Horoscopes: January 6 to January 12

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: This week you begin by double checking your work and reviewing the details. You will experience a great shift in energy towards the beginning of next week. You believe in yourself more and are willing to do a bit of self promotion. Focus more on action instead of planning. You feel that you have your magic back. The full moon in Cancer on January 6 highlights your home life sector and reminds you to take care of your inner world and domestic responsibilities. You may find that your expectations get in the way of authentic emotional experiences.

Taurus: The full moon on January 6 occurs in the emotional and water ruled sign of Cancer. It is a powerful call to our deepest feelings and our strongest intuitions. It is an opportunity to find new ways to speak your mind as this transit occurs alongside unpredictable and experimental Uranus. It encourages you to find new modes of self expression and get new or unusual outcomes. Mars turns direct after a long retrograde period, and you feel an energetic shift as the hesitation and procrastination of Mars retrograde dissipates and leaves you feeling more motivated and certain. 

Gemini: This week the full moon in Cancer on January 6 is a reminder to actually feel your feelings instead of just thinking about them. You miss out on a lot by trying to break everything down into an equation. Mars ends its retrograde and turns direct on January 12. Your goals become more attainable and your motivation returns with new dedication. Hesitation fades away as you realize what has been holding you back.

Cancer: The full moon in your solar first house on January 6 has your emotions running high. There is an intense vibe, but it also brings opportunities to open up and connect. It can be counterintuitive for you to have a deep thought and then to simply share it. This part of January you are directing your energy towards forming balanced connections with others. You are redefining your idea of “relationship goals” and some of them may surprise you with how different they are from what you previously found appealing. You seek to outdo your former self. 

Leo: The full moon in Cancer on January 6 occurs in your spirituality sector and takes your mind off of the daily grind. You prefer to think more about the deeper meaning of things this week. You are reflecting on your personal philosophy and the way you view the world. Mars ends its retrograde on January 12, and a certain “joie de vivre” that has been eluding you has finally returned. You have more energy at work and play and a better and more confident attitude. People look to you for inspiration and motivation. 

Virgo: The full moon in Cancer on January 6 is all about networking and making connections with people who have common goals. Conversations with like minded individuals are particularly fulfilling. Your creative side shines with artistic collaborations, and ideas flow when you work with others. January is also a time of romance and friendships. You are putting more energy into your relationships and feeling more emotionally in tune with partners and friends. Mars ends its retrograde on January 12 and you feel more equipped to finish tasks that you have been procrastinating on. 

Libra: The sun is still highlighting your home and family sector during this portion of January. You may be feeling more private, seeking refuge in a “home base” of some kind where you feel like you can just be yourself and relax. You don’t have the time or energy to keep up with false appearances. The full moon in Cancer on January 6 occurs in your career and work sector. Through this transit you strive to find work that fits into your life and does not subtract from your day to day. You understand the value of your time. 

Scorpio: This week the full moon in fellow water sign Cancer occurs in your ninth house, the house of the world, travel, curiosity, and adventure. Luck seems to be on your side as you try new things and branch out. You crave novel experiences. Doing things differently brings a fresh perspective. In relationships it may help to switch roles and explore new modes of expression. Your energy has an oddly competitive edge. You seek to stand out from a crowd. You finally push yourself to give 100% as your freshly sprouted self esteem inspires you to stop giving up on yourself. You know you can do better!

Sagittarius: This week, beneath the light of the full moon in Cancer on January 6, you are feeling thoughtful and romantic. This lunation highlights your intimacy sector and inspires you to reflect deeply on your own feelings and to share more candidly with those close to you. It can be healing to open up to yourself and to friends or lovers. There is a lot you tend to ignore or set aside in favor of moving forward and keeping things casual. Perhaps it is time to keep it real and to slow down. 

Capricorn: This week you’re feeling nostalgic and pensive. You think of your life as a story. The full moon in your opposite sign of Cancer on January 6 occurs in your partnership sector. During this lunar transit you are thinking about how to get along with and to work with others better. You realize the importance of cooperation, communication and teamwork. You find strength in your differences with others. You put more energy into friendships and romantic partnerships. You may be going on an adventure or undertaking a new project with someone close to you at this time. 

Aquarius: All throughout the month of January you feel in charge of your emotional and spiritual journey. You think deeply and find your path through life’s ups and downs. The full moon in Cancer on January 6 highlights your daily routine and wellness zone. You seek to improve your daily habits and to keep a focused mindset. In line with New Years not too far behind us you may be resolving to spend less time scrolling on your phone and speak more kindly to yourself. Since it is still Capricorn season you are also thinking about what you want out of life and your relationships. You have clear goals as Mars ends its retrograde period on January 12. 

Pisces: In these first few weeks of 2023 you have a strong focus on networking, friendship, and opportunities. You gain insight through creative thinking and deep conversations. The full moon in fellow water sign Cancer on January 6 highlights your artistic and romantic sector. Your creativity and your love life bloom in tandem. There is much joy to be found in sharing your ideas and being emotionally open and vulnerable at this time. It is an ideal time to embrace your unique talents. You are admired for your originality.