Horoscopes: November 25 to December 1

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: Mars retrograde is still messing with your program until January 12. You’re feeling introspective at best but sluggish at worst. It’s a good time to find new ways of conducting business. You find yourself thinking about the past and what you want to do better next time. Remember that things can be improved.

Taurus: Mercury in your house of hidden meanings means that you are wondering why you do things the way you do. You’re looking at yourself and finding the deeper meaning behind your ins and outs. You may also be picking up on the more subtle vibes of others and sensing more of what’s beneath the surface. Lean in to that.

Gemini: You are looking to smooth out any rough edges on your personal relationships this week as Venus is in your home and daily life sector. You want to feel at peace with the people who see you every day. Don’t forget that during Sagittarius season you get the best ideas when you are with and inspired by others. You also recharge your energy by spending time with friends or lovers.

Cancer: You are focused on the details of life as Mercury highlights your home and daily routines. You are making to do lists and hopefully crossing some of those tasks off as you go. You’re finally catching up on things related to work, health, and home. It’s a good time to schedule appointments and make plans that you have been meaning to get around to.

Leo: Mercury in your fourth house has you feeling more objective, and you are taking things less personally these days. You’re feeling introspective and more comfortable not being the center of attention. It’s an ideal time to open up to someone close after such a period of reflection. Doing so will help you figure out what’s important.

Virgo: Mercury in your fourth house gives you a more focused mental energy that is best put towards things like home improvement or studying, as your concentration and memory are sharper during this transit. In relationships you are more likely to open up and have hard conversations or to really put in the work and be intentional about spending time with the ones you love. Make the most of that time together.

Libra: Mars retrograde, which is with us until January 12, continues to affect the energy around your relationships. You may not have the capacity to be as present as you would like to be at this time. It can be challenging to be direct with others, and communication feels cloudy. Being assertive does not come naturally at the moment. Beware of becoming passive aggressive due to this traction.

Scorpio: You are feeling indulgent, and your wallet may be feeling lighter this week due to a bit too much festive spending. The good news is that you are also feeling generous with your time and energy and are being more present and authentic when you spend time with a partner or a friend. Your love life feels more stable and predictable at this time. You’re not interested in flights of fancy and are more attracted to honest and simple love.

Sagittarius: Mars is still retrograding until January 12, during this time you may not be feeling the magic when it comes to things that you are usually passionate about. It can be frustrating, but perhaps this period of dormancy is the break you need to help cultivate a new perspective! Don’t forget that it’s your season. Anything can happen.

Capricorn: Venus in your privacy sector has you feeling shy and reserved. It doesn’t mean that you’re in a funk even though it may feel like it. You are just more focused on personal matters and alone time in which you can truly be yourself and reflect. You are not in the mood to get yourself all worked up over anyone or anything. Passion is great but it can be tiring.

Aquarius: Mars is still retrograde until January 12, and there can be feelings of being stuck or unable to fully express yourself. There can be frustrations surrounding a lack of momentum in romantic relationships and personal goals. There just doesn’t seem to be enough energy to go around these days. But it is temporary and should be considered a brief dormancy period that can bring about a much needed shift in perspective, a change of plans, or a renewed appreciation for something forgotten.

Pisces: Venus and Mercury in your tenth house continue to bring inspiration and charm to your life at work and in the public sphere. You have a boost of confidence and creative energy, and you readily generate new ideas and interesting conversation topics. In love you want a partner who takes you out, shows you off, and prioritizes you. You admire people who are social and outgoing, and you are curious about what others think.