Horoscopes: January 27 to February 2

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The sun in your social sector for the remainder of the month means that you are more interested in what others have to say. You get curious about what those close to you are thinking and feeling, and you find that you can actually change your opinion on certain things. You surprise yourself when you go with the natural flow of social situations, it’s easier than you thought. A need to always feel ahead of the game and totally in charge of everything can be exhausting and limiting in its own ways.

Taurus: The remaining days of January see an increase in energy and productivity for you. The sun in Aquarius continues to inspire you to achieve your practical goals. As the sun shines a spotlight on your reputation, you have an easier time getting noticed these days, for better or for worse. People are interested in what you are up to. Some may be interested in being friends, working with you, or may be motivated by you. Still, others may be gossiping or jealous. Speak thoughtfully and do your best to be discreet. Use your best judgment.

Gemini: The sun in your ninth house until mid-February continues to highlight travel, higher learning, fortune, expansion, and ideology. You are feeling the drive to break out of your routine and explore new places, sensations, philosophies, and experiences. You are more generous with your time and energy during this cycle. Things that you normally wouldn’t notice or normally wouldn’t like suddenly have a special or mysterious appeal to you. You are drawn to the unlikely.

Cancer: On January 26th, Venus enters fellow water sign Pisces. In love and relationships you are feeling idealistic about partners or potential partners. You are in tune with your intuition and there is a free flow to your feelings. You may be particularly impressionable at this time, so be sure to remember what is your idea and what is someone else’s. You have creative and emotional energy to spare at this time. You find it rewarding to help or advise others. You enhance your downtime with art, movies, and music.

Leo: The sun in your partnerships and teamwork sector means that you find joy and fulfillment in collaborating and working with others. You get more done when you do things with someone; the energy from others helps you to focus. On the 26th Venus moves into Pisces. This water placement influences your love and romance sector in interesting ways. It is a sensitive and empathetic transit. During this time you are focused on the more spiritual and emotional aspects of love. You are thinking deeply about how all relationships have ways of transforming and impacting all parties involved. You seek to learn, grow, and change alongside others.

Virgo: The sun is in your work and routine zone. During this time you feel that you have more purpose and direction. You can choose to be busy if you feel inclined. Venus enters your opposite (sister sign) of Pisces on the 26th and highlights your partnership sector. You are prioritizing time with close friends, lovers, and partners. You have more emotional and artistic energy these days. You may be seeking to refine and deepen your emotional connections with people. You seek to add warmth, empathy, art, and music to your life.

Libra: As we close out January, you are feeling philanthropic and philosophical. You feel fulfilled by reaching out to others, lending a helping hand, and generally being supportive to others. You enjoy sharing your thoughts and feelings more openly these days. On January 26th your ruling planet enters dreamy and compassionate Pisces, and you feel particularly sensitive and romantic. You are putting more time and energy into relationships of all kinds. Your love life can be very interesting at this time. You are attracted to people, places, and situations that are unique. 

Scorpio: Venus enters fellow water sign Pisces on the 26th. This impacts your love life, creativity, and emotional sector, as well as finances and entertainment. Pisces guides you towards compassion, forgiveness, and a distaste for rigid structure. It is an ideal time to get in touch with your creative side and to care less about the finished product and more about the experience of creating. In love you are thinking less about what you get from your interactions and more about what you can give.

Sagittarius: This week Venus enters Pisces on the 26th and impacts your approach to and your feelings towards romance, love, art, and personal enjoyment. You are feeling more indulgent to your moods and whims. It is an ideal time to take a cue from the zodiac’s dreamy fish Pisces and swim away from situations that are not serving you. Instead, swim towards greener pastures. Of course it is important to remind you (and Pisces) not to shirk responsibilities simply because they are not fun, but to find ways to include pleasure, comfort, insight and freedom of expression along your path.

Capricorn: You find yourself searching for a rare feeling or experience. You are trying to find the magic in everyday life and the spark of creativity. Music and movies can be particularly touching to you at this time. Your thoughts are quite introspective. In love you are feeling curious yet independent. You are full of contradictions as you want to bare your soul and also drift away quietly on the seas of your own inner world and memories. You live and love in your own unique ways. You value originality and subtlety. Those who stand out in a crowd have a special appeal to you. 

Aquarius: Maybe it’s not all about you? I mean it still is, but Venus in Pisces on the 26th sends us on a four week journey of learning to tune in to others, share your feelings, and find the beauty and wisdom in everyone. As an Aquarius during Aquarius season, you are feeling rightfully confident and that your ideas are the best. It’s true, you are coming up with some good stuff these days, the muse is with you, but your ideas are not the only ideas out there. The planet of love in compassionate and free flowing Pisces reminds you to be a better listener and to be curious about the viewpoints of others. 

Pisces: This is the wave you have been waiting for. Venus enters your sign on the 26th, highlighting and blessing your first house, which concerns self image, identity and your overall vibe; imbuing all of the above with Venusian grace and charm. You may find that others are particularly drawn to you these days. You can best enjoy this energy by treating yourself, redecorating, doing some intentional positive self-talk, and spending meaningful one on one time with friends or partners. It has the potential to be a very healing cosmic experience. You feel more like yourself and you can more readily share that with others. Your compassion and understanding is what carries you through your interactions.