Horoscopes: July 15 -21, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The sun in your house of tradition, caregiving, and ancestry has you deep in your feelings about your roots, home, and family. You are thinking about what you need to feel safe and peaceful in your environment. The fourth house also resides at the end of the astro-wheel which creates a theme of endings and completions. You may be tying up loose ends on a family story or pattern and starting something new. This energy can bring about changes of heart, and feeling strong enough to get closer, or feeling prepared to let go. 

Taurus: This week you are seemingly in multiple places at once, running errands, taking day trips, volunteering your time, and socializing. You seek a sense of accomplishment as the sun remains in your third house (the house of mental energy) for this last week of Cancer season. On the 17th your ruling planet Venus enters the sign of Cancer as well as your third house, which inspires you to be chatty, compassionate and more outgoing than usual. You may be called upon to mediate a conflict of some kind. You enjoy peace and sentimentality, you seek to understand others in deep ways.

Gemini: The final week of Cancer season inspires more financial, practical, and material thinking. You have a view on life that sees things in terms of what is useful or constructive at this time. You want to add things to your life, not subtract. From the 19th forward your ruling planet in your third house (the house of mental energy) blesses you with natural curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. If you are feeling stuck or stressed, write it out, talk it out, or distract yourself by learning about something totally new.

Cancer: This final week of your season emboldens you to increase your confidence and push forward towards personal goals. It’s ok to be just a teeny bit self-absorbed until Leo season begins on the 22nd. Venus moves into your sign on the 17th and romantic matters, artistic pursuits, and the appreciation and enjoyment of all things beauty and sensuality take precedence. Through the powers of the love goddess herself you are more charming and gracious in social situations and you are able to find the charms and grace in others as well, as daily life’s interactions just seem to have a special appeal during this transit. 

Leo: This is the final week of Cancer season before the 22nd when your solar season has its time to shine. As the sun in your twelfth house (the house of the unseen realm) suggests that you relax and unplug from the rat race for the remainder of Cancer season, focus on quiet reflection, intuition, meditation or spiritual endeavors. Have a private moment before that spotlight turns on. Mercury in your first house expands your mental energy. Venus in Cancer starting on the 17th occurs in your privacy sector meaning that things concerning love and romance may be more subtle and subdued at this time or perhaps there may even be an element of secrecy. This can be a time of dramatic longing or a time of simmering closeness behind closed doors.

Virgo: The sun’s final week in Cancer has you rethinking your social circle or the way you’ve been going about certain social affairs. You are more likely to hit refresh or try something new concerning how you step out into the world. Your ruling planet in Leo inspires confidence and perhaps even a touch of grandiosity to your thinking. Your decision making skills are strong at this time. Venus conjuncts in your eleventh house and while you are feeling slightly detached in love and relationships, it can make it easier to resolve issues and make peace. 

Libra: This week as we wrap up Cancer season with the sun in your eleventh house (the house of your public relations) you are inspired to do your best and be responsible and see things through. You seek acknowledgement but beware of chasing glory. Your ruling planet Venus enters Cancer on the 17th and you are feeling more openly affectionate and emotionally present in all kinds of relationships. 

Scorpio: This last week of Cancer season with the sun in your ninth house (the house of higher values) you are inspired to keep an open mind, work toward self-realization and acceptance, and let your curiosity guide you towards truth. You are feeling spiritual in your own unique way and are defining the values that you choose to live by. It is a great time to do things that are most meaningful to you. Venus conjuncts in your ninth house as well and through this you seek to connect with others on deeper levels, in order to do this, you must release yourself from self-judgment as well as the reservations you have about others. 

Sagittarius: The sun’s final week in Cancer and your eighth house, the house of the esoteric, sex, taboos, money, and regeneration (heavy stuff I know, but what do you expect form a house ruled by Scorpio?) is a closing ceremony on a month of transformation, revelation, and intimate matters. You may be doing some deep soul searching, or you may find yourself in a far different place than you were at the start of Cancer season in late June. Your mood is rather intense and full of thought provoking inner monologue. There may be financial matters resolving or a person from the past reaching out to you. Close personal relationships are highlighted. 

Capricorn: Cancer season’s last week with the sun in your partnership sector (7th house) is a time of learning through others, seeing yourself reflected in others and seeing what part you play in certain cycles as this awareness is what helps you to find balance. You may be feeling rather diplomatic and decisive, as you seek to problem-solve and make repairs, as well as build new connections but this can be quite draining so be sure not to burn yourself out. Venus also entering your seventh house on the 17th continues this trend of partnerships and peace-making. You are particularly charming and adaptable during this transit and it is easier to express your true feelings and to share and play nice. 

Aquarius: This final week of Cancer season is busy and full of improvements and organization. You have been working towards breaking bad habits as well as studying, and learning. This is the time where you see breakthroughs from your efforts. You may be feeling especially self-critical during this time so it is important not to let that hold you back or make you focus on little things. Venus in your sixth house beginning on the 17th inspires you to involve friends or romantic partners in your work or creative projects as you seek to harmonize different aspects of different areas of your world. You find satisfaction in teamwork and cooperation. You see the practical benefits of love. 

Pisces: The sun’s last week in Cancer means the sun is still in your fifth house this week, which means that you seek your fulfillment from creativity and that you are playing to your strengths.  You derive your inspiration from being playful and romantic, you are more in touch with your lighthearted side and you express yourself very simply and honestly. You are equally easily excited and easily disappointed at this time, as your mood is somewhat exposed to the elements. Venus enters your home and family sector on the 17th and you find your sense of home and comfort from your closest relationships and oldest friends. Familiarity is particularly important to you at this time.

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