindy Bass 

As The Philadelphia Inquirer recently praised some of Bass’ accomplishments, “particularly her advocacy on behalf of LGBT adoption rights and determination to fight for needed resources in the less affluent parts of her district,” we at PGN believe that is an understatement. Bass’ voice was the loudest in supporting LGBT adoption as she led the charge to investigate Catholic Social Services. She is an outspoken supporter for the LGBT community, and she not only speaks favorably for LGBT issues as many candidates do, but when it actually counts she walks the walk and fights to empower our community.  We strongly endorse Cindy Bass for another term in Council and look forward to continue to build a better Philadelphia together.

District 9: Anthony Phillips

Phillips is new to Council, and his ability to cut through the red tape and make government work is admirable.

Judicial Seats:

Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Dan McCaffery

Pennsylvania Superior Court: Jill Beck and Timika Lane

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court: Matt Wolf

Philadelphia Municipal Court: Colleen Osborne and Barbara Thomson

Philadelphia Court Of Common Pleas:

Wade Albert

Chesley Lightsey

Will Braveman

Damaris Garcia

Brian McLaughlin

John Padova

Natasha Taylor-Smith

Tamika Washington

Samantha Williams

Kay Yu

This year, among the numerous judicial candidates to be running for Court of Common Pleas, are two from the LGBT community, Wade Albert and Chesley Lightsey. Both are LGBT advocates with a long list of legal achievement. Others who have been rated highly qualified or qualified for Common Pleas Court by the Philadelphia Bar Association also received our endorsement.

Other City Offices:

City Commissioner: Lisa Deeley and Omar Sabir

Both Deeley and Sabir have work to assure that the LGBT community is included in the election process.  

City Controller: Christy Brady

Register Of Wills: Rae Hall

Sheriff: Rochelle Bilal 

Mayor’s Race: 

This year, the choice for Mayor is a difficult one. It not only includes the issues of violence in our city, education, and housing, but also the major problem of how to make a city work by doing the small things like replacing broken street lights, picking up trash, and yes, even filling pot holes. Add to that the needs of the LGBT community and those most endangered among us, as well as making sure the LGBT community has a seat at the table. This week we are not prepared to make an endorsement.  We know that PGN’s endorsement for mayor is important, since a huge percentage of the LGBTQ community are consistent voters. The LGBTQ vote in a tight race such as this could elect the next mayor. Therefore we take this responsibility seriously, and will endorse a candidate for mayor in the coming weeks.

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