Horoscopes: November 18 to November 24

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week you can expect an energetic shift as the sun moves into Sagittarius and your solar ninth house this week. You may feel compelled to pull away from socializing and public affairs as you begin to concern yourself more with ninth house matters like spirituality, morality, and higher consciousness. Earthly endeavors just aren’t as intriguing at this time. You seek deeper meaning and an escape from the shallow and the mundane.

Taurus: This week as the sun moves into Sagittarius you find yourself taking things more personally and seriously. You feel as if you are on the brink of overhauling your identity! In romance you may find that your values and your preferences are maturing and shifting. You seek a sense of stability and self awareness. During this time you are feeling ambitious about self improvement and mental and emotional maintenance. 

Gemini: This week the sun moves into your sister sign of Sagittarius and illuminates your seventh house. During this solar season you get the best ideas when you are with and inspired by others and you recharge your energy by spending time with friends or lovers. You are enjoying company and conversations at this time. It is an ideal time for teamwork and group decision making. There is a community vibe. If you are single you may find yourself seeking a partner more earnestly these days and if you are in a relationship you may find that there are new aspects of our connection to be explored. 

Cancer: This week the sun moves into Sagittarius and highlights your solar 6th house. During this time you are more focused on your daily routines, your well being, work/life balance, and personal responsibilities. You seek to stamp out bad habits and self-limiting talk. In the coming weeks you are motivated to declutter your life and be free from unnecessary stress. You want to stay on task and see projects through to completion. On the romantic front you are keeping things practical as well, you are feeling more reserved. You don’t like the idea of a fairytale romance, you want something that looks good on paper and that makes sense for your life. 

Leo: This week the sun moves into fellow fire sign Sagittarius and also your fifth house. This is good news as Leo is the ruler of the fifth house so you are feeling back in your groove after a period of hibernation. The fifth house (fortunately for you) rules all things pleasure so this is a time to protrize fun, enjoyment and fulfillment. You are feeling more adventurous, playful, and confident. Creative hobbies suit you. This is a time to do what makes you feel your best but also to challenge yourself and try new things. In romance Venus also highlights your 5th house and has you feeling expressive and affectionate. Relationships are spiced with highs and lows that keep things interesting.

Virgo: This week the sun moves into fellow mutable sign Sagittarius and into your home and family sector. During this transit you are thinking a lot about your roots, the past, and where you have come from. You seek a sense of belonging, perhaps not literally with family(although that may be the case) but also within a community, a culture, a friend group, or a romantic relationship. It is a vulnerable feeling to admit this desire and to reach out towards others. Come as you are. 

Libra: This week you get a gust of revitalizing energy as the sun moves into Sagittarius and enters your third house. The third house rules mental energy, problem solving, intellectual pursuits, information, and analysis. You may have a big shift in perspective in the coming weeks as you gather new information, or you may experience a breakthrough with a long standing issue when you gain new insight. There is much to be revealed!

Scorpio: This week we say farewell to Scorpio season as the sun moves into Sagittarius and into your second house. The second house rules finances, material comfort, and investments. Under the influence of Sagittarius you may be focusing on building a stable financial environment for yourself, trying to come up with new ways to generate income, or you may be spending a larger sum of money on something you have deemed very important. In romantic relationships you may be pooling funds, building towards a common goal, or talking about what the next big move is. You are in an amiable and productive mood.

Sagittarius: Half human, half horse, all hero! The origin myth of this sign is that of Chiron who was the wisest and most just of all Centaurs who trained the great hero of the Trojan War, Achilles. Chiron was said to be a healer and archer whose accuracy and wisdom bridged the heavens and the Earth together. Much like the great Chiron, a Sagittarius like yourself has a way of reaching for the stars, transcending genres, and expanding the minds of others. This week as the sun enters your first house you are alight with confidence and creativity. This is a sort of personal new year for you and the beginning of a new chapter in your saga. With Venus in your first house, it is an ideal time to focus on self improvement, treat yourself, pursue romance and take center stage.

Capricorn: This week the sun moves into Sagittarius and highlights your privacy sector. It’s not a time for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone but more of a time to stick with what you know and play to your strong suits. Your energy is subtle and subdued at this time but you are by no means in a bad mood or headspace. You are just feeling introspective. You know better than most that some things are better left under wraps until there is a sense of completion or readiness. In romance you crave familiarity and a certain sense of friendship with partners or lovers.

Aquarius: This week the sun moves into Sagittarius and highlights your eleventh house. The eleventh house is an optimistic place that rules, friendships, hopes, and dreams and it’s a good place for the sun to shine as we kick off this winter. This is a sociable time in which you work towards goals and just generally make things happen for yourself and others. Lean into the energy and get things done.

Pisces: As we forge ahead into Sagittarius season, the sun highlights your tenth house. The tenth house rules career goals, professional achievements, and public image. During this season you may be finally getting a call back about an interview that you have been waiting for, passing tests (after studying of course!), or making good first impressions. You are feeling rather sensitive about your accomplishments at this time, and recognition can feel especially amazing! However, it is important to remember that grades and accolades, and work are not everything. There’s more out there.

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