Horoscopes: June 3 – 9, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Mercury conjuncts with the sun for you in a way that highlights your natural talents, your generosity, and the fulfillment you get from your efforts. During this time one can expect success in studying, artistic endeavors, and self expression. The more you share of yourself with the world, the larger your circle becomes. Some may try to take advantage of you while others will return your favors ten fold. The important thing is learning to decipher the intentions that others have. Genuine connection and teambuilding is particularly important at this time. In relationships you are taking on more of a caring role and experimenting with the different types of parts you can play in your relationships. Perhaps you are tired of being perceived in only one way and you seek to display more of your nuances. Be open with people and with possibilities. Be optimistic but not naive!

Taurus: Your mind is waking up this week. You have higher hopes and a freer spirit as we exit our most recent Mercury retrograde and Mercury goes direct in your solar first house. You’re feeling somewhat unpredictable but in a fun way! You have a thirst for knowledge this week, and you are in the mood to ask a lot of questions or do some independent research. Saturn moves into retrograde in Aquarius on June 4th, and it is an opportunity to re-evaluate what your long term goals are, what you can do to work towards them in ways big or small, and what “destiny” as a concept means to you. Venus in your first house brings out your naturally sweet side. You seek to add comfort to the lives of those dear to you, and you prosper in romance. Beware the shadow side of Venus in Taurus, which can lead to possessiveness or becoming too stuck in things simply because they are familiar. 

Gemini: Your ruling planet Mercury ends its retrograde and turns direct in Taurus on the 3rd. Now is the time to go for the things you have been wanting but holding back on moving towards. There is success for you, particularly in areas of your life that require decision making and common sense. Your judgment is more clear cut and your perspective on things is realistic and grounded under this Mercury transit. Meanwhile, Saturn’s turn to retrograde in Aquarius begins on the 4th. This is a time to refine our commitments and our loftier pursuits. You may be reconsidering your career, education, or other long term goals. You are trying to gather the best resources and most relevant information. 

Cancer: Ceres (the little planet that they don’t call a planet), is the representative of our need to nurture and be nurtured; it is a dark, intense, feminine energy that is protective and heavy with love. Ceres will be in your sign throughout June. This can unearth some rather intense thoughts and feelings, but it is not the kind of thing you really shy away from as an emotional water sign. You may be getting better at identifying and expressing your needs or you may be refining how you express your love to others. There can be a lot of talk around love languages and attachment styles as you build more interpersonal awareness. Think of self-love first. 

Leo: You seem to be fueled by all the hot air blowing around in Gemini season. This week you get bored easily and seek entertainment and a sense that your life is “eventful.” There may be an urge to splurge on a shopping trip, or you may be insatiable in romance. You are feeling a lot better now that Mercury has stationed direct in Taurus at the start of the weekend. You can finally be yourself now that you are thinking more clearly. Revel in the fact that you are in a more confident and social headspace. 

Virgo: A sigh of relief! Your ruling planet Mercury finally turns direct in fellow earth sign Taurus on the 3rd, just in time for the weekend. This makes June prime time for you to get things done and enjoy yourself free of any cosmic obstacles. However all this air and earth influence can be a little emotionally and spiritually dry and perhaps even a bit sardonic. It’s a good idea to loosen up with some water sign friends, get in touch with your feelings and balance out the energy.

Libra: Your ruling planet Venus in fellow love-sign Taurus makes you feel more comfortable in your skin. You are inspired to get creative in the artistic outlet of your choosing and you are getting a firmer grip on what you want in your relationships. This month you are magnetic and charming and you seem to know the right things to say as long as you let it flow naturally. Mercury turning direct on the 3rd, also in the sign of Taurus, helps you to put the pieces of something that has been confusing to you together. Problems and puzzles seem to revolve with ease. 

Scorpio: There is an ease to Gemini season for you, especially with Mercury ending its retrograde and Venus in its home sign, both of which occur in your sister sign of Taurus. There is a clarity and balance to these placements that is favorable for decision making and building trust and connection in your relationships. You may be feeling like there is “more in it for you” lately, which is an important feeling for a Scorpio to experience. If a relationship feels mutually beneficial, you bring unparalleled loyalty and a depth of emotion that others crave. Maybe it’s time to let someone see what you’ve got. 

Sagittarius: After what feels like a period of hibernation you seem to be waking up and coming back into yourself. Your sister sign of Gemini creates the kind of environment that gets you going: an environment that is slightly chaotic. This week, as Mercury ends its retrograde, it can be easier to follow your intuition and your curiosity. It is an ideal time to try new things, express yourself, and absorb experiences from your own unique perspective. Compliment yourself, learn what’s good for you, learn what’s bad for you, see some friends, and keep a diary. Think of things that help you grow as a person.

Capricorn: This week, as Mercury ends its retrograde in your fellow earth sign of Taurus, you are feeling more on track in regards to your memory and your connectedness with others. This clarity can help you to be more empathetic and understanding with others. This week someone may need your help or your understanding in regards to a personal matter. You know, maybe better than most, what it’s like to just get a little weird sometimes. Give people that space free of judgment and you will see that it brings you peace as well. This can help you practice being less of your own inner critic too. 

Aquarius: Saturn’s retrograde in your sign has you railing against conformity, conventionality, and authority. It can be a somewhat challenging time for you as there seems to be many bureaucratic obstacles and ideological oppositions in your way. However, this may open your eyes to certain aspects of life that you had previously overlooked. Don’t give up, get creative, and get weird! Take in the perspectives of others and keep an open mind. 

Pisces: This week and throughout the month of June, you will encounter multiple vibe shifts. While a majority of them will be very positive for you they can still feel rather overwhelming or challenging. It’s all valid! Feel what you are feeling and you will keep moving forward. There will be a sense of completion or victory surrounding something you have been working very hard at this season. Neptune in your first house proves you did it with your own personal power and without the aid of luck. It’s all you so you can take the credit! Mercury finally ends its retrograde and turns direct in Taurus so things seem to chill out at home and in the material realm for you. It will be easier to find missing items, get to and from destinations, and use technology after June 3rd.