Horoscopes: November 11 to November 17

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: This week Venus in Scorpio continues to confront us with our fears around love and relationships and how we choose to confront them. It is a transit full of challenging and transformative revelations. You realize just how deep your emotions are and just how strange and mysterious the experience of life is. Jupiter in Pisces in conjunction with the sun opposing Uranus on November 11 has you feeling rebellious. You crave freedom and you seek to find new ways to connect with others mentally, spiritually, and philosophically.

Taurus: This week is coming in hot on the tail of a full moon and eclipse on November 8 that occurred in your sign. You’re realizing that sometimes that classic Taurus stubbornness is actually beneficial and that you should hold your ground on a certain topic. Meanwhile your ruling Venus in your opposite sign of Scorpio inspires you to be bold in love and relationships. You have a clear picture of your wants and needs, and anything superficial just won’t cut it for you. In order to have this there needs to be some faith, which is easier said than done.

Gemini: Eclipse season brings with it a certain amount of interference in your plans but it can also be bringing attention to areas that require some work and more solid planning. Meanwhile Jupiter in Pisces reinvigorates your wonder at the beauty of life. You can feel more creative, inspired and imaginative through this transit. You tend to throw materialistic pursuit to the wayside in favor of more enlightening experiences. You are practicing being more compassionate with others.

Cancer: Scorpio in Venus continues and comes with a certain brand of obsession. You seem to be pouring a lot of mental energy into a secret area of your private world. There is something you can’t seem to stop thinking about. It might be best to air it out by talking with someone you trust. Meanwhile Jupiter in Pisces brings forth a burst of imagination, creativity and allows your originality to shine brightly. You may be feeling more artistic or spiritual at this time. 

Leo: You find yourself thinking a lot about the past, your home, and your family these days. You gain new perspective when you set aside your preconceived notions of certain situations. This can be a time of creating peace and acceptance with the past that can strengthen current relationships, especially with people you live with or near to. Jupiter in Pisces has a mind opening influence that can create more self awareness and healing through imagination and play. 

Virgo: Jupiter in Pisces is in your partnership sector. During this time you find it easier to get in a groove with someone. It’s easier to enjoy one on one company, make plans, and build intimate bonds. Being more forward with your care and affection can benefit your relationships and both friends and romantic partners alike find charm in your specific and special brand of showing that you care.

Libra: You know what areas of your life need work. Friendships and financial matters that have fallen by the wayside may require some creative solutions. The sun in your second solar house (the house of material security, emotional value, and money) is a powerful transit for becoming more aware of what really matters to you. You may find that in one or more of these areas you have been self-sabotaging or going overboard with things flip-flopping between extremes. Staying in your comfort zone too long may be holding you back from what you really want.

Scorpio: This week Venus moves into your second house (the house of money, material security, and emotional value), and while Venus enjoys this comfortable position you may find that it sparks in you an uncharacteristic desire to splurge. You are craving for the finer things in life. Indeed you are a quality over quantity person most of the time, but now you want quality AND quantity. Venus in your second house also makes connecting with others more pleasant and peaceful so it is a good time to be more personable at work and to make fun plans with friends.

Sagittarius: Mercury moves into your first house this week and you are feeling more vocal about the things that you have spent a great deal of time and energy just thinking about. Your ideas are well formed at this point and you are ready to talk about it and make some actual changes. This transit highlights simple and honest self expression. Venus also moves into your first house on November 16 and you are more inclined to treat yourself, prioritize relaxation and entertainment, and seek out romance. You feel like dressing up and showing off.

Capricorn: Jupiter in Pisces and the sun in Scorpio opposing Uranus has you feeling rebellious, unconventional and ready to challenge the status quo. You are looking to shake things up and to try new things in life. You realize that things simply cannot stay the same. It is an ideal time to get out of your comfort zone. 

Aquarius: This week both Mercury and Venus move into your social life sector and this highlights social connections, fun plans with friends and emotional fulfillment. It charges your social battery! During this time you are less focused on professional investments and career advancements. You have more energy for other people than you have had in the past few months so it can feel like you are coming out of hiding. Pay more attention to the people around you and get out of your head a little.

Pisces: The sun continues its transit of your solar ninth house (the house of travel,education, philosophy, and meaningful connections with new and unfamiliar concepts). During this time you seek things that break you out of your usual routine as you seek new perspectives. You may be feeling more vocal about your bolder thoughts and feelings, things you would usually feel shy about expressing. You may find traveling particularly refreshing or even just trying new things close to home. You are more curious about the lives and ways of others at this time and you find yourself inspired to be a better listener and keener observer. Your energy is confident and your aura is absorbing. 

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