Horoscopes: May 6-15. 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: A Jupiter-Pluto interaction inspires you to take a challenge head on. You may find that you are able to process something you previously thought of as negative as more of a positive opportunity to grow and learn. Venus in your sign on May 5 attracts you to more outgoing people this month and also energizes you to pursue the things you want and to spoil yourself. Jupiter enters your sign on May 10 and is a long term influence that brings good fortune.

Taurus: You’re more focused on long term goals this month, and you want to formulate sustainable plans for yourself. Your ruling planet Venus enters the energetic and individualist sign of Aries on the 5th, and it inspires you to be more forward thinking. The energy you radiate can create breakthroughs and advancements in work and creativity. In social settings you set the tone with your attitude for better or worse.

Gemini: A Pluto-Jupiter sextile stirs up emotional issues from the past, as you move forward you discover things that need addressing and cases that need closing. The sun in your twelfth house asks you to slow down and enjoy more private time these days. Think of ways to unplug and escape the fray of the day to day. Mercury at home in your sign suggests you turn your attention inwards and treat your mind gently.

Cancer: A Jupiter-Pluto interaction creates opportunities for the expansion of knowledge and wisdom, which in turn creates opportunities for growth and advancement in career and social interactions. Sharing what you have learned or stories of your own experiences strengthens your relationships this week. Since it is eclipse season it is also prime time for discarding expectations and breaking traditions.

Leo: This week you have a fighting spirit as the sun in the top of your chart highlights your need for change and your drive to meet your goals. You receive support and motivation from those close to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for it if you need it. Venus in Aries highlights your desire for excitement and fun in your intimacy department. 

Virgo: It’s time to relax, Virgo. You can’t control or predict everything in life. Eclipse season teaches us that nothing is as permanent as it seems, and that not everything is a tiding of doom. This week you have an experience that changes your mindset and mood almost magically. A Jupiter-Pluto interaction opens the realms of possibility to you. Venus in Aries brings passion and energy to your love life and creates curiosity and intrigue around the mysterious nature of love and attraction. 

Libra: Mercury in Gemini brings electronic communication to the forefront. You may find that you are sharing more personal thoughts or feelings online than you usually would. It’s important for you to feel heard or to feel that you have made an impact, whether that be verbally, visually, or artistically. You have a desire for mental stimulation and new ideas. Your ruling planet in Aries gives you forward momentum in your pursuits of the things you desire. You are navigating deep emotions in your down time. 

Scorpio: The sun in your opposite sign of Taurus makes this week an opportune time to stray from your usual path. Your usual brooding nature may ease up as you feel inspired to relax and just enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Mercury at home in Gemini gives you a desire for new information and an urge to communicate. You may have to practice being more flexible if you wish to accomplish your goals. 

Sagittarius: Your ruling planet Jupiter transits Pluto in Capricorn and opens up the gate for rare and unusual opportunities and information. Mercury in your opposite sign of Gemini puts an end to creative blocks and social snooze-fests as it lightens the mood and makes you feel more outgoing and emboldens you to share more of your authentic self. 

Capricorn: Mercury in Gemini inspires you to be more productive and outgoing. You have a desire to expand your knowledge and support your hobbies and interests with more time, energy, and consistency. Venus in Aries has you feeling less shy in love and relationships. You may find yourself gearing up to confess your true feelings or express your desires to someone special. 

Aquarius: Matters at home are important to you during the Taurus solar season. You may be trying to cultivate more comfort or privacy in your personal space. Mercury in Gemini has you seeking information and mental stimulation; it’s the 80 tabs open and multitasking kind of time for you. Venus in Aries has you looking for lighthearted fun in love. 

Pisces: Mercury in Gemini stirs your ambitious side and your intellectual pursuits. You seek advancement at work and advantages through knowledge. You may see an uptick in your interest and participation in hobbies or in the acquisition of new skills. Venus in Aries brings more lighthearted energy to your romantic relationships. You strive to keep things simple in love.

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