Horoscopes: July 1 to July 7

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The weekend kicks off with the moon in your romance and pleasure sector as well as with positive alignments in three major planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. It is a good time to actively participate in life and to be your true self. The 1st to the 4th gives an energetic boost to work, personal, goals and romantic relationships. This week, if there is someone you have been missing, it is a good time to give them a call as Venus in your third supports catching up via conversation. There are summer vibes in the air and it is a season of learning, conection, and enjoyment. There is a focus on finding joy and seeing the good in yourself and others.

Taurus: The sun in harmony with your sign touches you with personal magic and charm, and your powers of manifestation are able to materialize ideas into action and results. Through this season you have a strong sense of who you are and your self expression of that. On the 5th and 6th there are positive aspects with both Mars and your ruling planet Venus that highlight romance and attraction. There is an energy present that can enhance existing relationships or attract new ones. Venus’ last week in your first house points to unlocking your confidence and being open minded with loved ones. Stick to plans and stay true to your words, be generous with your time when you can. 

Gemini: There is a busy and rather cluttered energy to your week, Gemini. There seems to be equal opportunities and obstacles on your path. Your ruling planet Mercury enters your sign on the 2nd and gives you a sense of curiosity on a wide array of topics and makes your mind and imagination very active, but it also can make paying attention to any one thing at a time quite difficult. It may also tempt you into “poking the hornet’s nest” as it were, as Mercurial energy can’t help but stir up trouble and controversy at times. While this can be a good thing sometimes, make sure to use your best judgment, because endeavors such as this can go south quickly. 

Cancer: This week you are feeling sensitive yet sensible as the sun continues to transit your first house, you are undoubtedly feeling all of your feelings. Venus’ last week spent in Taurus points to your financial sector, and this weekend is an opportune time to resolve money matters despite the stress that may be surrounding it. Career opportunities may also be on the horizon as Mars energy pushes you to try new things. The 6th and 7th of the month are favorable for romance and intimacy and you may be re-igniting an interest or connection.

Leo: The weekend kicks off with the moon in your sign. Self expression comes easily to you, and you are attracting attention with your warm and inviting aura. The rest of the week has favorable transits for finance and career matters. A harmonious Venus aspect creates favor in friendships, romance, and an appreciation of beauty. Your much beloved idea of affection comes to the foreground in your relationships, as you are inspired to speak kindly and share your time and energy (mostly in the hopes that the favor is returned). Be transparent with your needs.

Virgo: This week seems to have some highs and lows in store, Virgo. You may find it hard to keep the things you have been trying to keep at arm’s length away for much longer and it may be time to either stop playing and get serious, or tell the truth and let go. Either way, finally reaching a decision can be very liberating. On the 5th through the 7th a positive Mercury transit makes it so that you don’t have to travel very far for interesting and entertaining experiences. In love and romance you are undergoing a transformation of your needs and desires and reconfiguring how you navigate love.

Libra: Your ruling planet Venus in active and sociable Gemini creates a conducive energy for connecting, trying new things, and beginning new creative projects. You may feel that you are waking up to new ideas and that there are finally some things to get excited about. Your relationships are picking up momentum, and you feel that you are getting closer to others and getting to know more about their hearts and minds. 

Scorpio: The sun’s harmony with your sign creates space for fortifying your relationships with yourself, your self-image, self-promotion and your self-love. If you’ve been feeling insecure, or neglecting yourself, now is the time to hold yourself accountable to treating yourself better. Meanwhile, Venus in Gemini highlights your intimate eight house and has you feeling sensual and serious in love. You’re in the mood to talk about deep emotions and to show off the skills you have as a sensitive and romantic communicator. 

Sagittarius: Nostalgia covers your summer in fairy dust, you see glimmers of the past in everything. You may be having dreams of someone or something from a long time ago, or you may be getting in touch with an old goal or dream that you once had for yourself. And you may still be reevaluating your approach to the big picture of life. Neptune’s turn retrograde is a transit that inspires looking inward towards your most secretive inner landscapes. 

Capricorn: The sun in your partnerships sector makes everything better with company. Close friends, old acquaintances and budding relationships are the focal point of your days this season. Teamwork is what keeps up your motivation and energy. You get your inspiration from others and you work better together. Neptunes’s retrograde in Pisces stresses the importance of making decisions slowly and deliberately and being transparent with your words. If you’re in a relationship you may be working on getting closer, staying in and chilling on the couch. If you’re single and looking then it’s time to get out there and really, actually look!

Aquarius: The sun in your wellness sector has you refurbishing your daily routine and trying to create new healthier habits. This weekend Mars, Mercury, and Venus all form a positive alignment with your first house creating great opportunities for your energy to expand outward in social connection, learning, competing, and practical affairs like writing applications or letters. Venus in Gemini reminds you that you are more attracted to people’s values and attitudes than you are to the more shallow stuff. Someone has to excite you on a philosophical level. 

Pisces: The sun in harmony with your first house reminds you that you need to enjoy yourself and prioritize some joy in your life. Your ruling planet Neptune in retrograde makes you want to retreat into your own watery little world. You may be feeling a little more spaced out than usual as you detach from the rat race even for just a moment, maybe longer. The 3rd, 4th, and 6th of July, Venus creates a fortuitous aspect with Neptune, creating opportune energy for all things love, romance, art, and beauty. 

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