PGN’s 2022 Election Endorsements, Part 1

For the next three weeks PGN will release our endorsements for the 2022 Primary election on May 17th. This is the first installment. 

U.S. Senate

There is no doubt that Malcolm Kenyatta has surprised the political pundits. He did so with his passion, eloquence, and from his candidness about his own life experiences. Malcolm has set a new standard for LGBT candidates not only in the state of Pennsylvania, but also nationally. He has out-raised any other LGBT political candidate in PA fourfold, and his authenticity has won him a host of endorsements too long to post here, from teachers, fellow state representatives, unions including AFSCME, SEIU and the Teamsters, numerous elected officials, Working Families coalitions, and many other community and political organizations. The list of endorsements is three pages long, singled spaced. 

His opponents John Fetterman & Connor Lamb are both LGBT allies, and would serve our community well, but Malcolm and his campaign has taken this state by surprise, and we hope he can surprise those pundits on Primary day. PGN proudly endorses Malcolm Kenyatta for U.S. Senate.


Josh Shapiro has been an LGBT ally from the day he stepped onto the political stage, and he has promised to do what no other Governor has been able to do: pass The Equality Act, and moreover, to pass it in his first term. That’s a tall and brave order, but Josh has a track record of delivering for his constituents. In these times of attacks on LGBT rights, women’s healthcare, and immigration, Jost will stop the hate and exclusion coming from Republicans and create a dialog that will move Pennsylvania forward. He’s already the endorsed candidate of the state Democratic party, He’s now also ours.

U.S. Congress

In the competitive congressional races, there are easy endorsements with our long time allies.

Rep. Dwight Evans serves Pennsylvania’s 3rd Congressional District, which covers West Philadelphia, most of Center City, and parts of North Philadelphia. Dwight Evans has been an ally to and has served our community strongly for over 20 years. We proudly endorse Dwight Evans.

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon serves our state’s 5th Congressional District, which encompasses all of Delaware County, an exclave of Chester County, a small portion of southern Montgomery County and a section of southern Philadelphia. You’ll often see her on the House floor or TV speaking up for LGBT rights. She needs to be reelected, and PGN stands with her.

Pa. State Representative 

In Pennsylvania’s 201st House District, PGN endorses Andre Carroll. Running a campaign that the city has taken note, Carroll has gotten endorsements from Free the Ballot, Reclaim Philadelphia, PA Working Families Party, Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks, 5th Square, Run For Something, New Politics / New Power Project, BMWED-Teamsters Teamsters Local 623, Unite Here! Local 274 & 634, Philadelphia City Council members Isaiah Thomas and Kendra Brooks, Pa. State Senator Nikil Saval, Liberty City LGBTQ Democratic Club, and Democracy for America. He’s right on the issues, right for the LGBT community, and we are proud to endorse him.

PGN is also proud to endorse the following candidates for Pa. State Representative: Gregory Scott (District 54), Lisa Borowski (District 168), Mary Isaacson (District 175), Joe Hohenstein (District 177), Elizabeth Fiedler (District 184), Rick Krajewski (District 188), Roni Green (District 190), Tarik Khan (District 194), Danilo Burgos (District 197), Chris Rabb (District 200).

PGN will make an endorsement for the 182nd district in a future editorial.

Democratic State Committee

You might not know this position, but candidates for Democratic State Committee will be on your ballot. Democratic State Committee is where the nitty gritty work of politics gets done. It’s where candidates are endorsed and so much more. You’ve heard about having a seat at the table… well, being on the Democratic State Committee is having a seat at a very important table. There are three OUT candidate’s running: John Brady, Micah Mahjoubian and Mariel Martin. These candidates have worked diligently over the years for our community, and it’s time to elect them. 

Next week: the second installment of PGN’s 2022 primary endorsements.