Original does not even begin to describe “Neptune Frost,” opening June 10 at the Landmark Ritz Five. This heady, visually stimulating, sci-fi musical extravaganza from Rwanda about gender and economic inequality, also addresses the exploitation of mines (and miners) among other political topics. (One sample lyric: “Underscore the overpaid.”) The encrypted plot involves Neptune (played by both Cheryl Isheja and Elvis Ngabo), and Matalusa (Bertrand Ninteretse aka Kaya Free), and a coltan miner, inspiring revolution and resistance. Neptune has an interesting encounter with a man named Innocent (Dorcy Rugamba), who discovers they are intersex, while another storyline involves the promotion of MartyrLoserKing (a play on Matalusa and MLK). “Neptune Frost” pulsates to a rhythmic beat and the musical sequences are fabulous. So too, are the makeup and costumes (one character sports a jacket made from a disassembled computer keyboard.) It does not all work, but take in “Neptune Frost,” and absorb its messages about belonging and dissonance, as well as power and how to wield it.