Horoscopes: April 15 – 21, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Your mascot, the ram, is more specifically the mythical golden fleeced Chrysomallus, the flying ram who rescued the prince and princess in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts. You are more than what is assumed of you; that is for certain. You have a true heart, you are quick to heed a call for help, and you are brave and determined. This week you find that your individuality and pioneering spirit shine particularly brightly. You may be faced with a choice to speak up for someone, or be the first to do something differently at this time. Your intuition will show you when it is the right time to step up. 

Taurus: You have been super busy lately and maybe you haven’t had the chance to make time for those close to you. It is a good idea to set time aside this week to be with the ones you love, whose company recharges your battery, and whose hearts long for you. A chiron and sun conjunction digs up deep feelings and powerful memories, and it stirs your senses. Neptune in your 11th house, the house of community, brings this all together as you seek meaningful connection and personal causes to pursue. The sun entering your house on the 19th means it’s your turn in the spotlight. 

Gemini: This week, as new and unexpected opportunities arise, it may become easy to get sidetracked from your current goal. It will be up to your intuition to decide what is the right path for you, but it is also best to remember where your loyalties lie and to remain true to your word. Agreeing to too many things means that it may not be possible to complete all of them to your usual standards. It’s okay to offer a raincheck. Keep it real so you don’t get hit with that false belief that all Gemini are flakey!

Cancer: The full moon in Libra on the 16th can bring whatever has been lurking beneath up to the surface, it may be a time for airing out what’s been bugging you, getting things off your chest, or letting go of a secret feeling. This transit can be particularly impactful in romantic relationships. It’s good to explore those dynamics and address your goals and concerns as a team. The sun’s move into earthy Taurus on the 19th means you are focusing more on material and practical goals. You want results, comfortable places, things, and situations. You want time to relax and enjoy what you have been working for. You want space to be creative from a peaceful and centered state. For the remainder of April your focus can be quite inward. 

Leo: Thoughts of and desires for the future play heavily into your moves this week. The sun’s entrance into the sign of Taurus has you wanting to set a solid foundation for the logistical side of your life. Money matters are a hot topic at this time and career advancement is possible. The full moon in Libra on the 16th reminds you to play nicely with others while you further your own ambitions. 

Virgo: This week you are feeling socially engaged and adventurous. You may be venturing out on your own and enjoying your own company more than usual. Long drives or trips of some kind seem to clear your mind. The full moon in Libra on the 16th inspires and reminds you to be more tender and caring in your relationships and to show some real warmth. 

Libra: A Saturn transit pushes you towards making solid decisions this week while the sun’s move into Taurus inspires practicality and material acquisition. In love you are looking for commitment and comfort. If you feel that a situation you are in, whether it be a relationship or work situation, is not to your liking, it may be a good time to voice your concerns. 

Scorpio: People may be getting to see beyond your tough exterior more this week, and the sun’s move into your opposite/sister sign of Taurus brings balance to your partnerships and friendships. Let people see the kindness and sweetness you so often conceal. The full moon in Libra on the 16th inspires you to put your passion into your creative endeavors and to express your soul. 

Sagittarius: This week you are being more honest with yourself and working on your self awareness. Keep in mind that not everyone is in the same place you are, whether that be mentally, spiritually or emotionally. There is no benchmark or timestamp for these things in life as we are all just moving forward at our own pace. The full moon in Libra on the 16th is a chance to regroup and make plans. You’ve been thinking about the future more often these days.

Capricorn: Your ruling planet Saturn is a powerful influence. It teaches you to slow down, face your fears, and set realistic goals. The sun in Taurus mirrors this energy, inspiring us to build up our reserves, conserve our energy for when the time feels right, and treat ourselves fairly. This week you may feel that it is the right time to speak up about something that has been weighing on your mind or finally make a career or financial move that would be to your benefit. Practical changes and decisions are highlighted at this time. A Jupiter and Neptune alignment brings new ideas and motivation. 

Aquarius: This week the sun’s move into earthy and sensual Taurus is all about enjoying the present moment for you. You may be feeling particularly indulgent around food, scents, comfort and romance. You have a curiosity about the desires of your partners or love interests this week; you want to know what’s been on their mind, how they feel, and what they want. A Jupiter and Neptune alignment creates an arena for eye opening conversations and exchanges. 

Pisces: This week has good energy for planning, starting new business ventures and teaming up with others. You’re learning the ropes on some new approaches to life’s endeavors. A Jupiter Neptune alignment centers your vision, gives you hope, and expands your generous nature. The full moon in Libra on the 16th puts the spotlight on your natural gifts and talents. You have an eye for art and beauty that others are drawn to and inspired by. Be confident but keep your expectations realistic. You are on to something!