Horoscopes: August 5 to 11

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week and up until August 11, Venus is in a favorable position within your home and family sector. Your goals concerning your lifestyle and comfort are clear cut. August is a month to be enjoyed as your ruling Mars in your resources sector gives you focus, energy and drive. The sun in your fifth house naturally encourages spontaneity and charm in your aura, and you seek to be entertained as well as entertaining. Perhaps there is someone’s attention you are trying to attract.

Taurus: You’re on the move this week as both your communication and romance sectors are highlighted. The sun inspires forging a deeper connection with the self as you spend more time in familiar places this month. You are in a place of learning greater self understanding and articulating your feelings thoughtfully. Others may be admiring your depth. Your ruling planet in your third house until August 11 is a placement of inspiration, idealism, and being a unique component of a whole, something larger than yourself while still being yourself. You may be exploring your roles within community, family, or partnerships. 

Gemini: This week you’re feeling generous and open minded, and despite being busy you can find the time to lend a hand or share your time. The sun in your communication sector gives you a boost to make it through all of the things that you agreed to do. Venus in your second house says don’t shop for new things, just enjoy what you have and make the most of that.

Cancer: This week is an ideal time to get into your element and play to your strengths. Venus in your first house until August 11 makes it all about you, your aura, and your charm. A playful attitude attracts what you want out of life. The more you open up, the more there is to discover. 

Leo: This week it’s key to try to balance work and play, as you tend to go for extremes. The sun is still in your first house until August 22, and you are fixated on all things self improvement, whether that’s making money or partying or something else. Venus in your privacy sector means you are feeling quiet but serious about your relationships. You’re reflecting often and keeping your thoughts to yourself more than usual.

Virgo: Since your solar season will be upon us sooner than you think, you have been charging your battery and working quietly on something yet to be revealed while the sun is in your hidden sector until August 22. Your physical energy can be quite low at this time but your mind is making up for it. In love it is advisable to put pride aside and approach things in the most unfettered ways possible. Don’t forget Mercury aligned with your sign

Libra: This week you continue to put yourself out there and see what that brings. Many new opportunities open up to you during Leo season as a few small steps can introduce you to new places, people, and ideas. You are questioning the old ways. Your ruling Venus in aspect with your tenth house (the house of public image, achievements and goals) is giving you an extra distaste for authority, as you find traditional roles to be particularly confining.

Scorpio: Venus in your ninth house (the house of philosophy, education and exploration) means you are feeling both adventurous in love and in your pursuit of knowledge and power. This week is an ideal time to follow your interests and to connect with people who intrigue you. In general August is a free form time of social and professional advancement for a Scorpio like you.

Sagittarius: This week it’s best not to let curiosity get the best of you. If there is tension with someone, it’s best to let it cool down and also not to ignore red flags if it comes down to it. Mars and Uranus bring a surprising shift in how you usually do business, so there will be no more poking the hornet’s nest. It’s time to focus on yourself.

Capricorn: Mercury in Virgo in your ninth house says it’s time to take charge in terms of your goals and pursuits. This month can be a time to set yourself up for some major breakthroughs in areas where you have been feeling stuck. Venus in your partnership zone until August 11 has you looking for someone who is both your romantic and your practical match. You want to achieve things with someone.

Aquarius: The sun is still in your partnership sector until August 22. You may be lavishing time, money, and affection on friends and lovers and if you aren’t, you might want to give it a try. There is an energy in the air that facilitates connectedness and enjoyment of the company of others for you. Personal endeavors concerning business or work seem to take a back seat in favor of social and creative pursuits that are free form and naturally occurring.

Pisces: This week you’re in a positive headspace and looking to get organized after some (rather productive) chaos these past few weeks. Leo season is all about loving what you do, so you may be looking for fulfilling work to do or you may be attached to something on a philosophical level already. Venus is in your feel good fifth house until the August 11, and you’re enjoying all things strange and beautiful. You seek to connect with others on a spiritual, ethereal level.