Horoscopes: June 17 – 23, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Mercury in your third house creates an inquisitive energy for your mind. You are charmed in the world of words and are able to multitask and think of a lot of different things at once. You can get a lot done this week as long as you don’t sweat the small stuff. Mars in your first house can symbolize the confrontation of a personal challenge; you may be facing something that you have been trying to understand or resolve for a very long time. It is an opportune time for growth and self-improvement. On June 21st, Cancer season begins and the sun enters your home and family sector. This watery and emotional influence highlights attributes like care-giving, comfort, and shared feelings of love. 

Taurus: This week you feel busy and seem to have a full calendar. You are feeling social and willing to say yes to fun and leisurely plans. The sun moves into Cancer and therefore your communications sector, and you are focused on building upon the foundations of your pre-existing relationships. You seek to deepen your understanding of the people and things close to you as you realize there are so many ways to look at one thing. New things don’t seem to excite you much at this time, you crave thorough and dynamic connection, something that feels like a genuine exchange.

Gemini: The sun might be leaving your sign this week on the 21st but Venus enters your first house on the 22nd, thus maintaining your cosmic charm and appeal. You may be feeling the effects of Venus as you desire to spend money and indulge yourself in general. Have fun with your extravagance but be sure to keep it somewhat reasonable. You crave stability and you aren’t seeking adventure or novel experiences, you just want to get comfortable in one place in work and relationships. You are attractive to others at this time and there may be someone looking to get closer to you or get to know you if you are single/available, but you are only ready to open up if they seem like you could achieve something significant together. If you are in a romantic relationship, you and your partner could be spending more time together or taking things to the next level. 

Cancer: Happy solar season! Your constellation represents the giant crab that did the bidding of the mother goddess Hera, this showcases your caring and protective nature. You are fierce, loyal, loving and you are someone who will go the distance of the stars for your friends and family. The sun in your sign means it’s all about personal exploration, self-improvement, and general enjoyment of life. It’s an ideal time to try new things and check your hang-ups at the door. A Venus and Pluto conjunction brings a transformative and passionate energy to love and relationships. Venus and Pluto (seeming opposites that work together beautifully) have a way of bringing about intimate vibes, the sharing of secrets, the willingness to be frank and vulnerable, and the embracing of the stranger sides of human behavior. This energy is great for deep conversations, shadow work, self acceptance, and practicing being less judgemental of yourself and others. 

Leo: Mercury in your eleventh house, the house of society and connections, is a favorable placement for you to get to know like minded individuals who can help you further your goals, build community, and share ideas. You are feeling creative and inventive during this transit and you also seek material gains. This transit can also help you to understand new or challenging concepts and to incorporate this learning into your daily life. The sun’s journey into the sign of Cancer on the 21st symbolizes a turn inward towards your more spiritual side. You are quiet and reflective when you’re not putting on one of your shows. 

Virgo: The sun’s shift into Cancer season this week illuminates your 11th house, the house of society, connections, and expansion. This is a time of positive energy and opportunities to grow, learn, and build. You are feeling outgoing and excited to make plans and take action. Venus in your tenth house adds charm and sparkle to your interactions, and you may be enjoying the feeling of being “on” at this time, telling jokes, and making people smile. Don’t overthink it!

Libra: This week you’re putting more energy into your responsibilities and sense of duty to certain things. The sun in the upper region of your chart motivates you to follow through on plans and to taste success. Your ruling planet Venus in your 9th house , the house of fortune and opportunity, imparts a sense of adventure and possibility to your love life and relationships. You feel optimistic, and your energy attracts others closer to you. This mind opening transit has you seeing beauty in places where you did not see it before. 

Scorpio: The sun’s move into the house of your fellow water sign of Cancer illuminates your ninth house and brings an end to a long period of introspection, as you are fatigued by so much stewing and marianting in your own thoughts and feelings. You may find what you are looking for as you gaze outward towards the horizon. You crave authenticity and simplicity. You want genuine interactions with the world. Venus in your 8th house intensifies relationships on a spiritual level. You think and feel deeply.

Sagittarius: This week the sun enters the sign of Cancer and therefore your intimacy sector is illuminated. Cancer season brings about a transformative period of change and growth in terms of how you navigate your close relations and what you want (and get) out of them. It all depends on what you show up with, if you show up with strong boundaries, clear communication and yes, Sagittarius, a little bit of consistency, you can expect the same in return. If it’s not returned then you will know that you have barked up the wrong tree. This cosmic configuration brings us to a deeper understanding of interpersonal matters. If you have kind things to say, then they should be said.

Capricorn: This week the sun’s move into your sister sign of Cancer creates a balance of opposites that are more similar than you’d think. This placement highlights your seventh house and through this you see yourself most clearly when you are being reflected in others; those close to you are a mirror unto yourself. You feel best when you can connect, build, and be a part of a team. You strive towards creating harmony and friendship. Mars and Venus transits bring refreshing energy and enthusiasm to your life. This predicts a wave of renewal and awakening during this solar season. 

Aquarius: This week, the sun’s move into Cancer season occurs in your sixth house, your house of wellness and daily routine. You are motivated to seek a path of self improvement and the formation of good habits. You are organizing your mental filing cabinet and also your personal spaces in the material realm. You are sorting through your projects and experiences from the last few weeks and seeing what is worthy of pursuit and what can be pruned. Simplification is best at this time. Exercise caution, as your self-worth and ego can be easily tangled up in your work and relationships and your perfectionism or natural urge to overcomplicate things can create unnecessary issues. 

Pisces: The sun’s move into fellow water sign of Cancer also highlights your fifth house, and this transit is all about enjoyment and celebration. The next four weeks feels rather leisurely and playful for you, after a long period of hard work and determination, you have certainly earned it. Since the fifth house is ruled by Leo’s energy you may also be craving attention, recognition, and appreciation. You are more likely to go where you feel most wanted. Both Mercury and Venus transiting your fourth house can cause you to feel nostalgic and you may be thinking about the past or finding creative inspiration from it. In love and romance you prefer an intellectual and mental connection. You want to have thought provoking conversations and build a philosophy of sorts between you and your lover.