Horoscopes: May 20 – 26, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The sun moves into your communication sector on May 20. You can expect an increase of chatty energy and an urge to ask more questions. Perhaps it’s time to de-center your opinion as the topic of your verbal exchanges with others. You may notice you’ve been steamrolling over others and it doesn’t make for a feeling of beneficial mutual exchange.

Taurus: As Mercury continues its retrograde in your sign this week, there is powerful energy for reorganizing your thoughts and gaining new understanding. Perhaps this mix up was just what you need to get a clearer picture of an event from the past. The sun moves out of your first house on the 20th and you feel more inclined to stay in and surround yourself with familiar things.

Gemini: Yours is the third sign of the zodiac, a pair of twins and best friends, one who was immortal and one who was mortal, who compromised and shared their power to live together forever among the stars. On the 20th the sun moves into your first house and you are challenged to have this trust for yourself within yourself and to get closer to loving yourself like a best friend would. It is a significant time to realize new goals and breakthrough old issues. 

Cancer: Jupiter in your career sector creates opportunities and ambitions. It may also be a good time to make good impressions and bolster your reputation. The sun’s move into Gemini is a push towards being more socially curious and getting more in touch with what other people are thinking and feeling. Ask direct questions and look for concrete answers.

Leo: The sun’s entrance into Gemini this week redirects your attention towards fun and entertainment. It’s an ideal time to prioritize enjoying yourself and allowing yourself to dream and fantasize. Keep friends close if they are the kind who support your dreams and believe in your power. If someone can’t be happy for you, that should be taken as a sign that their intentions are in the wrong place.

Virgo: The sun’s move into fellow Mercury-ruled Gemini lends you the power of greater insight into a personal or financial matter. All month long you have been working your butt off and this May is certainly one of your busiest months. Be sure not to place all your worth on your ability to be productive, because you are so much more than that!

Libra: This week it’s time to face some reality. You crave more stability, self-sufficiency and independence. Mars energizes Jupiter in your relationship sector and has you reassessing your priorities concerning your interactions with others. You are exhausted by caring what others think. 

Scorpio: With the sun in Gemini starting on the 20th, you are putting most of your energy towards making commitments and following through. You are also hungry for information about your pursuits of passion. You long to be the best at something and to master your art, whatever that may be. As someone with a wide array of interests, it can be easy to feel scattered.

Sagittarius: The sun moves into your opposite sign of Gemini, creating a sense of cosmic balance for you. Now is the time to focus on what you want without any outside influence pushing you in one direction or another. You are feeling authentically and genuinely more like yourself. You have more energy to put into your friendships. The things you do in pairs or in teams seem to be the most successful. 

Capricorn: This week the sun moves into Gemini and therefore occupies your health, habits, and wellness sector. It is a good time to prioritize small life details that create a sense of comfort and to make time for healthy habits. It may be especially important to confide in someone or share meaningful dialogue. You may also be realizing where your pride or ego stops you from expressing yourself more freely. You may need to put aside some reservations if you want to make those genuine changes.

Aquarius: This week, accompanying the sun’s move into Gemini is the sun’s visitation to your romance, art, and creativity sector. You may be getting the inspiration for your next projects or finding the joy in connecting more intimately with others, or perhaps looking for your next muse. After a dormant period of “hibernation” in your private shell, you are awakened to the beauty around you in everyday things.

Pisces: Jupiter in your resources sector has you valuing concrete results and you tend to work towards things that are materially beneficial, you want your hard work to pay off in a realistic way. The sun’s shift into Gemini has you prioritizing the closeness and comfort of your most familiar or oldest relationships. It’s a good time to also step away from all the daily grind stuff to be with people you know deeply and who know your heart as well.

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