Horoscopes: January 20 to 26

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: The sun moves into Aquarius on Friday January 20 followed by the new moon in Aquarius on Saturday January 21. Both of these placements occur in alignment with Venus in Aquarius as well. All of this Aquarian influence leaves you open minded and particularly susceptible to outside influence for better or for worse. In life and love you have some interesting new viewpoints and you seek novel experiences. The new moon in a positive aspect with Jupiter inspires you to improve and renew. 

Taurus: Three major placements in Aquarius rule the sky this week. The solar season moves into Aquarius on January 20 followed by the new moon in Aquarius on January 21, both in alignment with your ruling planet Venus. You find yourself thinking more deeply and waxing more poetically about life. You are thinking about your role in the big picture of this world. You strive to improve things not just for yourself but for others. During this time you seek to stand out in a crowd and embrace your more unique qualities. You work through insecurities by embracing them. 

Gemini: Mercury, your home planet is still in Capricorn but no longer retrograde. You now have a clearer mind and more energy to achieve your practical goals, and you are more focused at work. During this time you tend to show people that you care through monetary or material support of some kind. The weekend begins a new cycle and a new season in which you feel more optimistic and people-oriented. You put more energy into group activities at this time. You feel less judgemental and more inclined to see the best in people thanks to Venus aligning with the sun in Aquarius.

Cancer: This week the sun moves into Aquarius in alignment with the new moon and Venus. During Aquarius season we tend to be more optimistic and idealistic. You are feeling more interested in what is going on in the world beyond your front door. Try new things, think outside the box, engage in group activities or play a helpful role in your community. In love and romance you no longer find anything strange or surprising. During this time you feel pleasantly detached from your romantic interests, which can make it easier to speak candidly, resolve issues, or redefine boundaries. In the bedroom you are feeling exploratory. 

Leo: This weekend we kick off the solar season with the sun’s move into our opposite or sister sign of Aquarius on the 20th followed by the new moon on the 21st. During this Aquarian event your energy can be very outward. You find it easier to not be so wrapped up in your own thoughts and experiences. You are curious about others and may find yourself asking more questions than usual. You are intrigued by people that you would normally feel at odds with, and you see the best in others. In love, if you are in a relationship you are putting more focus on how the relationship functions on a practical level. If you are single, your crushes seem to have a lighthearted and friendly feeling to them. 

Virgo: This week we welcome Aquarius season on Friday the 20th in alignment with the new moon in Aquarius on the 21st. During Aquarius season you embrace a very non-conformist stance on life; you aren’t likely to compromise on your values and you want to take a stand for those who are misunderstood or seen as underdogs. In love and relationships you have more energy to bring to your conversations. It feels particularly important to see old friends and catch up or to feel like a part of a group. The new moon reminds you to try new things and to be curious. 

Libra: This week the sun enters fellow air sign Aquarius on friday the 20th in alignment with the new moon in Aquarius on the 21st. Your ruling planet Venus continues its transit of Aquarius as well. This triple Aquarian event reminds you to reinvent yourself, think outside the box, and put away any shallow pursuits you may have been chasing lately. Of course it is important to act in considerate ways, but it must be balanced by not caring so much what people think of you. 

Scorpio: This week there is a sense of reinvention and renewal as the sun moves into Aquarius and we begin a new astrological season. Since this alignment occurs in your domestic life sector, you find yourself shifting your focus to close friends, home life, and family members. The open minded energy boost that Aquarius provides can help you to get more perspective on emotional situations and personal affairs. You are feeling equal parts more independent but also more interested in spending quality time with others. You are working on healthy attachments. 

Sagittarius: This week the sun enters a kindred spirit sign that suits your more adventurous side. Aquarius season begins on friday the 20th followed by the new moon in Aquarius on the 21st. These transits highlight your networking and social sector and bring an energy of renewal and reinvention to your interactions with others. You have more optimistic energy at this time. You are curious about others and can benefit from branching out of your usual circle or the places you normally hang out. Seeing the best in others helps you to see the best in yourself. The new moon is an ideal time to change bad habits or to check yourself on any negative, limiting self-talk about yourself. 

Capricorn: This week the sun enters Aquarius on friday the 20th followed by the new moon in Aquarius on the 21st. This weekend you may be finding it hard to resist the urge to splurge as this transit occurs in your financial sector. You may also be looking for new and innovative ways to increase your income or material security at this time. During Aquarius season we tend to be more imaginative and spend more time thinking about the big picture. In love and romance you are emboldened to be your authentic self and you share your thoughts and feelings more openly. You learn a lot by observing others and having frank conversations. Things seem less complicated. 

Aquarius: Welcome Aquarius to your solar season! The eleventh sign of the zodiac that rules over invention, innovation, collective consciousness and revolution. Represented in the stars by the divine hero prince Ganymede of Troy, whom Zeus fell in love with and whisked away to the stars to be at his side as his cupbearer for eternity. On the 21st the sun aligns with the new moon and Venus in your sign as well. This triple Aquarian event highlights your self esteem, personal improvement, and love life sectors. You are a natural inventor and re-inventor. You are overcome with inspiration and a lust for all things improvement and innovation. You find it easy to see the best in people and you have more hope for the world. You seek to start your own revolution of sorts. Lean into the spirit of your season by creating strange art, embracing your role in the community, and connecting with friends!

Pisces: This week we begin Aquarius season with a triple alignment of the sun, new moon, and Venus. During Aquarius season you tend to think more about society, your place in the world, and your vision for the future. During the new moon you are inspired to try new things or you may learn new things that change your mind about a certain person, place, or thing. It is a time of gaining great insight and interesting perspectives. You are feeling pensive and slightly withdrawn. It is a time of rest, reflection, and regeneration for you. You find optimism when you think about all the many possibilities in this world. A little chaos isn’t always a bad thing, it’s time to embrace a little randomness. 

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