Is Pennsylvania the next Alabama?

This week, a wake up message was delivered to our community. Anti-trans legislation passed the State House of Representatives. Now the bill heads to the Republican-controlled State Senate, and when it comes to the floor of the Senate, it has a 50/50 chance of passing. But then is the pivotal wake up call: after passing the House and Senate, the bill would be sent to the Democratic Governor, Tom Wolf, who will veto it. But he is in office only until January. What happens if a Republican gets elected Governor in this November’s general election? The answer: Pennsylvania becomes another Alabama, another Texas.

Pennsylvania is often referred to by politicians and pundits as a purple state. In the last 5 years, elections statewide have been won by both parties. There is zero doubt that after November, both the House and Senate of Pennsylvania will be controlled by the Republicans. All that stands in the way of Pennsylvania going the way of Alabama and Texas is the Governor’s race. 

Josh Shapiro will be the Democrat candidate. While the primary in May will decide which Republican will be his opponent, we already know that every Republican in that race is anti-trans. If that Republican wins, Republicans have complete control of the State Government. It mean that not only anti-trans legislation will be signed into law it, also means that the Republicans will finally get to limit a women’s choice and enact tough abortion laws. 

Add to the mix that almost every political pundit, advisor, commentator is predicting a Democratic bloodbath this November, and it begs the question: Is there any reason to think that bloodbath will bypass Pennsylvania? 

Josh Shapiro is the only person/candidate standing in the Republicans’ way. What makes this situation worse is that the race for US Senate from Pennsylvania is the most watched Senate race in the nation, making the Governor’s race secondary, even in our own state.

While the Senate race here in Pennsylvania for US Senate might decide which party controls the US Senate, even if the Republican wins, there’s still a Democrat sitting in the White House who can veto any law passed. But in Pennsylvania’s race for Governor, it is a certainty that whoever wins the race here will control what laws are passed in this state. A Republican win translates to anti trans and anti abortion bills becoming law. 

This is as serious as it comes. Oh, one more thought, Republicans in many of those red states are looking at ways to nullify your marriage. That means marriage in Pennsylvania is also on the line. We’re one election away from it happening. Don’t think that it can’t happen here.