Horoscopes: March 18 – 24, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Mercury transiting your twelfth house until the 26th means you are spending a lot of contemplative time alone. You are not eager to share your personal feelings or discoveries. The full moon in Virgo on the 18th can point to past matters that have been holding you back, and there can be an epiphany regarding a secret that you have kept from yourself. The Virgo moon’s influence over the week is a healing yet reserved energy. The sun’s shift into your sign on the 21st awakens a sleeping giant in your heart. You seem to sprout like a flower, ready to bloom into action.

Taurus: A slight change of scenery can be beneficial this week. You’ve been feeling quiet and a little stuck. A slight stray from your routine can help to shift perspective and you may discover a solution to a misunderstanding. The full moon in Virgo on Friday brings practicality and care to your relationship sector. Friends and partners open up to giving and receiving help. Overcome skepticism with optimism.

Gemini: A Mercury-Pluto transit can create uneasy vibes and worrisome tension. Social interactions can feel a little off. It is worth noting that most of it is probably in your head. Keep things lighthearted and avoid serious conversations if you can this week, so there is less opportunity for you to second guess yourself or ruminate. Mars in positive conjunction with your chart creates good energy for self starting projects and creativity. 

Cancer: Intuition and mind-body connections are strong this week under Friday’s full moon in Virgo. Over the weekend it can feel good to take a more sensual approach to even the most mundane of tasks. You are in problem solving mode this week but beware of obsessive tendencies. Not every detail requires your full attention. In romantic relationships you are feeling curious and inventive, and you feel ready to try a new approach.

Leo: The full moon in Virgo on the 18th highlights your quest for a bolder heart. As you seek to boost your self worth and confidence from within, external validation only gets you so far. This week it is a good time to exit your comfort zone and see what else you are capable of. Be adaptable and see what inspires you. Relationships deepen this week as you open your mind to possibilities and your independence brings you closer to others.

Virgo: The full moon in your sign on Friday can bring intense emotions to the surface. You may have a breakthrough in your self exploration and expression. People seem to be paying more attention to you this week, and your energy can be quite focused on your relationships. The sun’s move into your intimacy sector can help you to deepen your understanding of those close to you. 

Libra: The full moon in Virgo on Friday brings a burst of productive and practical energy your way. You feel like spring cleaning both mentally and physically. The sun’s move into your opposite sign of Aries on the 21st can challenge you to be more confident and to keep things honest and simple. In relationships you value transparency more and more.

Scorpio: The full moon in Virgo on Friday occurs in your social sector and can push you towards being more problem solving in friendships and romantic relationships. It may come to light that you are very much desired and needed by others, but in order for this to be a balanced exchange you must be ready to admit that you also want and need others as well. The sun’s shift into Aries on the 21st gives you a boost of Mars energy which can propel you into opening up and trying new things. 

Sagittarius: You are entering a new and entertaining phase in your life. The full moon in Virgo on Friday highlights how much you have been hiding from yourself. This full moon can inspire you to learn from the past and then let the past go. You seek enriching relationships and easy self expression this week. The sun moves into fellow fire sign Aries and ignites a season of passion, creativity, and generosity. You feel ready to make new connections or deepen old ones. 

Capricorn: This week, the full moon in Virgo on Friday sets the weekend off on a refreshing wavelength. You may be feeling inspired to switch up your routine, try something new or break outside of your usual social circle. The sun moves into Aries on the 21st creating a desire for change around the home as well. This is truly a season of new developments and ambitions. Relationships are strengthened by common goals at this time.

Aquarius: The full moon in Virgo this Friday can stir up some intense emotions. There can be revelations around relationships and especially the power dynamics of those relationships. Through exploration of these topics, understanding deepens and communication blooms. There seems to be a sense of relief and freedom in the air. The sun moves into fiery Aries on the 21st and your head feels clearer and more objective. This season you are looking to broaden your horizons and expand your mind. 

Pisces: The full moon in Virgo on Friday has you deeply examining your relationships and true feelings about matters that concern your relationships. You seek honest opinions from others. Conversations are deep and productive at this time. Your mind moves slightly faster than your heart these days. The sun moves from your first house and into Aries on the 21st, and you are motivated to build, improve and change. You are thinking on your feet and working hard as Aries season inspires action and independence.