Horoscopes: March 10 to 16

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: This week is an ideal time to retreat from the world a little and focus your mind on things that need planning and sorting out. You are creative in your alone time and have success visualizing your goals as long as you set aside the time. Romantically there is a shift in your priorities as Venus moves into its ruler Taurus. You value stability and a touch of discretion. A Mercury transit in the lower levels of your chart uncovers useful information in an unexpected fashion.

Taurus: This week you may find that your heart is ahead of your head as your ruling planet Venus enters your sign on March 16. You are feeling like indulging in fantasy, treating yourself, and getting close to someone special. Your confidence is on the rise and others are attracted to your energy. Meanwhile, Mercury in your 12th house has you doing some sleuthing or research on something you have been meaning to look into. You are more choosy with your words.

Gemini: Venus moves into earthy Taurus this week where it highlights your privacy sector. This means you are taking it slow in social circles and romantic relationships. You value people you already know (and who know you) on a deeper level; those are the relationships you are comfortable with right now. There can be secrets and hesitation around love. 

Cancer: This week Venus the planet of love finds its home in Taurus and highlights your 11th house. The 11th house rules friendship, networking, groups and the collective in general. Through this transit you are inspired to join groups to achieve goals, spend time with friends, build better social connections that have common interests or goals and share your energy. You feel the importance of harmony and associations. We all need them to live life fully.

Leo: This week Venus enters its home sign of Taurus and highlights your 11th house, the house of public image, career and responsibility. You may be feeling that you are getting into the groove at work or on a new project. Things seem to start going more smoothly, and you are well received by your peers. Your current goal is to share your talents and to benefit from your unique gifts both socially and financially. In love and relationships you are feeling generous and affectionate and (hopefully) the more you give, the more you get!

Virgo: This week Venus enters its home sign of Taurus and showcases your fellow earth sign’s finer points in love in your privacy sector. In romance you are consistent, loyal and reserved. You’re in the mood to get some deep thinking done, and most enjoyable things will seem to get done behind closed doors for you in the following month. You have a practical mind and aren’t particularly interested in pursuing the spotlight in social settings. You just want to be a consistent friend to others and have the favor returned.

Libra: This week you discover that it is ok to lean on someone a little from time to time. Help from others.may arrive at the right time as Venus transits your 8th house this week. This placement can intensify relationships both platonic and romantic. It is an ideal time to have tough conversations and smooth over difficulties. When Venus is in the house of the taboo, many things are revealed, and doing the hard work pays off. Admit things to yourself and others if it feels right.

Scorpio: This week Venus enters your sister sign of Taurus and highlights your partnership sector. It is a good environment in which to invest your time and energy with your close friends and romantic relationships. Things have a tendency to flourish, deepen, and grow with affection at this time. Words come more easily to you, and pleasantries feel more, well… pleasant to participate in. You find it in you to play nice and it comes naturally. If effort is made to resolve issues, there can be wonderful results. Thinking outside the box and respecting perspectives that are seemingly the opposite of your own can bring innovative insight.

Sagittarius: This week you are feeling practical about how you interact with people. Your energy is straightforward and no frills. In love and romance you are not excited by drama or mystery. You would prefer a situation with common goals, something that looks good on paper. Venus is at home in the earth sign Taurus, where it values stability and consistency. You are focused on work or other tasks that need doing. You like the feeling of taking care of others and having the power that responsibility brings.

Capricorn: This week Venus finds itself at home in your fifth house, the house of love, pleasure and entertainment. Over the next four weeks your good vibes highlight your creativity, self expression, and personal style. It is a confident and enjoyable time. This energy can best be harnessed by putting yourself out there — perhaps making music or doing some kind of performance — and by prioritizing the things that make you feel like a special star. In love and romance you are more outgoing and looking to lavish your love and affection on others. You are attracted to a bit of sappy melodrama.

Aquarius: This week, Venus the planet of love finds its home in earthy Taurus and highlights your home and family sector. You may be feeling that you have been distant either literally or metaphorically from your homebase and from the people that are familiar to you. During this time you have an urge to “return” to things that are near and dear. You are thinking a lot about what loyalty and consistency means to you. You value staying true and keeping it simple.

Pisces: This week Venus moves into its ruling earth sign of Taurus and highlights your third house, the house of mental energy, the mind, and learning. You are thinking about how to merge your thoughts and your feelings more seamlessly. You seek balance in your words and actions. This transit can show you the importance of diplomacy and the perspectives of others. Breaking up your day to day routine with short trips and adventures can expand your mind and boost your energy. Trying new things gets you out of your shell and reminds you that you are capable of more than you think.

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