Horoscopes: March 11 – 17, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week you feel more inclined to let your freak flag fly. Venus has moved into Aquarius and you feel more confident in pursuing the things that you were previously too shy to pursue. In love it may take someone (or something) a lot more effort to hold your attention, however, since your mind requires more stimulation during this transit. The moon in Leo on the 13th is a good time to focus and be more committed to things. 

Taurus: Your ruling planet Venus in Aquarius this week gives you a particular liking for acquired tastes. You may be feeling experimental, getting into new things, and exploring your most unique proclivities. Uranus in your sign also makes you less inhibited regarding bodily expression and self love. There is a passionate and intriguing vibe to this week and inspiration and romance can seem to sprout from nowhere.

Gemini: Venus’ move into fellow air sign Aquarius can make you easily distracted in your relationships as you may be quite focused only on your own feelings and goals. During the transit of Venus in Aquarius it can be easy to become overly idealistic and to become detached from reality. Your creativity sector is activated and you may be coming up with innovative solutions to problems at home, work, or creative blocks. 

Cancer: Venus in your intimacy sector creates a desire for healing honesty and intimacy in your relationships. You may be more prepared to have difficult conversations and find resolutions to issues. You are feeling particularly sensitive this week so it’s important to take breaks and reserve some quiet time for yourself.

Leo: This week there may be minor challenges, but with a bit of patience things can work out quite easily. Venus in your opposite sign of Aquarius has you willing to see things differently in regards to intimacy and relationships, and you are more willing to try new things. In your personal style and mode of expression you are willing to be bold and daring. The moon in your sign on the 13th brings confidence.

Virgo: This week your ruling planet Mercury is in your opposite sign of Pisces, during this transit you are feeling a heightened awareness and intuition and you are more inclined to communicate with gentleness and sensitivity in your words. It is an ideal time to make your decisions with your heart even if it takes a little more time or feels like the “long way”.

Libra: This week your ruling planet Venus in Aquarius has you feeling confident and free. Your imagination is powerful at this time and you have no intention of hiding it. This can be a time of great personal development and self expression. You are more willing to take stylistic risks and be more experimental. You are focused on your strong suits and are intuitively playing to your strengths this week.

Scorpio: This week Mercury in Pisces boosts your intuition but also your secrecy. You have a lot on your mind but you are not in the mood to share. Venus in Aquarius highlights your unique style in love and relationships and gives you a taste for the stranger side of love.

Sagittarius: This week you have a heightened awareness of the feelings of others, and while it is wonderful to be empathetic it is important to avoid being drawn into the storm of other’s emotions. You feel busy and focused on things at work and home and may have a tendency to overdo things. Make time both for low stakes fun and for light conversations. 

Capricorn: This week, Venus in Aquarius has you feeling more open minded and self expressive. You aren’t into restrictive labels and favor a more nuanced perspective on things. You are feeling intuitive and highly sensitive to the energies of those around you, and you may be easily swept up or overwhelmed by others’ influence

Aquarius: This week with Venus in your first house you indulge in romance, art, fantasy, and entertainment. You may be deepening or reconnecting a relationship at this time. You are learning that life and interpersonal relationships are not mathematical equations, there are many things that will defy expectations or elude explanations.

Pisces: Venus transits your house of privacy; your life is in a state of quiet change. You are keeping it close to home these days and not really sharing what you have been focused on, but you are deep in the waters of transforming work. Mercury in your first house has your mental energy buzzing; you come up with new ideas and your mind is open. Venus in Aquarius feels comfortable to you as you have always been the type to find beauty in strangeness.