Horoscopes: June 24 – 30, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week’s new moon on the 28th punctuates a certain phase in your home life and romantic relationships and leads to the beginning of a new one. If you have been feeling bored or stagnant, this is your sign to try a new approach and get in touch with something that excites you and helps you to feel that signature Aries passion. Mercury’s transit this week has you requiring extra mental stimulation; you want to ask questions and find answers. The powers of communication are strong at this time, but avoid being bossy or impatient with others. Your mind is moving fast but the world is at its own pace.

Taurus: This week, as Neptune turns retrograde, a fog appears around your view on daily life. It can be hard to tell where you want to go or where you want to be, but don’t let this frighten you! It is merely a time to reassess and take a break from always trying to be 110% on. It’s ok to say “I don’t know.” The new moon in Cancer on the 28th is all about getting in touch with your roots and reuniting with your inner child, your old favorite things, and your natural curiosity. 

Gemini: This week Neptune turns retrograde; it is not a retrograde that should fill us with dread the way Mercury’s retrograde does, but rather one that makes us think really hard. This Neptune retrograde offers us a chance to see through illusions and our own delusions, to break patterns and cycles, and to reassess our ideologies. Reflect on your dreams and make a concrete plan. The new moon in Cancer on the 28th is a new beginning on the homefront and things concerning domestic life and daily routine. As the new moon squares Jupiter, beware of jumping to conclusions. 

Cancer: This week, Neptune’s turn retrograde begins a month’s long period of reflecting and existential questions. There can be a feeling of being stuck in your ponderings, but with time there can be many revelations. The new moon occurring in your sign on the 28th is a natural time of new beginnings. You may be feeling like staying close to home or well within your comfort zone this week as this lunar transit highlights the importance of the things you choose to keep close to you. Since this lunation also transits Jupiter it may cause a touch of drama, exaggeration, or impulsivity. 

Leo: There is a sense of dreams and reality merging as Neptune turns retrograde this week. This month’s long transit is a highly conceptual one which makes one meditate and ponder deeply on the meaning of life. Your dreams as you slumber may take on a cryptic and symbolic nature onto which you may add your own interpretation. The new moon in Cancer on the 28th is an opportunity for a clean slate in regards to home life and creative projects. This is an ideal week to get in touch with your childhood hopes and the little things you always wanted to try. 

Virgo: This week you may find yourself thinking about things that you have not thought about in quite a long time. Neptune turns retrograde and creates a deeply pensive and reflective environment. It is a period of philosophical reform and reviewing one’s ideologies and personal traditions. You may end up right where you started but with a renewed perspective. The new moon in Cancer on the 28th is a reminder that we can always start over. 

Libra: This week you may be feeling the enlightening effects of Neptune’s retrograde. You are being more honest with yourself these days and you’re working on putting that out into the world as well. This transit suggests a period of reflection, reality checks, and dream interpretation. You may ask yourself if you’re actually working towards the things you want or if you’re just daydreaming. This is a months-long period of manifestation and materializing. The new moon in Cancer on the 28th is a fresh start for home life and daily routines, but as it transits Jupiter it can also inspire impulsivity and exaggeration. 

Scorpio: This week, Neptunes’ turn retrograde is not an unfamiliar environment for you. This transit has a way of turning the mundane magical and thinning the veil between dreams and reality, but it may also cast a disorienting fog on our daily life. It is a time of evaluating and reflecting on our hopes and dreams and what we can do to make them into reality. It may also be a time of finding the areas where we lack faith in ourselves or don’t believe in our own strengths. The new moon in Cancer on the 28th is a new start in home life and routines. 

Sagittarius: This week the main event is Neptune’s turn retrograde. It is a transit that inspires a turn inward towards your most secretive inner landscapes. You may be reevaluating your approach to the big picture of life over the next few months. You may also be reflecting on intergenerational patterns and cycles and how you plan to either embrace or change those. The new moon in Cancer on the 28th is a time for devoting energy to your home in the physical realm as well as your inner emotional foundation. Since this new moon transits your ruler Jupiter it may also inspire impulsivity or rash decision making. Beware of being misled.

Capricorn: This week, Neptune’s (the planet of psychic energy, spirituality, dreams, and illusions) retrograde is a slow and low burn. It is a time of deep reflection and reality checks. It’s a chance to ask yourself if you are living as your authentic self, bringing your true self to your relationships, and being honest with yourself. It is an ideal time for personal revelations and manifestations of your dreams into realities. The new moon in your sister sign of Cancer on the 28th is a challenging yet exciting opportunity for fresh starts and letting go of grudges. 

Aquarius: This week, the planet of dreams, compassion, delusions, and spirituality, Neptune, goes retrograde. Unlike Mercury retrograde, this transit does not upheave our daily lives but it has a way of making us think beyond our daily lives. It is a time to check in with yourself: what needs re-thinking? Where do you need a reality check? What would be useful to share? The new moon in Cancer on the 28th is a new beginning for home life and close relationships but as it transits Jupiter it can cause a touch of drama and impulsivity. 

Pisces: This week your ruling planet Neptune goes retrograde. It is a very inward and personal journey for you and your fellow Pisceans. It is a time of rethinking, reflecting, and the banishment of delusions. You may be asking yourself where you are not giving yourself credit and why. This transit is an ideal time to unlock your hidden inner confidence and reveal more of your brilliant self. The new moon in Cancer on the 28th is a breath of fresh air for you and your inner circle, it’s a time to recognize the importance of those nearest and dearest to you and to show and share mutual appreciation.