Horoscopes: February 24 to March 2

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Venus, the planet of love, is in your first house and has you feeling hot and spontaneous. You’re feeling good about yourself and you are less likely to get dragged down by the memories of the past. In your love life you feel competitive, but you must remember to be a good sport about the outcome of any game. You develop feelings quickly, but they might be gone just as suddenly as they arrived. On February 2, Mercury enters Pisces and has you thinking more intuitively about life.

Taurus: You are feeling energized by your ruling planet Venus in the house of fiery Aries. You are more inclined to try new things and like them during this time. If there are things you have been meaning to do that have been set aside for a better time, now may be that better time. In love and relationships you are feeling easily excited, but may also have a short attention span.

Gemini: This week, your ruling planet Mercury follows the sun into watery and empathetic Pisces. You are feeling inspired creatively and you find melodramatic stories appealing. You are drawn to offbeat and unique people, places and things, and you may find that these attributes that you admire are also being revealed within you. In your love and romance department you are feeling the heat from Aries in Venus, which is a transit that makes you realize how important it is to live and love in the moment.

Cancer: This week, Mercury meets the sun in fellow water sign Pisces. You are thinking a lot about the perspectives of others. Everything feels more relatable and understandable, even if it’s something you wouldn’t do or say yourself. It is easy to empathize, understand, and forgive at this time. Compassion feels like the logical choice.

Leo: This week Venus the love planet in fellow fire sign Aries has you feeling curious about your own potential and your own possibilities. If you have been lacking confidence to give something an earnest attempt, now may be the best time to find that confidence and go for it. It’s ok to look silly and to get up and try again. In love and romance you are feeling optimistic and honest about your feelings. Things seem less complicated than usual. Mercury in Pisces highlights your dreams and your spirituality.

Virgo: This week your ruler Mercury in your opposite house of Pisces reminds you that people can always change, yourself included. Your intuition and dreams are highlighted during this transit as previously hidden things make themselves more apparent. You realize the power of understanding and acceptance, not as a passive act, but as an active choice. Meanwhile Venus in Aries heats up your love life. You feel equal parts collaborative and competitive with lovers. You’re more flirtatious than usual.

Libra: This week, your ruler Venus is still visiting your opposite sign Aries and continues to be a source of equal parts motivation and agitation. It’s an ideal time to switch up your routines, try new things, challenge yourself to get out of your own head, and quit overthinking certain things. Meanwhile, Mercury in Pisces helps you to expand your mind, let go of the past, and reconcile old resentments.

Scorpio: This week, Venus in Aries continues to increase your focus for work and life goals. You feel less intimidated by big tasks or new things. It is easier to find your confidence, and even after a mistake or two you can recover quickly. In love it is easier for someone to catch your attention than usual, but for them to keep it is another thing entirely. Meanwhile Mercury in Pisces has you thinking about the harmony of your mind, body and soul. You seek deeper self attunements, self compassion, and understanding.

Sagittarius: This week as Venus continues to visit fiery Aries, you are in a flow of creativity but also of controlled chaos. You seem not to bat an eyelash when things don’t go as planned. You simply laugh it off and find a new path. In love and relationships you are prioritizing lightheartedness and fun.

Capricorn: This week as Venus continues its transit of Aries you find healing through creativity and you seek to reconcile your regrets of the past by living in the moment. In love you are finding it easier for someone to catch your eye or pique your interest, which is usually nearly impossible even for the most amorous of pursuants. The simple reality is that, usually,  not much impresses you.

Aquarius: This week, as Venus continues to transit fiery Aries, you are feeling adventurous and motivated. It is an ideal time to embark on a new endeavor or to put your mind to something that will require some extra energy. In love and relationships you seek mutual independence and ambitions. Meanwhile, Mercury in Pisces reminds you to communicate with compassion and to tune in to the feelings of others.

Pisces: Venus in Aries continues to highlight your personal gifts and talents. You may be receiving financial reward or recognition for your unique contributions in some way. Your energy is uninhibited and amiable. You have confidence at work or in social settings and are willing to slightly leave your comfort zone. In love and relationships you are interested in achieving new heights. Living honestly and in the moment plays a part in the success of your love life. Be open with your admirations or your displeasures. Meanwhile, on February 2, the planet of communication Mercury moves into your sign. You are feeling more open minded, expressive, and comfortable in conversations of all kinds. You seem to know just what to say. As a Pisces you know that things don’t always have to “make sense” to be real or true. It helps you to be a good friend and a good listener. Beware of becoming overly impressionable, though.

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