Horoscopes: May 13 – 19, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 15th occurs in your resources and healing sector. You can expect big breakthroughs in stuck places thanks to Scorpio’s power to transmute and transform. This intense lunation breaks ice and clears paths, especially in intimate relationships where communication has stagnated. You experience an abrupt wave of sudden decisiveness, and you are propelled forward by mysterious forces.

Taurus: The total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 15th can bring many things to either fruition or a close. The powerful transformative energy of your sister sign Scorpio can help you to see what deserves more commitment and what is best left behind. You may be parting ways with a job, an ideology, or a person, but you may also be signing on for something long term, reconfiguring boundaries, or deepening your relationship. 

Gemini: This week the full lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 15th occurs in your wellness and habits sector. It’s time to get serious about taking care of yourself and prioritizing your peace. The transformative nature of the Scorpio lunation can point out the things that you have been minimizing and ignoring that are actually quite important. Things seem to become glaringly obvious as to what’s been throwing you off your groove. 

Cancer: This week the transformative power of a full lunar eclipse in Scorpio impacts your romantic, creative, and expressive side. You may feel suddenly unleashed. Words and feelings come to you with more ease, and you are better able to articulate and truly decide what it is you have been trying to understand about yourself or to convey to others. Romantic endeavors heat up beneath this moon.

Leo: This week on Sunday the full lunar eclipse in Scorpio highlights your roots, your foundation, where you come from, and the many places you call home. You may be formulating plans to forge deeper connections to your family, you may be committing more to a romantic or domestic situation, or maybe you are making home improvements. Your hard work pays off as you seek to feel more grounded.

Virgo: The full lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 15th sheds a silvery glow on your whole week. It highlights your need for deep connection and understanding. There may be some hard but rewarding conversations heading your way, but it’s best to use your energy and wisdom to face these things calmly and keep it real by saying what you truly feel. Things improve greatly from this opportunity.

Libra: This week the full lunar eclipse is Scorpio points out what’s been feeling unfair and unbalanced to you. It’s an ideal time to ask for what you need and deserve. Looking to get a raise at work? Now is the time to do it and make the ask. Is there a situation you’re tired of? It’s a great time to move on to greener or at least more pleasant pastures. 

Scorpio: You are in your zone this week. With the sun in your sister sign and a full lunar eclipse in your sign on the 15th you are feeling imaginative, dramatic and passionate. You may be putting this energy towards renewing your interests in your creative pursuits, treating yourself to something luxurious, or giving it your all in your favorite pastime. Others seek you out, crave your presence, and look to you for a little wisdom or inspiration. You feel unusually popular.

Sagittarius: This week the full lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 15th is all about letting go. You have confronted some frustrations and disappointments recently and you have been pouring so much energy into them and tolerating the places and people who may have caused them. It’s time to stop making excuses for less than you deserve or more that you are comfortable with. This Scorpio energy is strong for setting boundaries.

Capricorn: This week the big headliner is the full lunar eclipse in Scorpio; it occurs in your social sector which makes it an ideal time to break out of your shell. It may be a good time to use this moon’s transformative energy to meet new friends, branch out of your usual circle, or make first impressions. If something has been holding you back, it’s time to ask why.

Aquarius: This week the full lunar eclipse on the 15th, happening in the hottest water sign of Scorpio, occurs in your business, opportunity, and reputation sector. This can bring about big changes in terms of your career or creative projects. Your ideas and personality are impactful to others, and it seems to be taking you to new places and new heights. Things seem to just take off. Recognition or promotions are likely at this time, but beware of chasing too much power. 

Pisces: The full lunar eclipse in spicy Scorpio on the 15th occurs in your philosophy and contemplation zone. You may find yourself looking for a space to reflect deeply in, long drives and dark corners seem to suit your mood. The transformative energy of this eclipse frees your mind and has you feeling unafraid of contradictions and ready to accept new concepts. There may be opportunities to try new things or immerse yourself in a new setting.