Horoscopes: December 30 to January 5

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week, as Venus conjuncts Pluto from December 31 to January 1, you can ring in the new year with a deeper passion and awareness of your relationships. The transformative qualities of Pluto influence Venus, the planet of love. There can be breakthroughs and new insights gained during this time. The experience of romance can be more intense and challenging to your preconceived notions. Love is truly a strange and wild thing. You re-examine the complexities of human interaction. This week is generally optimistic and hopeful thanks to Juputer’s harmonious influence over the sky during the first week of January. 

Taurus: Opposites attract this week as mysterious and transformative Pluto conjuncts your ruling planet of love Venus. You feel ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone a little and to admit difficult things to yourself. In relationships you have a clearer idea of the perspectives of others that are very different from yours. It’s challenging but also revitalizing. You have a new passion for romance and art. The new year feels optimistic and filled with interesting opportunities as Venus and Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, sextile on January 3 and 4. Being generous with your time can make a huge difference to someone. 

Gemini: This week you are feeling unusually reserved and maybe a touch nostalgic due to your ruler Mercury being retrograde until January 18. It can be out of character for you around this time of year to sit out a few social events or parties, but it can be a welcome break for your energy reserves. Nonetheless you feel that there is much to look forward to as Venus conjuncts Pluto from December 31 to January 1 and gives you a deeper understanding of your relationships. Superficial exchanges just don’t cut it at this time. Asking questions and being a good listener can do wonders, and you learn a lot from unexpected sources. 

Cancer: The new year begins with a boost of positive energy as Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, heads to the top of your chart. You feel optimistic and get the sense that new and interesting opportunities are headed your way. You feel emboldened to put yourself out there more and to try new things. People respond well to your energy. Engaging with the world in new ways offers great insight. Venus the planet of love conjuncts with transformative Pluto and can make for rather intense romantic interactions. Beware of unwarranted jealousy or suspicion, as this can be a possessive transit. 

Leo: This week you can ring in the new year with that classic optimism and joie de vivre as Chiron, the asteroid of wisdom through struggle, ends its retrograde in harmony with Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, in a favorable aspect. You may feel that you learned a lot this year but that it wasn’t always easy. You feel older and wiser. Your relationships benefit from this new level of maturity. Your love life gets a jolt of intensity from a Venus and Pluto conjunction and reminds you that opposites attract for a reason. Beware of unwarranted jealousy and suspicion as Pluto’s mysterious and curious nature can have quite a grip on Venus, the planet of love, and have us seeing things that our anxiety tells us to see. 

Virgo: It can be tempting to make a lot of plans for the new year, but with your ruling planet in retrograde it may be best to keep it simple until you arrive at Mercury retrograde’s end. It is nonetheless an interesting and energetic time as Venus conjuncts Pluto from December 31 to January 1 and Pluto lends its transformative powers to our relationships. There can be a great shift in perspective and a boost of passion and ingenuity for our love lives. You aren’t as shy about or grossed out with the real gooey romantic side of things. Afterwards Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, sextiles Venus on January 3 and 4 and creates a positive social vibe for connecting, networking, traveling, and all around generosity. 

Libra: This week there can be resolutions to long standing problems, and new understandings can be reached with those with whom you have opposing opinions or conflicting feelings. You learn a lot from having difficult conversations. Conflict doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. The new year is rung in by Pluto, the planet of transformation conjunction, with your ruler Venus. This aspect challenges you to see beyond the superficial charm or the social niceties of interactions. You reach deeper levels of understanding. You learn to see beauty in unlikely places. 

Scorpio: The new year has a classic festive vibe of personal renewal for you as Jupiter in your sixth house reminds you to stick to your routines, make good daily habits, and focus on wellbeing. Still, it is best not to agree too many things, as we still have Mercury retrograde to contend with. Your ruling planet, the transformative and mysterious Pluto, conjuncts with Venus, the planet of love, on December 31 and January 1, and brings a passionate and alluring energy to you and your relationships. There can be new understandings and a sense of breaking through the facade of certain people or relationships that deepens your connections. Beware of unwarranted suspicion or jealousy as these planets can spark tense vibes together. 

Sagittarius: This week Chiron, the asteroid of wisdom through struggle, turns direct and helps you to lovingly let go of some things that have been holding you back after some serious processing that you’ve done these past few months. It is an appropriate vibe for the new year. Your ruling planet Jupiter sextiles Venus, the planet of love, on January 3 and 4, and that brings friendly, optimistic and outgoing energy to the first week of January. There can be breakthroughs in romance and relationships at this time because a spark of inspiration seems to randomly arrive. 

Capricorn: The sun continues to highlight your first house, and you are focusing a great deal on personal affairs, your self esteem, and your quest for self improvement. Despite Mercury retrograde’s static, you are feeling more outgoing and inspired to share what is on your mind. You are thinking and learning quickly, especially about things that interest or inspire you. There is intense and magnetic energy around love and romance. There can be breakthroughs in your love life. A Pluto and Venus conjunction also has a way of breaking through the superficial and causing opposites to attract. We deepen our understanding and find beauty in unlikely places. The new year brings interesting opportunities, but try not to sign up for too many things until Mercury ends its retrograde on January 18.

Aquarius: This week as Chrion, the asteroid of wisdom through struggle, ends its retrograde, you have breakthroughs around a personal emotional matter. You ring in the new year with a sense of lightness as you process and let go of something rather heavy. You feel inspired by possibilities such as Jupiter the planet of luck and abundance, sextiles Venus, the planet of love, on January 3 and 4. You reach new levels of understating through your interactions with others. Your superpower for thinking outside the box comes in handy. 

Pisces: This week you are ringing in the new ear with a healthy mix of apprehension and optimism. Mercury in Capricorn is still retrograding with us, so it’s best not to take your new year’s resolutions too far or to agree to any big deals. However, as Chiron, the asteroid of gaining wisdom through struggle, ends its own retrograde, you feel as if the trials of the past few months have paid off in a special way. You feel older and wiser and have more empathetic insights into life. Meanwhile Pluto, the planet of transformation, conjuncts Venus, the planet of love, and you find unique new possibilities in your love life. You know that love is a strange and mysterious thing. 

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