Horoscopes: April 1 – 7, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The new moon in your first house on Friday spices up the weekend. You’re feeling spontaneous and willing to be the one who gets things started. Mercury will also be in your first house, so decisions may be getting made quickly (almost too quickly)! Beware glossing over details or being naive about certain situations. Venus moves into Pisces on the 5th, which indicates the beginning of spiritual journeys, luxurious love affairs, and unusual connections. 

Taurus: The moon in your sign on Sunday and Monday brings awareness to your desire for stability and predictability. You can admit to yourself that “change” is hard for you and it is not your favorite thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t handle it or grow with it. Your ruling planet Venus in Pisces can have you getting carried away by your feelings this April, as its strong influence is dreamlike and tends to idealize romantic situations. As Venus squares Chiron and parallels Mercury over the weekend and through to the 8th, you may be feeling slightly estranged from loved ones and critical and analytical of your interactions with them. 

Gemini: The waxing crescent moon in your sign from April 5 to 7 is a great time to put your energy into new friendships, networking, and personal discovery. Your natural talents take the lead. This week you are feeling social and creative. Venus in Pisces this week can have you diving headfirst into fantasies and seeing only what you want to see, which can create some rather unstable connections or attract someone who wishes to put ideas into your head. Proceed with caution but keep your enthusiastic spirit. 

Cancer: Realities seem to dawn upon you this week regarding school, work, or relationship matters. You are looking to optimize your daily life and get all of the relevant information you can because you feel like you have to make some direct decisions. Venus squaring Chiron this weekend can have you reading too deeply into a passing remark that someone has made. Try not to get stuck in your suspicions. 

Leo: Venus moves into Pisces this week, and it can be tempting to lean fully into our fantasies, to let our more deluded side take the lead, and to do some very strange things for love. Under this transit you tend to fall in love or more deeply into love more easily and you are willing to be more open about your secrets.You are paying more attention to your empathy and intuition, but it may be difficult to make concrete decisions. Your outlook is optimistic but perhaps slightly out of balance. 

Virgo: You are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and feeling more creative, expressive and social. Venus in your opposite sign of Pisces is inspiring you to get curious about yourself and others. The new moon that kicks off the weekend is in Aries, and you feel energized and ready to self start on new projects. Your mindset is enterprising. You may be daydreaming more than usual, thinking about all the roles you could potentially play.

Libra: This week people seem to be reaching out for you for some guidance, support or just some company while they figure things out. It’s not always work; sometimes it is nice to feel so trusted. Your ruling planet Venus in Pisces this week is an intuitive and empathetic placement. During this time, long term friendships and romantic relationships are most valued. It can also be easier to accept that not everything is black and white in love. Some things are beyond definition, and everything is full of contradictions. 

Scorpio: This week Mercury is in your sixth house, the house of daily routine and work, and it is making tasks seem simpler to manage and complete. You have the energy to get things done. You may be revealing more of your personality than usual, especially in group settings where you tend to be very quiet and neutral until called on. This usual approach of yours to be reserved and dutiful works well for strategic purposes, but it is not always the most enjoyable path. Perhaps it is time to give yourself some wiggle room and let people know what your vibe is.

Sagittarius: Mars in your third house energizes your interest in the people around you, the goings-on of your neighborhood, and where you would like to fit in to all that. You are feeling social, creative, and more assertive than usual. Meanwhile Venus in Pisces is making you realize just how much you have given up for the sake of relationships in the past, which is something you don’t want to repeat. You may be focusing more on yourself and your independence during this transit. Perhaps you are redefining who you are or who you want to be in romantic relationships. 

Capricorn: Venus in Pisces this week has you wanting to enjoy the finer things in life; you may be spending time and money on leisure activities and entertainment these days, as this cosmic placement can bring out your more sensuous and indulgent side. It is also an excellent time to get more closely in touch with your feelings and to find more free form ways of expressing them. You don’t have to prove your worth to yourself or anyone else. There is an open and accepting energy to your relationships at this time, so it is an ideal moment to speak your heart’s truth, hear what others are feeling without judgment or reservations, and simply enjoy shared experiences. 

Aquarius: Mercury in your third house has you on multi-task mode, and you seem to be wearing many hats these days. You are feeling naturally curious about others and may be branching out of your usual circles to see what other people have on their minds. It is a good time to actively participate in life and to try new things, but beware of over extending your energy or you may have trouble keeping all these tabs open. 

Pisces: This week, as Venus enters your first house, you may get the feeling that you are being reunited with yourself or older, more familiar versions of yourself. You can get back into a groove of special alone time, listening to the music you love or creating the spaces that you want to spend time in. Others are naturally attracted to the energy that you’re putting out, as you have the aura of someone who knows themselves and finds joy in unlikely places. You can expect some admirers.

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