Horoscopes: February 3 to 9

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: This week’s highlight is most certainly the February 5 full moon in fellow fire sign Leo. Leo lunations always make us think and feel deeply about how we express ourselves, how we identify, and what we put into the world. You’re finally feeling ready to share your creative side. If you are casually seeing someone, this may be the time you decide to get more serious. In commuted situations you may be in the mood to treat your partner lavishly or take on the role of provider. 

Taurus: This week the full moon in Leo on February 5 highlights your family and home sector. You may be feeling inspired to be more of your authentic self around family members or roommates. There is an opportunity for some real honest conversations and cultivating feelings of closeness. You may also be addressing your relationship to your material possessions in your home. You’re feeling more quality over quantity these days. 

Gemini: This week the full moon in Leo on February 5 warms up your 3rd house/communication sector with its fiery glow. You long to speak your goals into existence and to inspire others with kind and supportive words. Your identity has a lot to do with how you communicate and express yourself, especially since you are a Gemini ruled by 3rd house attributes of information and communication. 

Cancer: This week the full moon in Leo highlights not only your financial and resources sector but also the emotional impact that these things can have on your self esteem. It can be quite tricky to think about or talk about. Society doesn’t make it fun or easy! It’s an ideal time to try to separate your self worth from what you have or lack. It doesn’t mean to quit striving towards goals. It just means to have love for yourself and feel worthy regardless of your earning power or money and to think about your relationship to these concepts.

Leo: The full moon in your sign on February 5 highlights first house attributes of self esteem, identity, appearance and self expression. You’re thinking more frankly about your wants and needs and how to articulate them. You may be spending some extra time in the mirror this week. It’s a good idea to find positive things to say about yourself. In social settings people are drawn to your warmth. In relationships you are thinking more about the roles you play in them. You seek to be more present, intentional and active.

Virgo: This week the full moon in Leo on February 5 occurs in your 12th house, the house of visions, dreams, secrets, and all things unseen or immaterial. You may be coming to terms with something that has been concealed for some time now or having a personal awakening around unprocessed emotions. You may have a symbolically significant dream, or come up with a creative solution to a problem through daydreaming. Over the weekend you may be on a slightly different track energetically speaking from everyone else. You can benefit from reflection and solitude.

Libra: You are feeling social as fiery Leo’s full moon on February 5 highlights your networking and social life sector. You bring a unique new confidence to your interactions with others. People may be wondering what’s different about you these days. This energy can be put to good use by uplifting others. The more positively you speak about others, the better you feel in turn.

Scorpio: You have a hard time feeling proud of yourself. You often won’t admit that you have done a good job. This week prideful Leo has a full moon in your 10th house (the house of accolades, accomplishments, reputation, and goals) on February 5. Take a page from Leo’s book and give yourself some credit. This full moon is also an ideal time to set your sights even higher. Don’t be afraid to take on a challenge if it’s something that you are passionate about.

Sagittarius: This week on February 5 there will be a full moon in fellow fire sign Leo. This transit highlights your travel, curiosity, and adventure sector. Take advantage of the full moon’s energy by getting curious and imaginative about the possibilities of life. Get out there and out of your comfort zone. It’s an ideal time to try new things, listen to the perspectives of those who you find very different from yourself, or explore your more spiritual side. This full moon is also about embodying perseverance, confidence, and generosity.

Capricorn: This week you are feeling filled to the brim with poetic musings, burning desires, and odd interests as the full moon in Leo highlights your 8th house (the house of the taboo, of transformations, and of secrets). Leo’s ruling star is the sun, and it shines its light on the shadowy realm of the 8th house. This transit has a way of revealing to you what you desire most deeply and what you are afraid of. It is an ideal time to be honest with yourself, have meaningful conversations, and explore the realm of the esoteric.

Aquarius: This week can bring about an interesting energetic shift that brings balance to some of your more extreme feelings or perspectives on the matters of romance and communing with others. You may be wondering if you’ve been too contrarian in the past. This lunation is an ideal time to think about what partnership, romance, and teamwork really looks like to you. What do you want out of those things? During this time you enjoy one-on-one hang outs, dates, and group projects. Set aside time for that! Show that you care.

Pisces: This week’s full moon in Leo on February 5 highlights your habits, routine and wellness sector. You feel motivated to start good habits, be more constructive, and prioritize your well being. It’s an ideal time to invest in yourself. There may be areas of your lifestyle where you have been cutting corners when you really don’t have to. Go for it.